20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Ottawa

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Ottawa
28Jul, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

When you are looking for the best of the best in mobile app design companies, choose Exemplary Marketing. Based in Chicago but working out of a range of offices – including Ottawa, Exemplary Marketing offers a range of marketing solutions and offers amazing design services for your app. They offer exciting solutions for businesses of a range of sizes around the world. It’s not just a company, it’s a solution expert offering reliability and efficiency.


A business passionate for technology, Spiria offers companies of all sizes assistance with their design and development of their apps. If you are an industry leader who wants to be better in leading in your business, Spiria could be the solution for you. They love to be creative and they offer exciting opportunities for collaboration. Spiria invests in technological innovation and quality software, all designed to make your app come to life.


One of the best mobile app design companies in Ottawa is named Vellgus Ltd. This is a business packed with integrity who are looking to help companies of all shapes and sizes achieve their app design solutions. Their goal is to offer solutions so that clients can remain ahead of the game. Vellgus Ltd adopts the best technologies to ensure that companies achieve their vision, and they develop a range of AI-driven opportunities for businesses as a result.

IBL Infotech

A digital enabler and IT consultancy firm, IBL Infotech works with businesses around the world to develop and design apps that fit the right plan. Growing businesses, Fortune 500s and first-time entrepreneurs around the world are able to get their apps completed with the help of the experts at IBL Infotech. They have over 85 experts who are keen to build complex apps and help your company come to life. IBL Infotech is based in both India and Ottawa and they have a team of product designs, architecture designers, web app designs and developers who are all about ensuring smooth collaboration.


If you are looking for a digital consultancy who are all about innovative strategies and precise execution, Inversoft is the technology partner for you. If you are looking for mobile and web app design and development, you can use the help of a company who will help you with digital transformation and amazing interactive experiences. They care about your visibility when you’re mobile, and you can bet that Inversoft is one of the best mobile app design companies around.

Arctic Empire

Arctic Empire has been around since 2010, establishing itself as a leader in both creativity and innovation. They make a point of being a part of the mobile development market, and with their grassroots in game development, they changed into a full service agency in 2014 to include app design. Their digital marketing team has worked with some of the biggest international clients in the world. They offer custom solutions for businesses who are looking to break into the best mobile apps around. They offer custom developments for Web, iOS, Android and they focus on functional design.


As passionate digital storytellers, OPIN offers a range of services to power some of the most ambitious web projects in the world. They work with the best global clients to ensure that their apps are designed and developed and then deployed with expertise. They offer open source content that remains dynamic and flexible. Their open source system is there to ensure that you can grow and change in the right digital landscape, which is why they are one of the best mobile app design companies in Ottawa.

MARSWorks Inc

As a digital first production studio MARSWorks Inc works to ensure that you get the best experience with your mobile app design and development. Since 1997, MARSWorks Inc has offered the best possible solutions to build your app for you. If you want an experience that’s unique and compelling, MARSWorks Inc is going to blow your mind! They offer their services from startup new entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.


If you are a health company looking for the best app design and development companies in Ottawa, check out Macadamian. They are a business interested in designing and development of digital health software with the goal of improving healthcare. Macadamian has a full service offering, and they create solutions that are simple but meaningful, ensuring that your healthcare business gets the support it needs.


When you want a mobile app design company that offers compelling results, you need to look into EzyCode and all they have to offer. Their headquarters may be based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but they have offices in Ottawa, too, with corporate offices throughout the US and the UK. EzyCode have a specialist interest in mobile apps, web apps, website and digital marketing as a whole. Their aim is to offer solutions that cover all business and personal productivity, web development and web design. You can get a complete package and they start with a deep, in-depth analysis of your requirements.

Segura Innovative Tech Solutions

The best mobile app design companies in Ottawa involve web design, web development and full digital marketing solutions, and Segura Innovative Tech Solutions can be included in that! They orient their services toward ensuring that you only get the best possible solutions from them. They understand that your business needs won’t be the same as others in your industry, and they specialize in CMS and mobile app design and development. Their experts are on hand to help at any time!

Artic Leaf

As a UX design and implementation agency, Arctic Leaf ensures that your business has the best possible solutions in mobile app design. They put relationships at their core, and they were born when two companies came together to offer a range of e-commerce app design and development services. They work to ensure that you get the best possible solutions for your mobile needs, and they have expertise in UX design and conversion rate optimization. Arctic Leaf has long established itself as a leader in innovation and you want your business to be a part of that innovation!

Codewexy Digital

As a recognized leader in advantage technical expertise, Codewexy Digital offers companies their help and knowledge in modern software technologies. The main focus for Codewexy is in their ability to design software applications on any scale. They will consult with you to ensure that your custom finished project is exactly as you need it to be. They use a range of technology and tools to ensure that your application is built and designed better, reducing any software risks possible.

Emtec Inc

If you want to find a business that offers you total dedication in enterprise, education, government markets and more. They employ the latest and greatest technologies to ensure that your business processes are innovative and leading in the mobile design market. They aim to empower your organization and thrive as a result. For over 25 years, Emtec ensures that your business app is designed to perfection. They work to drive digital change and they help their clients to make the customer experience better and accelerate innovation. This leads to your business being ultimate leaders in innovation and that proves that they are one of the best mobile app design companies in the world! They put their clients first and that is built on rapid, meaningful and lasting value to your business.

Nandbox Inc

They’ve been around for more than five years, so they’re a baby in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad at what they do! You will find that this Canadian company promotes your mobile app in a way that is unlike any other business. They hold multiple patents for their scalability and their high performance capabilities, and they offer their clients a cloud-based infrastructure. They have a digital platform that empowers your business to create native mobile apps for your business. You need well-designed apps that offer drag and drop capabilities.


At RSI Lab, you’ll find a group of versatile experts who will work your mobile app design in a way that’s unlike any other. They may be a small team, but small is mighty and they offer a range of enthusiastic engineers who are excited to work with you. They build exciting and intuitive products and they do it well! They offer your business the chance to benefit from solid architecture that resonates through your business. They offer your company the chance to have a well-designed app that’s going to work across the industry.

Zealistic Solutions

An enterprise application design and development business, Zealistic Solutions are based in India with offices in Canada, the US and the UK. This is a business that can help you to address the demands of your business. No matter the vision you have for your mobile app design, you can ensure that you have a designed app that is popular with all of your clients. The certified experts with Zealistic Solutions ensure your business continuity is secure.