5 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Shenyang

5 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Shenyang
19Sep, 2021

Shenyang is an essential Chinese province filled with talented app design companies capable of developing the best technologically advanced software, web and mobile solutions throughout various industries.

Shenyang is an industrial powerhouse and forms a core and vital component of China’s manufacturing. Because of this, technological innovations and traditional processes come together to develop exciting products such as mobile phones, automotive systems, and Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 solutions.

A city of approximately 8 million citizens, Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning province. Because of its dedication to manufacturing, the city is an important industrial, commercial, and transportation hub, providing jobs to millions. In addition, Shenyang’s proximity to North Korea and Russia makes it an ideal link to those nations in terms of freight.

Because of the large number of readily available talent, shipping links, and solid infrastructure, Shenyang hosts some of the world’s biggest companies across many sectors. For example, BMW, Neusoft, and Ansteel have established plants and development studios in the city. Because of this, there is also a strong IT industry that supports mobile and web design and development.

A complete list of all of the remarkable studios throughout Shenyang is too extensive to write, so right here are 5 of the best mobile app design companies available for hire:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing pride themselves on being on-demand developers with industry experience. With over 500 skilled developers, the company offers tailored software solutions with passion and dedication.

Exemplary Marketing is a customer-focused business. They design and develop products based on your needs and requirements rather than their own vision. Apps and software developed by Exemplary Marketing always aim to address and accelerate business growth by solving problems.

The fully-backed enterprise services offered by Exemplary Marketing include desktop, mobile, and web-based apps. They also provide a vast catalog of modern solutions and extra services. These include but are not limited to IoT management, blockchain, cloud services, AI, and wearable tech.

Cloud Ten Labs

Cloud Ten Labs is based in Southern California yet operates from Shenyang as well. They are an established mobile design and development studio with an impressive range of solutions for Android and iOS in addition to desktop-based development.

This studio prides itself on working as a team with a shared vision and recognizes the importance of working together. Because of this, Cloud Ten Labs has one of the highest-profile ratings in Upwork, with a 100% project success rate.

Cloud Ten specializes in mobile app design and development. While they don’t offer a wide range of services, they provide a reduced variety in which they excel. These include SEO, web development, digital marketing, SEO, and Analytics with Quality Assurance.

Negup Solutions

Negup is another studio based in another country, yet they also have an office in Shenyang. They provide an extensive and robust range of services and are the creators of well-known taxi booking software Cookie.

They also offer other packages with a wide range of technical solutions based on user requirements to accommodate businesses of all sizes. One of Negup Solutions’ best qualities is its commitment to constant communication to ensure you get the right product.

They offer many services in addition to mobile app design and development. These include web design and development, CMS management, hosting, logo design, SEO, and digital marketing. Negup’s success with one of the most popular mobile apps makes them a strong competitor over others.

IT Outsourcing China

More of a consultancy developer, this company offers a small yet laser-focused range of services to global clients. A consistent demonstration of excellence has earned IT Outsourcing China ISO 9001:2000 accreditation to prove their efficiency claims.

The core team of developers working for this studio comprises some of the most remarkable talents from various sectors. Bright minds from both the commercial and technical sectors allow them to develop top-tier apps with an understanding of business constraints and requirements.

In addition to mobile app design and development, they offer web design, digital marketing, VoIP, CAS, database, and SMS. They offer these services for desktop-based apps as well as Apple, Android, and Blackberry.


Despite the strange name, this company has had a solid record of performance since 2009. They offer a competent design and development service with high creativity. Their high-level design not only includes modern programming principles but contemporary aesthetics as well.

ZZZXZY has developed numerous applications across many critical infrastructure services across China. These include medicine, small to medium enterprises, the steel industry, and architecture. Additionally, they provide many web portal designs for NGOs.

As well as mobile design, they offer a wide range of services. These include web design and development, SEO, e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO, and branding. Their creativity services also extend to interface design, graphics, and icons.

Shenyang is a Northern city, thousands of miles from Shanghai. Yet, despite its remote location, Shenyang is one of the most important cities in China because of its strategic location. Being close to Russia and North Korea makes Shenyang an ideal hub for incoming and outgoing commercial and industrial goods.

This convenient location also means the city provides a stable job market for millions of people. Some of the best on offer include software studios able to offer mobile app design and development services and others.

For example, Exemplary Marketing is one of the top studios in Shenyang. Exemplary Marketing employs almost 500 people, enabling them to deliver an exceptional service while maintaining a 100% success rate as a top-rated client.

Conversely, ZZZXZY is a local Shenyang studio with a relatively small team. Yet, they can offer a full range of services with a creative twist on traditional development. Their more artistic approach makes them a unique studio with the ability to develop more than just an app. They can also offer creative designs for your app’s interface and icons.