25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in South Dakota

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in South Dakota
04May, 2021

The world of apps has developed dizzyingly over the past few years and it seems that almost everyone uses apps – whether it is social networking apps like: Instagram, YouTube and Facebook or whether it is designing apps for news, games, shopping sites, money transfers and more. Users see the final product but behind the scenes, a lot of work is done to reach a finished and quality product. One of the most influential criteria for the success of an app is its design, so if you are interested in designing an app it is important that you address a number of important points. In this article, we will talk about some important points that pertain to the subject of app design as well as some of the best in South Dakota. It should be noted that these are just some of the points to consider when designing an app.

When you start designing an application, it is important to know your customers and the target audience of the application. It is important to understand what the users’ preferences are, what their hobbies are, what similar apps they use, what clothes or objects for example they like to buy, and what professions they work in. The target audience should be characterized in the most accurate way and you need a company that will work with you to achieve this. Simplicity is also key when it comes to design because you want an easy UX and so this will make people use the app for multiple reasons.

Even if designing an app for residents from around the world the characteristics of the residents of our small country should be considered. The application must be designed in such a way that it will be familiar and relevant, meet a maximum of two needs, include large buttons, and be focused and clear. Do not go too far with simplicity – true, simplicity helps us and saves time, but still, do not leave the screen blank and alienated and should include in the design topography, sound, animation, and of course – use colors correctly. You want your designer to have your best interests at heart.

So when choosing a company to work for you, you must be sure that they have the qualities that you need. Great communication, good access to software, consider security and data privacy and that they are local and easy to contact. So here we have collected 25 of the best mobile app design available to you in the area of South Dakota.

1. Exemplary Marketing

With many years of experience, Exemplary Marketing offers brands a way to create a unique app for their business. With a strong focus on ‘creating value for your brand’, they are a team of skilled software developers, UX architects, designers, and QA engineers working to create an app that is just right for your brand. Dealing with both iOS and android application developments, they can help you create an app that blows your competitors out of the water and offers them an exceptional UX. working closely with you to create something special is vital, impeccable communication and professionalism is what makes Exemplary come in at number one.

2. Magnify Apps

Number two on the list is Magnify Apps, who work with the smaller businesses, to design and develop affordable mobile applications. They work with their marketing efforts at the core of their work and are incredibly passionate about apps. They believe that “native mobile applications are the next big thing in mobile marketing”. From Push Notifications to Loyalty Cards, there are ways that they can encourage sales and focus on building new brands up from scratch with easy and innovative ways.

3. Modern Design Agency

Based in Rapid City, they are classified as one of SD’s leading marketing agencies, specializing in custom web design, web development, and search engine optimization. Their app focuses on creative techniques and looking at things outside of the box. They don’t look at the norm but rather other ways to encourage sales and more. They focus on custom made apps, implementing campaigns to assist businesses, large and small.

4. Blend Interactive

They class themselves as “future-friendly”. They focus on the ever-changing web and create adaptable sites and apps that respond to those changes, whether by being usable on all mobile devices or by being structured for future technologies. They are process-driven and focus on their tried and tested methods to give businesses a chance to grow their brand and show consistency to their customers and more. They focus on their clients’ needs, and their motivations, to create apps that work time after time.

5. Click Rain

They are an award-winning marketing technology agency located in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. They are a large company that has worked with over 100 clients across the country. They focus on creating an impeccable digital landscape for brands and use experts across many fields to grow technology and help brands communicate with their customers better and much more efficiently. It is important to measure and focus on the above for optimum results, they believe.

6. Appacus, Inc

Appacus, Inc is a web production studio where passion meets talent around modern technologies. This is what they claim on their website and focus on being strategic and helping brands find new solutions to current issues. They classify themselves as thought leaders with a great knowledge of apps and website design. They work with brands across enterprises worldwide as well as startups, so they have a varied portfolio and even work with government bodies.

7. Expert Approach

Expert Approach was founded in 2006, in Washington DC and then moved across to South Dakota when it branched out. They work with many businesses, often smaller and even non-profit organisations to provide complete technology solutions based on efficiency and capability enhancements. Their work with technology has earned them some impressive accolades and in 2011, they moved to other areas of the USA, including Alaska. They provide creative app design for the retail industry and more.

8. New Over

They are a design studio based in Sioux Falls, SD.  They offer creative development for companies who wish to broaden their horizons with apps and more.  They work logistically also, providing insights and analysis to help brands work out what they need to do and how to declutter from your brand, app, website and home. They simplify areas of marketing and create a digital plan including the design of your app.

9. Electric Pulp

Created in 1996, Electric Pulp has been working to help brands. They work with versatile brands, including well-known retailers to early stage start-ups. We’re more than a web design shop. They work with large-scale businesses and international ecommerce stores, creating websites and mobile apps. They work on marketing strategies and optimize work in a tried and tested manner to ensure that you are getting the most out of your business. It is important to ensure that you are creating

10. Clever Coding

They work to create apps for brands across Android and/or iPhone/iPad (iOS. They like to create dreams into reality and work with a local clientele in South Dakota. Founded in 2008 we have been creating Mobile and Web Apps for 12 years and they are still growing. They claim to have had “ 9+ years of mobile/web experience and 15+ years of overall development experience.” and work with the most exciting team who are constantly evolving and learning. They are customer focused and attentive to all needs.

11. Projex

Based in Rapid City, they work on strategy, building a strict plan for all businesses who want  to branch out into digital marketing. They create apps and create responsive design which appeals to all and crewates an impeccable UX. They have worked with local brands such as La Bistro and Simpsons Sprinting. They focus on branding and creating a design and style that is fitting for your brand.

12. Makektech

Marektech claims to provide cost-effective solutions for businesses. They have over 8 years of presence in the mobile application industry, and they have developed expertise in all areas to provide custom mobile applications.  They create impressive and interactive designs that allow your customers to get an impeccable UX with design at the forefront of their work. Creating great looking designs is what they pride themselves on.

13. AppSquad

They ‘curate experiences’ for people who use mobile apps, helping businesses fulfil their marketing expectations. With a heavy focus on sales and UX, they work across all industries. With over ten years experience, they have created over 650+ apps in this time.

14. SilverGrey

They have worked on numerous projects including many gaming apps in South Dakota and beyond. With 100% transparency, they work closely with the clients so that they understand fees and the intricacies of the work. They pride themselves on rapid results so that you can get things moving quickly. From prototype to deployment, they work closely with businesses as well as offering support following.

15. Sioux Falls Software

16. Made By Thaw

17. Insight Marketing

18. Kevin Smith

19. Akasha Michelle

20. Etech Global

21. Epicosity

22. Blend Interactive

23. Auxano Global Services

24. Suite 171

25. McQuillen Creative

26. Errol Stewart