20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Quebec

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Quebec
04Aug, 2021

Often called the capital city of French-Canadians, Quebec is a beautiful city with a thriving technology district. Not to mention, app development is one of the key areas of focus for the city, where talented individuals travel to live and work in.

If you are searching for a great mobile app design company in Quebec, then you are spoiled for choice. There are lots of options, some of them focus on the backend, some have a superb design, and others will have a mixed bag of quality, the quantity of features and contemporary design. Here are the top 20 best mobile app design companies in Quebec.

Exemplary Marketing

An international company, with a great team of mobile app developers. Their approach is based around machine learning and A.I.. So your app will be designed with these features in mind, allowing you to learn how customers use your app, how to make it better and thus, prolong the life cycle of your product. Not to mention, brilliant UX design, so users find it very easy to navigate and get to grips with the app.


They have one heck of a design team. Their team is filled with excellent developers, who make apps that can be used in multiple different ways. Not to mention, they have a great prototyping phase. This encompasses the initial design, functionality and testing. It allows your app to be thoroughly designed, planned and implemented in the right way.


Their focus is on human-centric UX design. Rather than purely focussing on design trends, this company goes the extra mile to design products that are pinpointed on human behaviour. Not to mention, their design team has a hands-on approach with the client. So they will work very closely with you from start to finish. This is a unique take on popular app designs.


Cross platform support and wearable apps are just some of their specialties. So if you are creating a fitness watch and you need a unique app that can help your customers, or perhaps you are a smart home company and you want cross platform control options, this kind of mobile app design company is right up your street. Preferably, you’ll seek out their unique process before selecting another developer.


One of the best design firms in Quebec, it has lots of digital clients, including e-commerce businesses. They have 150 employees, so multiple teams can work on one project at once. Time and delivery of your app is not a question of doubt. Most importantly, they focus on the methodology that already works, rather than innovating their process and technology usage, purely for the sake of it. Stability is their main attraction in terms of app design.


One of the leading AI-powered software developers, not just in Canada but in North America. Their engineers have really focused on designing apps that have tons of usable A.I. which means, your apps will learn, communicate and store lots of data. Merging complex technology with human behaviour is the future, as you can see with electric cars, smart homes and wearable tech. This is a company adept in this field


If you want to interconnect your employees, customers and clients, this kind of company is what you need. They focus on connectivity, internet of things, bluetooth, wireless and Zigbee apps and development. It’s going to mean, if you want to create a multi-platform app, that is smart and great to grow your business, this is the team you desire.


Custom software and web application is what they specialise in, but mainly for enterprises. So, if you are a business and you need a unique new office software, perhaps a thrilling software for your design team, or just a need to update your IT infrastructure, Vooban has you covered. Their teams have lots of experience in insurance apps, banking, logistics and manufacturing apps. However, public security and finances are also something they focus on, for businesses.


App integration is one of their flagship features. They are based in Canada but also in Chicago, America. They have a wide range of talented employees that have a fine balance of design and backend software talent. So if you need your existing apps to be integrated into a new user interface, or perhaps updated to fit your current platform, you’ll want to contact them.


They specialise mainly in e-commerce apps. Once again, just like many of the best mobile app design companies in Quebec, they have a very flexible team, with multiple talents. They also offer HTML and JS-based e-commerce solutions. So if you’re having shopping cart issues, a high bounce rate, a complex checkout system, this is a company you want to contact. Although based in Quebec, their clientele is international.


With over 20 years of experience, this company has gone through a transition from the old way of doing things, into the new. They have a 24-hour schedule, so their teams take over from one another, boosting development time and allowing for better checks. They use smart processes to make sure each stage of development has met targets and issues are raised before they complicate things.

Spektrum Media

They specialise in web apps, but they have developed a reputation for making mobile apps that are reliable, imaginative and affordable. They do also have a history of focusing mainly in corporate and enterprise apps, so if you’re a business that wants to build a unique app for your employees, or you need to improve your B2B apps, use their team to do so.

Bkom Studios

They have a mixed team, some from Quebec and others from LA in the USA. They have a great blend between technical experts and creative design teams. With 90 talented employees, they offer a full-service digital studio solution. Their mobile app design is usually focussed on mobile games and social media, but their apps are varied in terms of marketing and point of sale solutions too.

Nomade Solutions Mobiles

This company focussed on the interface design and user experience. So custom mobile app development is their forte. If you want to create an effective communication line between apps for customers or perhaps you want to improve the logical solution process for your B2B apps, this is the company you want to meet. Most of all, they pride themselves on tailor-made functionalities, which is going to be specific to your organisation.


They’ve been around since 1997, so they have a swathe of experience and talented developers in their ranks. They mainly focus on contemporary solutions, which will make the daily task of your business management easier. So statistical analysis, work process optimisation, management systems for inventory, projects, tasks, HR, invoices, etc, is what they offer.

Amiral Agence Web

Mainly a web agency that focuses on search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and social networks, they have a reputable history of making some great mobile app designs. The focus of their apps will be mainly for internal purposes. So they can make apps to optimise your workload, teams, communication and project management needs. Not to mention, they also make reporting software, so if you are a large or medium sized business and you need integrated reporting apps that employees can use anywhere, speak with Amiral.


Digital transformations are their expertise. So if you need to upgrade your workforce apps, whether it be for email, invoicing, human resources, or perhaps management and communication systems, this is a great choice of team. They have a history of making apps for medium and large organisations, so they have a team that is large enough, talented enough and with the right knowledge to pull off a large project. Their customer-centric vision has also led them to make some killer apps for customers also.

Nexapp Technologies Inc

They have a small team of 30+ developers who focus mainly on cloud-based apps. Their software development history purports to show, they have lots of iOS and Android experience, they make agile apps that are designed for upscaling. Not to mention, they have talented coders which can make specific solutions for you. They deliver apps that have been designed, developed and implemented, end-to-end.

Cellulaire Marketing Québec

A web agency with a great team that makes specific marketing apps for mobile platforms. Their SEO techniques will be incorporated into their design so you have an app that will collate all the right data to show you where you can make improvements in your campaigns. If you care about your rankings and your position in the marketing sphere, this is a company you should work with.


Jack of all trades, they make apps of all kinds. Whether it’s an app for everyday life, such as fitness, calorie tracking, lifestyle, or perhaps for your business, such as HR, accounting, task management, etc, they can do it all.

If you would like to know more about the various mobile design app companies in Quebec, feel free to contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about your software development challenges.