20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Newcastle

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Newcastle
18Jun, 2021

Whether you are having a brand new app developed for your business, or you want to switch out from your current developer to a new one in order to improve your current app, there are so many to choose from. There are always going to be certain parts of the world which act as hubs for app design companies, and it just so happens that Newcastle is one of those places.

In Newcastle you can find a huge number of app design companies to choose between, for all of your app design and development needs. But which are the best? Stay tuned for 20 of the best mobile app design companies in Newcastle.

Exemplary Marketing

If you are on the lookout for the very best app design company in Newcastle and beyond, you really don’t need to look any further than Exemplary Marketing. The name really does say it all: here you will find the most exemplary app design, mobile app development, UI and UX design, and even a tailored Kick Start offer for new companies. It is well worth checking out Exemplary Marketing for all of your app design needs.

iGlobsyn Technologies

Next up we have iGlobsyn Technologies, who are one of the true pioneers of the best mobile app design and app development world. They deliver quality mobility solutions to fix and address whatever app issues you may have, and offer a wide range of auxiliary services too, such as iOS app design, Android and UI/UX, food app design, website app design, and much more.

Clear New Media

Clear New Media consider themselves to be affiliate marketing experts first and foremost, but there is no doubt that a big part of that process is their ability to create truly amazing apps from scratch, and even revive existing apps with a little TLC. With a speciality in affiliate program management, they are the go-to if you are keen to try and match up your new app with an affiliate marketing scheme.


With a no-nonsense attitude and approach to almost everything, there is a very good reason that so many people respect and appreciate click as one of the world’s foremost app design agencies. If what you are looking for is a truly stripped-back and simple app design approach with very few extras, then they are the ones to go to. But that is not to say that you won’t get an amazing quality app here – you definitely will.

Dolezal Consulting

As with many of the modern app design companies you can find in Newcastle, Dolezal Consulting are primarily marketing consultants. However, they also have a very respectable arm in the app design race, and you can be sure that you can trust them with building an app if you are looking for it to fit in with your overall marketing designs. That can be one of the most powerful things that an app can ever do for you.

Strategic Five Marketing

Another marketing company, Strategic Five are one of those teams who really genuinely revel in taking your ideas and making them powerfully come to life. They have a promise of heightened levels of communication, with an ability to adapt to your environment, and in an app design sense that means that the app is always going to be exactly suitable for the industry and world that you are moving in. That’s great news for any company.


These guys consider themselves Newcastle’s true experts in cutting-edge marketing, and that is probably not too bold a claim to make. As well as offering some of the city’s best app design services, they are also the most likely go-to for anyone keen on utilising extended reality in their projects. With MAADigital, you are going to get what you want delivered every single time without fuss.


This is a truly global business, but one with a strong footing in Newcastle, and as such it makes it very firmly onto this list. TechaSoft designs mobile apps with an innovative approach every time, and they are particularly renowned for delivering their top of the range services to a wide range of entrepreneur types, from those starting their startups to more experienced managers. Whoever you are, in whatever stage of business, they can almost certainly help.


With a focus on a huge range of application builds, Glance are quickly becoming known as one of the most respected and trustworthy of their kind in Newcastle and beyond. They create a wide range of apps for both Android and iOS, and specialise in particular on games and food apps, two of the most popular types of app currently in the marketplace. They also design products for smart TVs, wearables and VR headsets.


TeamMarvel specialise in offering app design for all devices, particularly to small and mid sized businesses, and with a particular focus on Newcastle and the surrounding areas. With their help, you can either have a completely standalone app or have one that is fully integrated into your software solution or website, thus allowing your business a better chance to grow. They have helped many businesses before, so why not give them a go?

Hedgehog Lab

This company has the bold aim of ‘solving the world’s biggest problems’ through their technological design. What that means for you is that, if your business is focused particularly on creating amazing products that help people, Hedgehog Lab is likely going to be keen to help. They also focus on connectivity between mobile and web apps.


Surge pride themselves on using genuinely state-of-the-art technology to create some of the world’s most impressive apps, and helping you to work on your business faster, smarter and harder. They mostly focus on apps that are going to help you within the framework of your business, rather than customer-facing apps, but for that they are certainly one of the best.

Komodo Digital

Overall Komodo Digital is a software design and development agency. Very often, companies that have this broader focus do actually tend to create some of the best apps, as they are bringing all of that extra expertise to the table when they do. With Komodo, this is no different, and you will find that the apps they build for you are incredible and work perfectly every time.

Indigo Multimedia

This company does not actually focus mostly on app design, but that is one of the things that they are able to apply themselves to where necessary. You are more likely to come to Indigo Multimedia if what you want is a Newcastle-based web design and overall marketing consultancy team working for you. But they will also deliver an app that your customers will love.

Design 365

Although based firmly in Newcastle, Design 365 makes a point of saying that they create apps for companies all over the UK and beyond. Known for being particularly friendly to chat to, they are also well-versed in offering genuinely bespoke app design, so if you know exactly what it is that you want, and you want it to be utterly original, this is the place to look.

App Boxer

App Boxer is a young company dedicated to smartphone apps tailored to each client’s needs. Although they are relatively new, they are very keen and are definitely already becoming one of the most-trusted app design companies in Newcastle. You should definitely give them a chance if you are looking for an app that you can be happy with, at a very fair price indeed.


If you are in need of a high quality mobile app that can simplify complex data, you need look no further than Brightec, who specialise in exactly that kind of process. They are also the go-to in Newcastle if you are genuinely keen to try and change how things are done in your industry, and they will help you develop the perfect app to make that happen. It’s well worth taking a look at what they might do for you.

Inspired Agency

A sprawling Newcastle marketing agency with a very strong track record of building attractive and well-designed apps, there are definitely many worse companies to look to for help than Inspired Agency. They will help you to build your app, but also ensure that it works in perfect cohesion with your website – which they can also design from scratch for you, if necessary.

TAC Design

Sometimes you want to go for visual-first, and when you do you should seek out a visual design agency first and foremost. A company like TAC Design will be able to create an app that is truly beautiful every time, allowing you to make it as attractive as possible for your customers.

Red C

Red C is an award-winning app design agency based in many cities around the UK, including Newcastle of course. They are a price-effective and yet very experienced service, and you will rarely be disappointed with what they can build for you – and how fast they can do so too. Definitely one to check out.