20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Sikkim

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Sikkim
28May, 2021

Nowadays, more and more of us are using smartphones as part of our day to day life. In fact, currently, more people in the world have a smartphone than do not. We’re spending increasing amounts of time using our phones, and while many of us may assume that a phone is a personal item – with the main use of browsing social media, reading news, taking calls and replying to texts – they are actually an extremely powerful business tool. A key way that apps can work to your business’ advantage is to develop your own branded app for your customers and clientele to download.

This app can perform a host of tasks, ranging from working as a loyalty card, allowing your customers to learn more about your brand, browse your stock and products, or even make purchases. An app also encourages regular exposure to your customer, as they will see your company’s name, branding and logo every time they open their phone (which is countless times throughout the day). Of course, to benefit from all of this, you’re going to need to develop and app of your own and, chances are, you don’t have in-depth knowledge of app development yourself. This is where a quality mobile app design company can come in useful. These professionals know the ins and outs of app design and will  be able to bring your ideas to life in an effective and impressive way. If this sounds good to you, here are the top 20 mobile app design companies in Sikkim!

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary marketing are app design and development specialists, who can offer services ranging from app development to app design, UI design and UX design. Put simply, whatever help you need with your app, this company will be able to deliver it to the highest standard! If you need help with other aspects of your online presence, they also offer copywriting services, web development, graphic design and AI. You needn’t look anywhere else!


Sikkim based company Hashcoder understands that with increasing numbers of people using smartphones, apps are becoming a vital business tool to guarantee custom. Whether you are a startup or a large scale business, they’ll be able to help you with your mobile app design, creating a functional and great looking app that will tick all of your boxes and prove endlessly useful to your customers. They boast impressive rates, so are an affordable option for anyone looking into app development.


MIS, or “manu information solutions” is another Sikkim based company who boast their knowledge of the importance of app development in the modern day market. Specifically located in Gangtok, Sikkim, the company can provide you with all sorts of mobile development solutions. Whatever you need, they’ll be able to aid you in your ventures. You can get a quote by visiting their website and completing a short form.


Appsinvo can take your app ideas and bring them to life. They have in depth knowledge when it comes to app development, as well as plenty of previous experience in the field. Their experienced team is ranked as one of the top and leading mobile app development companies in Sikkim and globally and specialize in mobile app development and designing. They note that they can create, design, develop and scale unusual digital experiences that give assessable outcomes.

Base Infotech

Base Infotech claims that they provide mobile app development services that range across a variety of mobile application platforms for various technical devices, including Android and Apple iOS. They can create customised mobile applications that will work efficiently across all the multiple devices. Including smartphones, tablets and more. They note that they specialise particularly in iOS App Development, Android App Development and Hybrid application development!

Cyber Help India

While Cyber Help India doesn’t lay emphasis on app development, it is a service that they provide. Their website boasts endless experience in responsive website design, which can be easily transferred across to apps as opposed to websites. Their services are affordable and you can rest assured that you’ll be put in touch with a responsive team who are eager to answer all of your questions and resolve any issues you may be having with your branded app.

Influxiq Tech Pvt, Ltd

Influxiq Tech Pvt Ltd is a tech company based Kalyan. It prides itself on being one of the leading businesses in the Internet Website Developers. Alongside website development, however, this company is well known for Internet Website Develop,ment, Android Application Development, Web Designing Software Development, Internet Website Design, Webpage Design, Computer Software Development, Ecommerce Website Development Services, Mobile Application Development and much more. Put simply, whatever you need taken care of across your website or app, they’ll be able to help!

MsTechsr Enterprises

Established in 2018, MsTechsr Enterprise is considered a top player when it comes to Internet Website Design. The company is well-known and recognised as a one-stop destination for customers who are looking for any help with website services. Whether you’re local to Sikkim, or whether you’re further afield, this company will jump at the opportunity to aid you in your app development journey. They are proud to have established a firm foothold in their industry and strongly believe that customer satisfaction is as important as the products and services that they provide. They have served a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day.

Tdr Software Pvt, Ltd.

TdrSoftware Pvt Ltd has a wide range of products and services that have been designed to cater to the varied requirements of their customers. This includes app development services. Their staff are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance, always read to answer any queries or questions that you may have. They also have long opening hours, allowing you to contact them as and when you need!

Adarsh Fibrotech

Adarsh Fibrotechspecialises in a whole host of services, including and going beyond app design and development. They are proud to offer Android Application Development, Computer Software Development, Internet Website Development, Computer Software Development, Internet Web Design Development and Business Process Automation Services. In the near future, this business also aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base, so it can grow with you on your business journey!

Global Web Infotech

Globale Web Infotech proffer little information about what they do, but they do have plenty of specialists in app design available to help you with your projects. They have regular opening hours and are easy to contact when needed.


GaneshaIntelliware has an impressive number of reviews when you search them up – largely four and five star! They develop all sorts of computer software, including apps, so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to help you with this business venture you are pursuing!

Hexaphor Technologies

If you’re looking for a market leader in software technologies, Hexaphor Technologies should tick your boxes. This company is relatively new, having been established in 2019. However, they have been completing impressive work and projects ever since!

Impex King

While Impex King may be most commonly known for their position in the label manufacturing industry, they also offer comprehensive help and assistance with app development for businesses ranging across a whole host of fields and specialisms.

Pro Innovative Software

This well known establishment has created a good reputation for itself within Sikkim. The clue is in their name when it comes to their services. They provide highly quality and innovative software solutions to small and large businesses alike. This includes app development services that outshine competitors!

Jet 66

Regularly praised in reviews for fast service and effective results, Jet 66 can help you to develop computer software, including apps, that will see your business grow and thrive. They have plenty of experience in the field and helpful and friendly staff are more than ready to listen to your requests and advise you on the best steps to take towards achieving your goals.

Apps IT Solution

While this company lists logo design first in the list of services they offer, they actually have countless different options available. One of these is app design services! Whatever kind of app you’re looking to develop, Apps IT Solution are confident enough in their service in this area that they literally include it in their business name!

Utopian Gateway

Priding themselves on their internet website development, Utopian gateway are key players in the industry within Sikkim. Their services vary, however, if you get in touch and let them know what kind of app design and development you’re interested in, they’ll be happy to listen to your requests and aid you in whatever way they can.

Shining Sun

Shining Sun has plenty of experience behind them when it comes to app design and development. Established in 2008, they’ve been working in the field for over a decade and have plenty of repeat customers who return to them time and time again.


Last but not least, we have developholic, a leader in website development that employs individuals who are fully dedicated to their role within the industry! Reach out for quotes and they’ll be rearing and ready to go with your projects.

Of course, there are more app design companies out there. But for now, these should get you off to the best start. Each app design company within this list has countless positive customer reviews and an impressive portfolio. So, reach out to one today to get your app design and development off to the best start possible!