10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nanjing

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nanjing
15Sep, 2021

Look over our list of top mobile application design companies in China if you want to find one of the best and most cost-effective IT products in the world. China has always offered nothing but cutting-edge technology and revolutionary ideas, so there is nothing the Chinese IT industry cannot offer.

Known as the home of the most innovative electronic movement, Chinese developers have rolled out some of the best apps on the market, which are also hardware compromised to offer the best user experience. While being confused, one must be wise and consider the best-suited team for their app project.

In the following list of Mobile App Design Companies in China, you will find detailed information about each company that will hopefully help you when you come to choose who to work with.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offers custom technology solutions to businesses worldwide. The company is based in the US. With our team of 500 experienced app designer and software developers and our expertise in web and Mobile App Design, Exemplary Marketing delivers enterprise-grade solutions with technical expertise and domain knowledge.

In order to ensure full availability during your business hours, we work throughout your time zone so that real-time collaboration can take place and a branch office feel can be achieved. We offer exceptional application development solutions through our division of software developers with domain experience and knowledge within the industry.

EGO Creative Innovations

With EGO Creative Innovations, SME’s trust hybrid & native app developers across health tech, education, automotive, financial, and insurance tech. We have built full-cycle apps since 2005, from UI/UX design & prototyping to DevOps. Get 8x more affordable 3D UI & micro animations for engaging designs with EGO’s 360° delivery transparency and 16 special-price packages.

Plaxonic Technologies Invent

Future-proofing, idea generation, fostering corporate challenges, and creating the impossible is what we do. Inventing and innovating advanced technologies is Plaxonic Technologies’ mission, and it aims to keep innovating to create more. It is a company with some of the most intellectual minds at work. Our IT & BPO solutions suit the needs of our clients and are designed to meet those expectations.

INCN Technology

An international IT expert building modern, progressive implementations with a sound business strategy, latest trend technologies to build your business platform like eCommerce, eCommerce Portfolios, Mobile APPs for iOS and Android, Digital Marketing, Branding, Advance Learning, Desktop Softwares (if necessary). In addition, we specialize in all BlockChain and AI dataset-related work, with teams in China, India, and other countries.


An Indian and Chinese firm, AxiusSoftware develops software and provides digital consulting services around the world. In order to add value to customers’ businesses, enhance Customer Experience, and gain a competitive advantage, we partner with them globally. AxiusSoftware provides its customers with solutions, services, and consultancy, according to their needs, expectations, and within the time frame, they prefer.

Sadja WebSolutions

We are a digital agency that creates custom websites, Mobile App Design, and digital marketing campaigns for growing brands online. By designing, developing, and marketing websites, we help businesses all over the world increase their online presence and ROI.

Connected Lab

With Connected Lab, you can enjoy seamless experiences across multiple platforms, including mobile, web, smart TV, and virtual reality, and augmented reality. We use a highly innovative approach to software development based on Extreme Programming and Design Thinking, also known as the ‘Connected Method.’ Our team has built some of the most widely used software: Uber, BBM, Twitter, and CIBC Mobile Banking, just to name a few. Our era of ‘connected’ projects started in 2012 with apps for Smart TVs and Smart Cars like those described above. A growing number of these projects began to fill the pipeline.


We have been developing awesome Microsoft solutions using SharePoint, .NET, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Team Foundation Server for over 25 years.

There are three things we focus on:

  1. Making sure your app works
  2. Staying on top of things
  3. Maintaining your app once it’s in production

Appnovation Technologies

Innovative and creative open technology solutions are delivered by Appnovation Technologies, a global IT services company. Among Appnovation’s proven technologies are Drupal, MuleSoft, Alfresco, HTML5, MongoDB, Hadoop, and other open technology platforms.

Known for creating robust, feature-rich web and mobile applications, Application Innovation’s content management, integration, Big Data, and business analytics solutions are among the most robust and complex available on the market today. In its 20 year history, Appnovation has won more than 20 awards for innovation and company success.


Founded in Shanghai, the company builds award-winning industry-leading web pages for a wide range of companies dealing with B2B & B2C and needs an international as well as China web presence.

Our dedicated account managers will work in your time zone to help you create stunning custom-designed websites to complete identity packages off and online. A free warranty, a fast, reliable, and effective web presence are all included with this package. Visit our site for our work if you want to know more about what we do.

The Benefits Of Using The Right Mobile App Design Company

As business tools, mobile devices have moved beyond just a means of communication in the past few years. As smartphones and other mobile devices advance at lightning speeds each day, people become addicted to them. comScore, the media marketing, and analytics giant studied the time Americans spend on their smartphones last year.

On average, Americans use these devices for three hours a day. In this case, a month adds up to half of their full-time working hours. That’s a conservative estimate from a few recent studies.

The importance of mobile app development in business is evident. The business has changed with mobile applications. The use of these apps allows customers to get business information quickly and remain connected and current with their favorite brands at the same time. Apps are key tools for marketing for these businesses, as they help them expand their reach and deliver relevant exposure to their brands.

Mobile app sales could reach $100 billion by 2020, according to some estimates. Business leaders have embraced this technology, so they can better engage their customers as well as gain more valuable insight into their users.

All businesses, startups and established alike rely on mobile apps. Its benefits are impossible to ignore as a business owner. App development by app developers has numerous benefits for businesses; listed below are a few of them;

  1. Strengthen customer engagement
  2. Increase accessibility
  3. Provide value for customers
  4. Transforming the retail experience
  5. Build brand awareness and recognition
  6. Stand out from the competition
  7. Cultivate customer loyalty
  8. Unique services and payment