50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in New Jersey

50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in New Jersey
25Mar, 2021

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important across the business world. Companies need tools that offer a bespoke and seamless experience for users, without all the usual distractions of browsers.

Creating these apps, though, is a challenge. Here are the 50+ best mobile app design companies in New Jersey.

#1: Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing builds the most attractive and visually stimulating apps on the market. We use state-of-the-art technology to achieve desirable brand aesthetics.

#2: Unidev

Unidev is a mid-priced app development and technical solutions company, renowned for its creativity and excellence. It has a pro-employee stance, as well as a customer-centric outlook.

#3: Strowberry Code

The innovatively-named Strowberry Code specializes in IT web design and development. It also offers social marketing and branding which it integrates with its app development platform.

#4:  Symphony Solution

Symphony Solution is one of the bigger app developers currently operating in New Jersey. The company is famous for its prodigious output of business apps, currently available on the Appstore and Playstore.

#5: MobMaxime

MobMaxime has been in business for more than 10 years, offers low prices, and has more than 50 skilled IT staff on its team.

#6: Rubyroid Labs

Rubyroid Labs partners with startups to help them build compelling apps and a digital presence. This small company is great for bijou projects.

#7: Wowbix Marketing

Wowbix Marketing is another New Jersey-based digital marketing company that offers a range of services designed to meet customers’ budgets and needs.

#8: ShoutnHike

ShoutnHike brings measurability to the mix, offering customers app development and digital marketing solutions they can track.

#9: Signity Software Solutions

Signity Software Solutions is all about bringing mobile app concepts to life.

#10: Falcn Lab

Falcn Lab uses the latest technology to design high-end web apps with massive functionality. It also builds low-cost games for clients.

#11: Fortunesoft IT Innovations

This app developer focuses on the upper end of the market and offers full product lifecycle development.

#12: Digital Scientists

Digital Scientists began in the Deep South but soon moved to the New England area. They are a certified Google Cloud Partner and develop apps for unicorns and small startups.

#13: Apps Nado

Cooking up a storm, Apps Nado is a dedicated mobile app builder that serves companies of all sizes.

#14: Tvisha Technologies

Tvisha Technologies is famous for its app development and maintenance. It aims to produce flawless products for clients operating in niche spaces.

#15: A3Logics

A3Logics is an old-time player in the digital development marketplace. It has a diverse team of professionals with experience across multiple sectors, including education, banking, and media.

#16: Bitbean

Bitbean is fast becoming a leader in the software engineering space. It currently has among the widest talent pools of any firm in the industry. And it’s completed high-profile projects for the likes of Eastern Union and Walmart.

#17: Rocketech

If you want to rocket your business’s success, then Rocketech wants to speak with you. The outfit has had many of its apps featured on the App Store’s Apps of the Day.

#18: Asap Developers

As the name implies, Asap Developers develop software for their clients as quickly as possible. They tend to focus on the startup end of the market.

#19: S-PRO

S-PRO works hard to empower existing businesses using digitization processes. Part of their offering is building apps for companies in complex market situations.

#20: Aalpha Information Systems

This agency has been a leading global pioneer in the IT consulting space for a long time. The company offers low prices alongside mobile phone application development, impressively responsive web design, and also web app development services.

#21: Swenson He

Swenson He is a team of engineers and web software developers who provide both technical guidance and strategy for their clients. They believe that strong mobile technology enhances people’s lives in ways that matter. And they’re helping their clients do just that.

#22: Cubix

Cubix is a leading mobile app developer that also makes games and enterprise-level software. The company has great cross-fertilization, using ideas from other fields to enhance consumer-facing apps.

#23: Alphonic Network Solutions

Alphonic Network Solutions has been in business since 2013 and offers full-stack mobile app development solutions. It has offices in New Jersey but employs a team with diverse skills from all over the world.

#24: MobileCoderz Technologies

MobileCoderz Technologies might be relatively new to the mobile app software development scene, but the brand is having a big impact. It focuses both on development and surrounding issues, such as UX development and mobile strategy.

#25: Mobulous

Mobulous creates custom mobile and web app solutions for businesses of all sizes. It has developed more than 400 apps to date.

#26: SoluLab

SoluLab is fairly unique in the market, thanks to its clever integration of blockchain. The company partners with Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups.

#27: RipenApps

RipenApps is one of the most visionary agencies in the industry. The company develops mobile apps for startups worldwide, pushing more than 150 onto success.

#28: BrancoSoft

BrancoSoft is an agency that specializes in building businesses from the ground up through the clever use of apps. The company currently employs more than 50 skilled IT professionals.

#29: AppSquadz Technologies

AppSquadz Technologies is a highly app-focused outfit, proficient in web development, iOS, gaming, and Android.

#30: Utility

While it might have quite a Spartan name, Utility is making waves in the industry, partnering with high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies to make world-beating mobile apps.

#31: 3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube is part of the Tech for Good movement and is passionate about genius mobile app design.

#32: Quytech

Quytech began as a game development company. But it soon moved into the mobile app space. It’s known for its apps’ functionality and design.

#33: Icecube Digital

Icecube Digital offers a mobile app development experience, as well as WordPress and WooCommerce support for online retailers.

#34: Lean Apps GMBH

Lean Apps GMBH has a process that it says allows it to deliver apps up to five times as fast as its rivals.

#35: Promatics Technologies

Promatics Technologies is committed to helping its clients adapt to the ever-changing digital environment. It aims to create apps that accelerate top-line growth and beat the competition.

#36: Sidebench

Sidebench is an innovative app development company that uses a UX-first approach to design.

#37: Powercode

Powercode focuses on “digital experiences.” It uses code to serve the user and, therefore, drive business goals.

#38: KPIS

KPIS works to help companies achieve exponential business development at a low cost. It believes that it is possible to create quality mobile apps cheaply.

#39: ELEKS

ELEKS is one of the world’s most successful outsourcing businesses. It ensures high-quality appl development through its product assurance processes.

#40: Indus Net Technologies

Indus Net Technologies takes an analytics-centric approach to app development, improving performance with each iteration.

#41: DOIT Software

DOIT technology aims to build mobile apps for sustainable development. Its creations have clients’ growth in mind.

#42: Fortitude Development

Fortitude Development aims to understand its clients from a holistic perspective before diving straight into app development. Understanding the entire industry, it says, helps to create rival-beating solutions.

#43: Agicent Technologies

Agicent is a small app development house that already has more than 200 fully-fleshed-out apps to its name. Unlike many brands in the industry, it keeps all its engineers under one roof.

#44: Redwerk

Redwerk markets itself as a “full cycle” development company. Its unique selling point is its fully-managed and directed product support.

#45: Codebrik Solutions

Codebrik Solutions combines its marketing expertise with design knowledge to create apps that target your ideal customer. The agency develops software according to the Pareto principle: 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your customers.

#46: Greenice

Greenice is the agency businesses choose when they need highly complex app solutions. The company got its start back in 2007 and has been building mobile app expertise ever since.

#47: Damco Solutions

Damco Solutions has used cutting-edge technologies to transform business growth. It offers its services not only in New Jersey but also across the world.

#48: Winklix

Winklix is another mobile app and software development company that works with teams all over the world. Because of its deep expertise, it can offer integrations with CRM and ERP software.

#49: Infojini Consulting

Infojini consults with startups and Fortune 500 about their changing IT needs and web apps. It aims to help them adapt to radically changing consumer culture.

#50: Arthosys Technologies

Arthosys Technologies markets itself as a one-stop solution for businesses looking to benefit from software development. Alongside apps, it also builds enterprise-level solutions from scratch.

#51: Globtier Infotech

Globtier got its start way back in 2005 and initially focused on web design. Since then, it’s been helping small and midsize companies improve their mobile offices. It also works with global solutions companies across the world.

#52: Brand Mellow

Brand Mellow is an admitted band of nerds who raise the bar and help you stand out among the competition. It aims to boost your return on investment.