25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nevada

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nevada
27Apr, 2021

Make sure you get precisely the solution that you need by choosing the mobile app design companies that bring the reputation, experience, and method of working that suits you best. Here are some of the best mobile app design companies in Nevada to help you find your perfect partner.

Exemplary Marketing

A flexible and highly experienced app development team that uses the waterfall method to create gorgeous apps with a priority on excellent navigation and responsive control. The team also includes a party of UI/UX experts who can make sure that the solutions provided always cater to the user’s needs and provide the best possible journey, helping to increase engagement and revenue.

Magneto IT Solutions

An app development company that works out of Las Vegas, Nevada, this team of over fifty designers, developers, and planners is responsible for the creation of a range of top-class apps as well as web products. They bring over nine years of experience in working in mobile application support and maintenance, IoT development, REST API development and more.

NGBM Solutions

Working out of Reno, Nevada, this software outsourcing company has worked ot meet the needs of a range of small to mid-sized businesses throughout the US and Europe. They offer their services to clients across all industries but have specific experience in working with arts, entertainment, and music clients on top of the rest.


A software development company with primary experience in working with eCommerce and financial services businesses, AccelOne offers a team of dedicated, senior-level designers, developers, with a strong focus on project management to ensure that clients get not only what they want, but they get the apps they want in a timely fashion and in-budget.

Revinfotech Inc

A full web and mobile software design and development team working out of both India and the US, this team has worked across industries, with financial applications, health care, and others with very specialized needs. Their experience includes creating apps using data science, blockchain, business automation and they also offer the ability to create a range of custom business automation solutions.

Attract Group

With a development office in Ukraine and sales representatives across the world, including in Las Vegas, Nevada, this group has plenty of experience in working with international clients with many needs. Bringing together experienced developers, designers, programmers, QA teams, and SEO specialists, they are able to help design and deploy custom-built solutions from the beginning to the end.


A mobile app and custom software development team comprised of highly experienced engineers with specific knowledge of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Adoriasoft also works with big data, AI, and data security, having completed projects for clients in fintech, health tech, insurance, retail,, logistics, real estate, and more. With over four years of experience, they have satisfied clients with a wide range of bespoke solutions addressing their specific problems.


A team based in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a range of services, including web, software, and mobile apps with a priority towards innovative and engaging mobile solutions. This team of world-class mobile app designers and developers works with the client to strategize and design stunning apps with agile development, right up until the point of helping with the launch marketing.


A backend technology partner that specializes in helping businesses in the development of mobile apps, as well as a desktop and web-based solutions. They have over two decades of experience in helping startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies, working from both the United States and the Netherlands to offer bespoke solutions to a range of problems and needs.

Endive Software

A leading software development team that provides a range of software and mobile app development services to a range of international clients across all manner of industries. They aim to provide the best results based on the individual needs and aims of the clients. Aside from developing the apps, they help the clients cut costs and maximize launch impact as well.

Varjaf Partners

With experience in working in eCommerce, business services, and a wide range of other industries in the small business to the mid-market range, this team provides mobile app development alongside other software solutions. This includes creating both native and hybrid apps for all platforms. Their motto is “handcrafting digital products to engineer growth.”

Topflight Apps

A US-based team of designers, developers, and ex-founders that bring a combination of business insight and expert knowledge. With experience in all manner of fields including UI/UX design, native, hybrid, and responsive mobile app development, machine learning, and more, they work with all manner of clients, with an extensive history in working with health care and eCommerce businesses.

Indeema Software

A software development company with a specialization in the development of mobile apps that offers full-cycle software design and development services, from the research necessary at the beginning right up until the launch of the solution on the app store. With a team of highly talented mobile developers, their aim is to provide top-quality and cost-effective solutions.


Founded in 2007, this team, of under 50, led by experienced IT business professionals, works as a vendor and partner, designing, launching, and maintaining a range of mobile and web applications in both the US and in Europe. They offer experience in working with a wide range of clients across industries.


A Las Vegas-based web design and developer with mobile app design capabilities, including specializations in blockchain, IoT, AI, and Big Data technologies. Having worked with several Fortune 500 enterprises as well as small clients, they have over 50 million active users on all of their apps. Aside from top-quality app design, they aim at cutting the costs of development for the client by up to 50%


A mobile app development team that works with a range of small to medium-sized businesses, helping them launch their apps on time and under budget.. Their focus on rapid implementation can help clients quickly serve solutions on iOS, Android, and HTML 5. Aside from being functional and efficient, they also aim to create apps that are revenue generating.

Induji Tech

A Washoe, Nevada-based software development company that is renowned for its reliability and top-tier design. Having met the needs of business clients or a diverse variety since 2009, they have used technical expertise to meet unique challenges with customized solutions that are designed to have a reasonable development. All app development services come with IP protection and around-the-clock support.


A custom software development company with a secondary focus on mobile app development, Bitibe is a team that works with entrepreneurs, community leaders, and executives with particular experience in working with information technology, business service, and education clients. Working with primarily small business clients, they are also open to working with all manner of Fortune 500s, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Sonatafy Technology

A web development team that also offers top-tier mobile app development services, this elite software, QA, and maintenance team primarily has experience in working with IT, medical, and business service clients. However, their experience with clients of all sizes, from small business to midmarket to enterprise means they have experience in meeting a very diverse range of needs.


A digital technology service provider that consults companies and guides them through every step of their app and mobile development services with an aim towards “trigger imagination.” From their Las Vegas offices, they use research-based design processes that find the balance between form and function in the finalized product.

ID Web Desing & Development

A full-service web marketing company with mobile app development services alongside SEO and social media marketing. Aside from designing and building apps, this team is equipped to help market them for a successful launch, and has plenty of experience in working with small businesses, especially in the eCommerce, advertising and marketing, and business services industries.


A Reno-based web design and development firm that offers plenty of experience in mobile app development. With a dedication to creating business efficiencies, they aim to make the most streamlined and convenient solutions to any needs and have plenty of experience in helping businesses that are new to the world of app development navigate the process of design from start to finish.

Mutations Limited

This custom software development team works with a wide range of customers, aiming to solve problems and help businesses grow sustainably with the best apps designed to meet their unique needs and challenges. This team has worked with organizations of different sizes, helping businesses understand their users and suggesting the solutions that helps them reach them.


A custom software and mobiel app development team that started up in Ahmedabad, India but has expanded to offices including Las Vegas, Nevada, they bring over 15 years in custom software and web application development, with experience in working with Microsoft technologies (ASP.Net. MVC, .Net Core), BizTalk, MS Dynamics CRM, Python, JAVA, and Mobile Applications (Hybrid & Native).


An innovative mobile app development team that also offers custom software development and web design services. They work with a wide range of clients, including IT, business services, eCommerce, advertising and marketing, and more. They work via an exclusive process that combines polished design with business insights and forward-thinking technology to engage the target market of the business and generate real revenue.