10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Shanghai

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Shanghai
06Sep, 2021

If you are looking for the best mobile app design company in Shanghai, then you have come to the right place. Many companies out there offer this service, but not all of them can provide quality work. So, this blog post will discuss;

  • 10 of the top mobile app design companies in Shanghai and
  • What they specialize in.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a leading Mobile App Design company in Shanghai known for providing excellent services to companies that want to upgrade their business with beautiful and functional apps.

Exemplary Marketing provide excellent quality iOS, Android, Windows Mobile App development and cutting-edge features like GPS tracking and geofencing of devices which are helpful during working on location.

Exemplary Marketing have a pool of talented and innovative professionals who always deliver the best results for their clients in time as per their requirements.

21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve interactive is a Mobile App Design company that offers an exemplary level of service in creative designs and technological expertise. The team consists of passionate experts dedicated to providing customers with high-quality digital experiences by developing web, iOS/ Android apps, social media, and more products.

21Twelve Interactive has been designing mobile apps for over five years and has ranked one of Shanghai’s best mobile app design companies. The team has successfully developed various applications, including social media, education, eCommerce, digital magazines, and many more.

QP Software

QP software offers the best Mobile App Design services in Shanghai. It has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who will provide quality work to your project.

In addition, QP software is one of the leading companies that offer customized services for your business needs. With them, you can expect beautiful and efficient designs with a user-friendly interface that will convert into sales for your business.

Insigma Hengtian Software

Insigma Hengtian software is an app design and development company in Shanghai. The business provides iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile application services to customers worldwide. Insigma has grown into a leader among global mobile app designers and developers by offering exceptional customer care with unmatched craft quality. In China alone, the firm serves over 100 clients per year and has expanded into the European market.

Insigma Hengtian software was founded in 1999 to provide custom web design services for enterprises across China. As demand for mobile applications increased, Insigma shifted focus from websites to apps, resulting in rapid domestic and international growth. In 2016 alone, more than 50% of the firm’s total revenue came from global markets.

Leap Cloud

Leap Cloud is a website development company in Shanghai, China. They offer web design and marketing services for companies around the world, with an emphasis on helping small businesses grow their customer base online through effective e-commerce solutions that are affordable to everyone. Their team of app developers can assist you from start to finish, from developing your idea or concept to building, launching, and marketing your app.

The development process breaks down into four stages: analysis/planning, design, build and launch. After an initial consultation with their mobile experts, they can tailor the project to meet specific business needs on time through effective planning that accounts for both budget requirements and additional features.


Wiredcraft is a mobile app design company located in Shanghai, China. It helps clients create beautiful and highly usable apps through “design thinking” methods before making any wireframes or mockups. The result: products that are delightful to use and effective at solving business problems.

Their user interface designers are experts in human-centered design thinking and skilled at developing engaging, intuitive designs that solve business problems and delight their clients’ users.

Grandeur China

Grandeur China is a full-service mobile app design company that works with companies like Huawei, Lenovo, and some of the largest Chinese corporations to create engaging user experiences on smartphones.

In addition, they can provide custom solutions for your specific needs using their experience working across various industries, including business, lifestyle, and finance. Their services include idea generation, branding advice, UI design, UX analysis, and much more.

Their ability to translate ideas into functional applications has led them to work with several happy clients, including Air China, Midea Group, and others. In addition, their expertise in designing for Android and iOS is one reason that companies looking for mobile app design companies seek them.

TMO Group

TMO Group is a design and development agency that has been creating mobile apps since 2013.Two software engineers who had worked together at Google for more than five years established TMO Group.

They wanted to create an agency where developers could work independently – rather than assigned tasks from project managers as they worked in-house at Google. As a result, TMO Group is now a Shanghai company and employs more than 40 people to create mobile apps in China, Europe, the United States, and Australia.

Bray Leino Splash

Bray Leino splash is a Mobile App Design company in Shanghai that focuses on creating uniquely beautiful app designs for its clients. Bray Leino splash employs only top-quality graphic designers, developers, and user experience experts to guarantee the best possible result for each client’s project. T

heir services include UI/UX development, website creation, native iOS, and Android apps, cross-platform app development, and custom web applications.

Tonnec Design

Tonnec Design aims to provide the best mobile apps for you. The company has been in this industry since 2011 and is one of the top Shanghai web app development companies that focus on iOS design and Android design.

The team specializes in UI/UX designing with over years of experience creating fantastic designs for clients worldwide: North America, South Africa, and China to New Zealand. So whether you are a startup or an established business looking for the next level of mobile app development services with high-quality designs and professional developers, Tonnec design is the one you should choose.


The list above is a curated selection of companies that have been around since the beginning. They are experienced with mobile app design and development, using different tools for various purposes.

It’s worth noting ambitious individuals who sought to bring their visions to life on this ever-changing scale started these companies. Today they continue working in Shanghai and expanding their businesses to serve customers all over the world.