25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Oklahoma

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Oklahoma
01May, 2021

An app is an essential tool for your business these days. It keeps your customers and clients engaged, can be updated to show news, offers and other important information in real-time and can remind your customers who you are and what you are about, even when they are not actively using your app. This is why having a decent app is so very crucial.

It is costly to develop a mobile app. Unless you are prepared to rely on ya ready-to-use solution with a DIY app creator, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Believe us, when it comes to making an app, you will want to steer clear of a DIY kit, because they rarely produce anything that is going to show your business in the best possible light. Choosing the right app developer is crucial because it can save you time and money while still producing a unique app for your business.

Here, we have put together a list of the 25 best mobile app design companies in Oklahoma, so that you can be sure that when it comes to having your own app designed and developed, you are getting the very best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look!

Exemplary Marketing

The best mobile app development company in Oaklahoma is Exemplary Marketing. They are well-known for providing industry-leading mobile app services all over the world. Exemplary Marketing has the most cost-effective tools and applications to satisfy all of your IT requirements. Exemplary Marketing develops user-friendly cross-platform iOS and Android applications.


Their dynamic team has decades of experience developing and managing app-based applications for Apple, Android, and other platforms. In addition, their staff creates, manages, and updates websites and web applications for a variety of clients. Client portals, intranets, and integrated management dashboards are examples of popular web applications.

Phase 2

Modern software solutions allow people to communicate with technology in more ways than ever before, from web-based administrative interfaces to consumer-facing smartphone apps. Phase 2 tailor their solutions to your organization’s needs across a range of platforms, including consumer technologies and custom hardware.

Monarch Marketing LLC

Monarch Marketing operates as translators, shapers, and guides to the ever-changing face of technology. Monarch works hard to fully comprehend each client’s brand pledge. They apply their knowledge to provide integrated marketing strategies that help their clients achieve their goals and objectives. Their strategic planning and purchasing produce superior outcomes, which leads to high client retention.

WSI Internet

WSI Internet understands the importance of user experience and works with clients to create mobile apps and services that are contextually appropriate, easy to navigate and give both consumer and business an all-around great experience.

Deep Fork Technology

Deep Fork Technology is passionate about the growth and development of both their own business and those of their clients. They specialize in unique solutions for issues that other firms won’t or can’t solve and will help build affordable and scalable mobile apps to enable you to grow your business.

Sleek Design Studios

Sleek Design is the freelance brand of sole designer, Will. He designs and consults on projects for large corporations, startups, individual clients, and agencies. Web and mobile app design, user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) design, front-end creation, branding, and design consulting are some of his specialities.


Amshot work with their clients to understand their business needs and develop system and implementation criteria and specifications and provide ongoing support for software and applications.

Needle and Hay Creative

Needle and Hay Creative provide each and every one of their customers, big or small, in Oklahoma or elsewhere, with a personalised, passionate, and customised service. They e are convinced that a “one-size-fits-all” solution to any digital service is ineffective. Their  approaches are cutting-edge, and they anticipate their clients’ needs at all times. They are  a group of thoughtful strategists, designers, and developers who take pride in what they do.

Five Pack Creative

Five Pack Creative’s team of mobile app developers and designers develops applications that are as attractive as they are functional, all while incorporating the most up-to-date technology and best practises to keep the client’s businesses ahead of the competition.

Custom Software Lab

Custom Software Lab is comprised of professional custom software developers and web designers who strive to provide personalised and functional web and software solutions that optimise their clients’ return on investment. Their objectives are straightforward: to imagine, implement, and deliver excellent goods to all of their clients! They are a full-service web and custom app development firm at your disposal.

Hot Coffey Design

Hot Coffey Design is a specialist Web design company that puts their clients first. They recognise that in order for their clients to achieve and surpass their business objectives, they must reach their customers where they live, work, and play, which means meeting them in a variety of settings and at any time. Hot Coffey Design will help you coordinate all of your marketing and promotional efforts to get the most out of them, including developing and building your own mobile app.


Since 2000, Spherexx has been a recognised pioneer in website, Internet marketing, and software development services. Web design, app development and production, as well as other professional services, are available through Spherexx.

Organi Studios

Organi Studios work on their mobile app development with pixel-perfect implementation and laser-focused accuracy. They recognise how quickly the way the world works changes , but good design concepts never do. Their mission is to help their clients develop brands, products, and solutions that their customers can relate to.

Copper Mobile

Copper Mobile has carved out a niche for itself in the field of custom mobile app creation in Oklahoma. The organisation has the capacity to manage a comprehensive project from start to finish, from app creation to full phased development and business branding. These individuals have prior design and conceptualization expertise. As a result, a vast number of companies have been able to take thier business to the next level.

Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is a multidisciplinary multinational mobile app studio that connects brands to consumers through a complete digital experience. . As a result, you’ll be able to perform at your best. Their mobile applications and solutions have earned several awards and have improved consumer and brand experiences.


Epsilion are a full-service multinational marketing firm that specialises in bringing people and brands together. They  are the first of a new generation, leveraging rich data, cutting-edge technology, and engaging innovative and disruptive innovations to deliver the outcomes their clients demand. They have over 7000 employees in 70 offices around the world.

Squareball Studios

Squareball Studios craft mobile apps for creatives, startups, and a wide variety of enterprises. Their quality control team works to ensure that all coding is a bug-free as it could possibly be in order for you to provide the best services to your customers.

The BHW Group

The BHW Group is a full-service digital product agency that specialises in the design and creation of smartphone and web apps. They ‘ve developed a number of award-winning applications over the last thirteen years, including a 2015 SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist, a 2014 National Association of Government Communications first-place winner, and a 2017 Golden Stevie.


Retrocube think big, plan smartly, and build quickly. They want to create high-quality mobile apps that improve your services and offer a modern solution at every stage of life. RetroCube is committed to supplying companies with the most up-to-date mobile device solutions in order to improve user experience at all levels.

Suite Twenty Four, LLC

To refine your concept, a team of design experts from Suite Twenty Four, LLC will assist you in preparing technical narratives and blueprints for your app idea. They will create a completely simulated app prototype that can be spread across a limitless number of devices.

Iterative Consulting

Iterative Consulting offers a wide range of design and development services, including full-stack web application development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, data science, and cloud implementation solutions, among others. They will help you realise your vision by designing and developing amazing apps through a collaborative process that prioritises collaboration, feedback, and agility.

Bryte Studio

Bryte Studio create exclusive web pages, web applications, and smartphone apps. Beautiful architecture, an elegant user interface, and smart technology come together to make great apps. Great software is delivered on time and on budget thanks to their agile development process and their aim of total customer satisfaction.

Sandia Digital

Sandia Digital will create a new mobile app for you, as well as manage it for you over time with updates and data cleanup. They will build applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

Real Time Solutions, Inc

Real Time Solutions is a company that creates web-based solutions. RTS’ products and services provide a powerful combination of beautiful graphic design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched customer service. Customers benefit from having a device that not only satisfies their practical needs but also leaves a lasting impression. Furthermore, robust service packages ensure that consumers have peace of mind.