10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Philippines

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Philippines
17Nov, 2021

There are more than 2 billion smartphone users globally, and those numbers are only going to boom. As a business owner or individual, you have an opportunity to capture the attention of these people with your mobile app design. No matter what type of product or service you offer, there is a mobile app for that.

Mobile apps help businesses reach their customers where they are – on their phones. We’ve compiled a list of 10 companies that can help you create a quality app for your business. Their work speaks volumes about them as designers and developers.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is passionate about developing the perfect mobile app for your brand or business. They are an expert at working with you to create a simple, interactive app and is a pleasure to use. They are also smart about your budget. Their customizable pricing can help you get the perfect mobile app design for your company at an affordable price.

They are experts in developing iOS and Android apps for a range of industries. They can design functional, interactive, and effective apps for your business.

X-apps Marketing

X-apps Marketing is a mobile app design firm with offices in the Philippines. They have a combined experience of nearly 3 decades in this field, working with some of the biggest companies in the world.

After extensive research and understanding of each client’s needs, the mobile app design team begins the designing process with an overview of the entire app. During this process, they create one or more prototypes for the client to evaluate. Once the client approves these prototypes, the developer team starts developing and implementing the app based on the approved sketches and ideas.

IQ Creative

IQ Creative is a mobile app design company based in Quezon City in the Philippines. Their portfolio includes successful apps for MOO, KFM, MOLX, NURO, ERC, TANGO, PeopleMarket, SCRATCH, iCash, Stellar Channel, and more. They also do animation and graphic design for mobile and web.

Visual Anthropology

Visual Anthropology is the development company of 3 young designers who have big dreams. They focus on growing and honing their craft. They produce crisp, easy-to-use apps with tons of style and freshness. Their portfolio includes apps for Uber, Ticket2Go, Mapbox, HBO, BBC, CheapAir.com, Foodspotting, iSavedSoucto.com, EyeEm, and many more.


AppMakr, the #1 platform for mobile app developers, is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and was founded in 2011 by Chris Haroun. He is also the co-founder of Testflight.

They are a solution-driven platform that provides developers with high-quality apps with the fastest path to monetization. Their mission is to make developers money and grow their businesses, and they do this with robust features and seamless integration with multiple systems. The platform allows developers to manage their apps, get exposure, and get paid quickly through their self-service platform.

With more than 10,000+ apps designed for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry, a mobile app works for almost everyone, and they make that easier.

WebNet Philippines

If you’re looking for a responsive, dynamic app that appeals to the market, then you’ve got to check out WebNet Philippines. Their skills are the same as those who work at Google or Microsoft, and they are determined to help you make your app stand out on the mobile marketplace. The team behind WebNet Philippines understands that every company has unique needs, and they design and develop apps and websites in line with those needs.

WebNet Philippines excels in creating iOS and Android apps that are very easy to use and very attractive. Their design skills are great, and their responsive app development team will make your app unique among its competitors.


BDCreative is one of the top Android app developers in the Philippines. They provide premium apps for corporate clients, big-name brands, startups, and small business owners. If you need a mobile app design for your brand, you can choose from a wide selection of design templates. You can also choose a custom template that best suits your business goals.

In addition to apps, they provide mobile solutions, mobile-based apps, and mobile solutions. They have their own in-house tools for mobile app design. They can develop your app for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and HTML5.

With over ten years of experience in developing apps, they have won dozens of awards for Best UX/UI/UXUX, Best UI/UX/UI, and Best Mobile App Design and Development.

Red Dot Lab

Red Dot Lab is a mobile app design and development company based in the Philippines. It provides iOS and Android app design, data analytics, graphic design, project management, and much more to various industries. Their services cover the retail, media, entertainment, tech, and corporate sectors.


Felico is a high-end digital agency and app developer based in Quezon City. It’s a leading design and development agency that offers a complete range of services for mobile applications. It also caters to the web, mobile, and print.

U2 Design

Named one of the “Top 50 Up and Comer iPhone App Design Companies” by TopTenReviews in the USA, U2 Design is located in Metro Manila, Philippines.

U2 Design is more than just an iPhone App Design Studio. They also have a design team for the iPad. They can get your app just right, no matter what platform it’s for. This is a good company to partner with if you want to create an app for an enterprise. They don’t only specialize in creating an app for small to medium-size businesses; they also design apps for corporates and government bodies, providing them with a diverse range of app development services.


Smartphone sales have grown from under 30 million units to nearly half a billion units, and that’s a sure sign that mobile app design is a major factor in driving this growth. It’s an investment in the future of your business, so it’s important to invest in the right mobile app design companies.

This is the biggest problem for a lot of small business owners. They want to offer high-quality services to their customers, but they have no clue where to find the right mobile app design companies to do the job for them. After all, some companies out there might be too expensive and might take too much time to get done right.

In short, we’re glad you’re here. You have just stumbled on a list of 10 of the best mobile app design companies in the Philippines.