25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Pennsylvania

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Pennsylvania
02May, 2021

1. Exemplary Marketing

The number one choice for Best Mobile App Design company in the state of Pennsylvania has to be Exemplary Marketing. They use the ‘waterfall method’ to create visually stunning apps that are modern and easy to navigate. There is particular emphasis placed on UX, and their apps are highly responsive. Whatever your app goals are, Exemplary Marketing can make it happen.

2. ChopDawg.com

ChopDawg is the top dag of mobile app development in Pennsylvania – after Exemplary Marketing, that is. They take a slightly different approach to app development and work with clients from the ground up. They design apps that are cross-platform and optimized for modern add-ons like bots and e-commerce sites.

3. OpenForge

OpenForge is a trusted app developer in Pennsylvania; they operate with a crack team of developers with special skills in problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. OpenForge works closely with the client to make sure the end project matches the original vision. This developer is also highly focused on the end user’s experience.

4. KDG

KDG doesn’t specialize in mobile app development, but that doesn’t mean they can’t create some special applications. They excel at apps for business purposes by collecting data from the client and tailoring the app to suit the company and customer requirements. This is ideal if you want an app developed for a particular purpose, such as gaming or promotion.

5. AllianceTek

Another app developer in Pennsylvania focused on business app development is Alliance Tek. AllianceTek can develop an app for your business that has end-to-end app development services and customized processes for individual business requirements. Partner with them if you want a slick professional service and plenty of focus on key business aims.

6. Think it First

Getting the app right for clients is what Think it First prioritizes. It isn’t enough to have an app that simply looks good, it must also have exceptional usability. Think it First creates apps with the end-users in mind; they aim to make products that are slick, functional, and visually appealing. That also means modern, an app needs to conform to modern standards to be credible, this is something Think it First understands.

7. Falcn Lab

The word ‘diversity’ applies to Falcn Lab app developers more than any other app developer on the list. They create hybrid Mobile Apps, native IOS Apps, native android apps, and native mobile apps. Each type of app has its own strengths and weaknesses. To create the app you will dialogue with the developer to identify the key aims of the app and what you want it to do. This will form the template for the application development.

8. Dignitas Digital

When you run a business, you need your technology to work in tandem with everything and integrate with new and existing technologies. Dignitas Digital understands this and works hard to develop apps that fit your everyday requirements. Whether you are creating a new app or replacing some legacy software, get an upgrade with Dignitas Digital.

9. Phaedra Solutions

These days apps are crucial for businesses who want to stay competitive in the marketplace. Phaedra Solutions works on this premise when creating its apps and designs them for optimal performance. Phaedra Solutions are a top app solution in Pennsylvania and not one you want to overlook if you need an app that matches your business goals.

10. Promptworks

Innovation is at the heart of the Promptworks philosophy, just as it should be at the heart of any modern business. They strive to create apps that take advantage of technologies and integrate globally. The modern digital world is an ever-changing ecosystem, and that’s a good thing, according to Promptworks. Partner with them to develop an app fit for the global digital age.

11. Stuzo

If you’re looking for a new app developer in Pennsylvania, don’t overlook Stuzo. They are primarily concerned with developing new technologies for the e-commerce sector and have their app development tailored to this purpose. App Development is a means to an end in many ways, and this is an idea that drives Stuzo. Their apps integrate perfectly with the ecommerce world and deliver the results you would expect.

12. Savvy Apps

When you are developing an app for a company, you sometimes want a developer that’s completely dedicated to that purpose, perhaps not one that develops apps as an add-on service. A dedicated app developer is what you get with Savvy Apps. They understand the unique needs of their clients and set to work on an app that will feel more like a passion project for them.

13. Shout Digital

Shout Digital cares about its output and the standard of apps it develops. They begin by collaborating with the client on the fundamentals before taking it to the technical stage, where they develop the original vision into a functioning possibility. Finally, they create a visually stunning end product.

14. OpenArc

If you want a team of world-class designers for your project, then partner with Open Arc. They are a team of elite software designers and market specialists who know exactly what it takes to build a modern app that delivers. If you think of your business as professional and market leading this this crack team of developers are the ones you want on your side.

15. Envative

Envative is the problem-solver of app development in Pennsylvania. They value thoughtful design and scalable software that helps to grow your business and remain relevant long after the app has been developed and has hit the market. Benefit from IoT solutions and advanced systems integrations.

16. ANTLER Interactive

ANTLE Interactive is an app developer in Pennsylvania who specializes in working with small businesses. According to ANTLER, there are too many app developers who don’t ensure a significant return on investment. They set out to resolve the issue, and it’s become the heart of what they do. Partnering with ANTLER means joining teams of app developers with your key business goals in mind all the way.

17. Iper Design INC

Iper Design INC is a mobile app developer in Pennsylvania who can create an app for almost any purpose. Whether you need an app for gaming, selling, promotion, or as a powerful alternative to a desktop website, Iper Design will build it for you and make it beautiful. Consider Iper Design for your business if you want an app that is laser focused on your business outcomes.

18. Night Kitchen Interactive

Night Kitchen Interactive is not a specialist mobile app developer; rather they are a digital media hub and creative solution for a range of purposes. Still, they are very skilled mobile app developers and will create a product that is visually appealing and functional.

19. Phalanx Digital

Phalanx Digital is at the cutting edge of mobile app development, creating apps with the user in mind. The innovative approach now is to create apps with end-to-end user experience and analytical data to connect the technology with customers more smoothly.

20. Truefit

Truefit is a small team of designers, product owners, architects, and engineers who develop mobile apps to meet the needs of end-users. They are innovative and creative. Expect them to build an app unlike any other but with s high standard of usability.

21. Tonic Design Co

Tonic Design Co is another small collection of design professionals who develop apps for small businesses. You can work with this dedicated team at a human level and set out your vision clearly. They will apply their creative skills and unique innovations to make the app you dreamed of but better.

22. Zivtech

Zivtech takes a slightly different approach to mobile app creation. They stay in continual dialogue with the client to make tweaks to the app as it’s developed. This helps to keep the process on track and delivers satisfactory outcomes. Clients report that Zivtech apps are high quality.

23. Syncware Technologies

Syncware Technologies is a small team of designers who love to innovate and create the next big thing in the mobile tech market. This is one good reason to partner with them; the other is that they’re a fun bunch of techy professionals you will love to work with.

24. Fynydd

Partner with Fynydd if you’re a business with a problem. Clients go to them with business objectives such as how to operate a mobile business or how to reach a marketing goal. They are focused on business outcomes and highly driven to deliver optimal results.

25. Rise

Rise is an award-winning digital design agency that has experience creating modern apps. The team at Rise will listen closely to your requirements and develop an app for your business that exceeds expectations. That is one reason Rise is one of the best mobile app developers in Pennsylvania; there are plenty of others.

26. Yashco Systems

Yashco systems is a digital consulting and mobile app development business in Pennsylvania. They are not the hip and happy web developers you will find at Exemplary Marketing, but if you want to develop an app that is functional and performs reliably, then choose Yashco. It may not be a visually stunning app, but you can be sure it is built to perform well and function.