10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Saudi Arabia

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Saudi Arabia
22Nov, 2021

Mobile app design is a very competitive industry. With the development of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps have become a crucial and integral part of our lives. Nowadays, people use these applications in their daily lives in everything from shopping to social media. So it becomes necessary for business owners to create an app for their business to stay relevant. A well-designed mobile app can help you with marketing, improve your conversion rates and decrease customer dissatisfaction.

Your mobile app design company matters when it comes to the success of your business. If you’re looking for a top mobile app design company in Saudi Arabia, we’ve got you covered! Check out this list of the 10 best companies we found on the web (in no particular order).

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has created something incredibly cool with its responsive mobile app design. It looks like they started with a static page and blew it up to a gigantic mobile app screen.

The products they develop are user-centric and include interaction, style, responsive, and animated. Their designs are useful for every single person that uses it. The entire process is very extensive.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Exemplary Marketing:

  • Offers the latest technology for the development of mobile apps
  • Has an in-house team of talented developers to help you design your app
  • Keeps your app updated with the latest in tech.
  • Provides you with mobile apps as per your business requirements.
  • Offers various payment options, including FastFee and Software-as-a-Service.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia. They offer a full range of app design services, including user interface (U.I.) design, pattern and typography design, and general mobile app development. Hyperlink InfoSystem’s mobile app design specialists design apps that provide a unique and personalized user experience. They also add advanced features and functionalities to enhance users’ experiences on their apps.

Hyperlink InfoSystem has successfully designed and developed some of the top mobile apps for clients in the region and continues to expand its presence in the app market, along with the rest of the world.

Olivo Technologies

Olivo Technologies is a mobile app design company with strong expertise in Android and iOS app development. It’s been in the industry for the past 14 years and has already worked with many popular brands. One of its clients is Jabong, a leading global fashion retailer. Other clients include Virgin Mobile, 9mobile, Europcar, BingoLotto, CityTicket, and Uniserve.


Boxile is one of the leading mobile app design companies in Saudia Arabia. The company has over 20 years of experience in mobile app development and offers a wide range of design and development services. From the web to native to hybrid, Boxile can transform your idea into a business-changing mobile app in record time.

The services provided by Boxile are much more than mobile app design and development.


Jeddahsoft specializes in iOS and Android apps. Here, you’ll find clients like Tamkeen and GEMS (General Organization for Vocational Training & Education) with their own apps in the App Store. Although they’re based in the U.S., the company has a Saudi partner. The perfect balance of both business and design in the app helps clients improve their brand image. Jeddahsoft is the top app design company in Saudi Arabia.


Innoppl is a mobile app design and development company based in the Middle East. They are

committed to providing more than quality services for their clients. The company aims to help small and medium-sized businesses as well as big companies looking for top-notch mobile app design and development services.

To get a sample of what Innoppl is all about, visit their website.

Brill Mindz Technologies

We know that the majority of people using mobile apps in Saudi Arabia are females. If you want your app to appeal to this demographic, you will need to make sure your branding is gender-neutral. This is something Brill Mindz does very well. Whether you are developing an app for women or men, you will receive personalized UX and branding.

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is one of the leading app design and development companies in Saudi Arabia. Creative Solutions has gained enormous popularity for its impressive portfolio. The company has created successful mobile apps for businesses, including Fitrfly, Finadis, Namshi, TeamPixel, Gautama, and Taex. Creative Solutions has also launched award-winning games, including Tiny Wings, Hit The Wall, and Go Pet Go.

Velocity App

Velocity App is another top app design company based in Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in creating innovative apps for users and businesses. Some of its popular apps include an entertainment app for kids called GamePlay, a multi-talented app, Feeding Animals, and three Islamic apps: Halal Kit, Halal Companion, and Halal Home.


SolutionDots has designed multiple award-winning mobile apps, and has also implemented many complex online systems. Their premium design solutions include graphics, typography, and animation. The design team is passionate about providing the best quality of work to their clients.

Their service encompasses both web and native apps. That means that if you have an iOS or Android app, you can make use of their services. It also means that you can receive professional support for every stage of the development process.


There are a lot of opportunities for growth in the mobile app design industry. The right tools and techniques can help you boost your product’s usability and reach millions of customers. With a little extra effort, you can become a mobile app development expert. Do you want to know more? You can contact the mobile app designers we mentioned above. You’ll be glad you did!