10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nanchong

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nanchong
16Sep, 2021

Mobile app design is a service that is increasing in demand. It’s not hard to see why either because good design can mean the difference between success and failure.

Indeed, because the way that your mobile app design impacts the experience of the people using it, if you get it wrong, no one will download or put your app to good use. Of course, this is bad news indeed, if you are looking to monetize your app, or use it as a way to engage customers, and grow your client base.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can ensure your app is designed perfectly for the people you intend to use it. It is, of course, to find a specialist in Mobile App Design to help you make your concept a reality. The good news is that there are many experienced and well-regarded mobile app design specialists working out of China to choose from. Read on to find out more about the top 10.


Leading the field in software development and mobile app design solutions, Exemplary Marketing, operating out of Nanchong, China takes the number one spot. Exemplary Marketing offers a range of services that help new business and industry stalwarts alike add value to their business.

Well known for working with all sizes of companies from Fortune 500 Powerhouses to agile startups, Exemplary Marketing offers a client-focused approach that always gets the job done.


Founded in 2011, IT CONSULTIS also known as ITC operates out of Shanghai, China, with an additional site in Singapore. IT CONSULTIS offers a range of tech consultancy services including CRM, custom software, and of course, web development and mobile app design.

Working with high profile global brands such as the Swiss watchmaker Swatch, American retail giant The Gap, and worldwide sportswear brand Decathlon, IT CONSULTIS employs almost 100 workers.

Clients report one of IT CONSULTIS’ biggest strengths is that they provide excellent customer service, both during the project and after.

IT CONSULTIS are also praised for their talent with UX, specifically adapting the digital experience for the companies they work with to the regional audiences they are looking to attract.


A smaller operation than IT CONSULTIS, JUSTPRO also operating out of Shanghai China is a mobile app design specialist that deserves mention here. In business since 1995 JUSTPRO offers a range of services including web development, custom software development, ERP and SI consulting, as well as mobile app design.

Working with global big hitters such as consumer electricals giants Molex, and vehicle specialists Hitachi Automotive, JUSTPRO are often praised for the value their work offers to the companies they partner with.

Clients also report a high level of enthusiasm when working with JUSTPRO, and commend their ability to communicate effectively.


Working out of Nanjing Shi, China ARCHERMIND TECH offers a large team providing support in areas such as IoT development, web development, custom software, and mobile app design.

Founded in 2006, ARCHERMIND TECH works with a parade of impressive partners such as Intel, The Alibaba Group, and Huawei.

With a particular interest in intelligent tech and AI such as voice, vision, and natural language solutions, customers work with ARCHERMIND TECH when they are looking to upgrade their capabilities and the features they offer their clients.


Another software specialist working out of Shanghai China, SHANGHAI HUATEK SOFTWARE ENGINEERING CO is one of the biggest players in the market.

Founded way back in 1993, SHANGHAI HUATEK SOFTWARE ENGINEERING CO has a long record of offering SI, product, and UX/UI design, as well as cloud consulting and mobile app design to their many customers.


OBJECTIVA was established in 2001, and since then they have been wowing the industry with their e-commerce development solutions. Focusing particularly on tasks such as custom software development, non-non-voice bpo/back-office services, and mobile app development and design, OBJECTIVA are renowned for their extensive technical expertise and experience. Clients report fast turnaround times on projects, teams working together to offer the best service.

POSSIBLE, Shanghai

POSSIBLE is another mobile app design specialist working out of Shanghai, China. Established in 2011, all things truly are possible as they offer services covering content marketing, social media marketing, digital strategy, and app design and development, as well as web design.

POSSIBLE doesn’t just have a presence in China either as they boast offices all over the world including the UK, Brazil, Germany, and Russia as well as a significant presence in the US with bases in Atlanta, Denver, LA, and New York, to name but a few!

POSSIBLE has an impressive client list too with fashion giants Adidas, drinks moguls Coca-Cola as past or current partners. POSSIBLE is known in particular for its work in developing consumer-facing mobile apps, on both the Android and IOS platforms. Winning awards and gaining millions of downloads in this area.


ZBJ NETWORK is one of the most well-established mobile app developers referred to in this top 10. Founded in 2006, they operate an extensive team of experts offering services including graphic, and UI/UX design, as well as software and mobile app design.


If you are looking for a company specializing in custom software development in China, then MDT INFOTECH based in Beijing is a great choice. Established in 2003 MDT INFOTECH has plenty of experience in application testing, mobile app design, and software development, which puts them in an excellent position to help your business get a product that will add value to tour day-to-day operations.


The last entry in this top 10 is WAVYOS TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED, working out of Shanghai China. Primarily a web design specialist, WAVYOS TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED offers a wide range of services including e-commerce and mobile app design and development.

WAVYOS TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED also specializes in IoT development which makes them a great choice for any business looking to include Smart integration into their products and services.