20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Montreal

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Montreal
27Jul, 2021

Are you looking for the best mobile app design companies in Montreal? If so, you’re in luck. In this post, we run through the top 20 agencies you should be using for your business.

Exemplary Marketing

Coming in at the top of the list for best mobile app design companies in Montreal is established player Exemplary Marketing. This outfit has been providing client firms with quality app design for many years and has, in that period, built up an impressive portfolio. It is listed on multiple review sites as being one of the best firms available for mobile app development, and recently won a 2021 DotCom Magazine award for Impact Company of the Year.

Orizon Design

Coming in at number two on the list is Orizon Design – another top-performing agency in the Montreal area. This company only launched in 2017, but since then it has had a massive impact in a competitive marketplace. The company has a small team and specializes in creating the best possible UX/UI for its clients’ app users.


Trafix is a best mobile app design agency in Montreal that builds apps that its clients love. In their words, they do the “whole enchilada” helping up and coming brands rise above the competition. Their values drive their work, and part of that is helping companies achieve maximum value at the lowest possible cost.


Propulsoft has been around for more than 10 years and has a mission to make the shift to digital more effective via their technological innovation. Their vision is to become the benchmark partner for any company working towards digital transformation. The outfit offers mobile app development for iOS and Android using a single codebase.


Webisoft is another Montreal-based mobile app developer. It focuses on using the latest technology to create beautiful, bespoke and responsible websites. Their collaborative working model allows clients to actively participate in design implementations, so brands often have the final say on the features that they want before they go ahead.

Appnovation Technologies

Appnovation Technologies believes that the best way to get businesses to switch to digital is to inspire them. That’s why the technology platform is focusing so intently on positive transformations, digital innovation and end-to-end services. It’s worked with some big brands, including Quitter’s Circle, Yeti, and Mattel.

One Vision Technology

One Vision Technology got its start in 2017. Since then, the company has grown to a team of more than 10 employees. It offers a range of services beside app development, including SEO, web design, social media marketing and SEO. It integrates these services into its app development services, supercharging their success.


Mirego was founded in 2007 by a team originally from Copernic with a vision to create an incredible workplace and a better world. Thanks to its early success, the company now employs more than 125 strategists, developers and designers who create beautiful, meaningful apps for the outfit. The firm’s goal is to enable brands to make an impact. It does not hire freelancers or any outside teams. It hosts all the expertise that it needs in-house.

Noesis Digital

Noesis Digital believes that its app development services can help its clients accelerate their journey to success. It believes that digital technologies are an essential part of any business and that companies need partners who can adapt and evolve alongside new technologies rapidly.

Noesis Digital focuses on using the latest mobile-connected technologies and the web. It integrates mobile devices, wireless communication, artificial intelligence and cloud systems into a seamless whole. It can even assist clients exploring the benefits of the internet of things.


Blobstation is another developer that believes in the power of building software for the purposes of digital transformation. It is a part of this list because of the quality of its application development.

Blobstation offers its experienced team to help businesses scale up their digital footprint. Instead of getting companies to continually purchase its services, it builds their in-house capacities. After working with Blobstation, companies can upgrade their mobile app design, enhance features, and make it so that staff can actually work on them.


Osedea is a computer software company that has a team of more than 40 employees. It’s main selling point is the fact that it offers custom mobile apps combined with AI technology. Typically, it sells to mid-market companies, though the outfit will sometimes take on enterprise-scale projects.

What makes the company unique? Essentially, Osedea focuses on solutions that help companies scale. It is interested in creating apps that allow firms to generate higher revenues at lower costs. It does this through a combination of professional coding plus enhancing the user experience. It believes that with quality services, it can reduce the dropout rate.

6thSolution Technologies

When five solutions aren’t enough, 6thSolution Technologies comes to the rescue. This app development agency brands itself as a consultancy. It aims to get to the bottom of its clients’ app development woes and provide them with solutions that will genuinely work for their target markets.

It offers native iOS and Android development, plus companion web app development for companies that need it. On 6thSolution Technologies’ website, you’ll find numerous examples of how the company has helped its clients develop beautiful apps that work flawlessly. High profile clients include the likes of Plural, Weather Wiz and Rekab.

MG2 Media Inc.

MG2 Media is a well-established app development company in Montreal that got its start all the way back in 2008. The company mainly focuses on providing its clients with turnkey solutions that they can begin implementing from day one.

Interestingly, it also provides clients with strategic analysis. This consultancy work allows them to figure out whether the apps they want to develop will perform in the marketplace or not. On many occasions, MG2 Media will actually recommend that brands use their marketing dollars for other projects, such as SEO.


Spiria is a large company that began offering IT services all the way back in 2003. Over the years, the brand expanded its product offering to the point now where it offers literally dozens of digital services.

The goal of the company’s mobile application development is to help clients build stronger and more memorable connections with their users. Better mobile experiences enhance user engagement, streamline processes and build brand loyalty.

After it finishes developing apps for customers, it offers extensive support. This includes things like service backup, troubleshooting and big fixes, monitoring, maintenance and software improvements.

Vellgus Inc.

Vellgus Inc. is a mobile app design company dedicated to providing niche solutions for startups. It uses a wide variety of technologies, including cloud services and AI, to generate the best possible solutions for its clients.

The firm serves companies of all sizes. It says that clients should choose it because it offers a customized and innovative approach to each project, from design until launch. It works closely with customers to deliver revolutionary and highly competitive digital solutions, giving its partners a head start on the competition.


Plank began back in 1998 and specializes in providing websites and applications for clients in the sports, higher education, non-profit and culture segments. Over its 22-year history, it has stayed true to its core values – a set of principles that drives the company forwards.

The firm believes in conducting “work that matters.” It carefully chooses its partnerships before embarking on any new app development project. It also believes in accountability. Because of its ethics, it will not team up with firms that it believes are causing harm.

Sidekick Interactive

Sidekick Interactive’s team is heavily involved with projects throughout the entire process. The brand, founded more than ten years ago, begins by defining what companies want from their projects before going into the design and development stages. It also believes in evolving existing properties so that they are always up to date for businesses and users.

Sidekick Interactive says that it learns from its clients. Each project is unique and requires constant refinement and innovation to bring it to its full potential.

Guarana Technologies

Founded in 2011, Guarana Technologies is a large mobile app developer based in Toronto that also has an office presence in Montreal. The outfit recently helped a struggling fitness startup create an app for travellers on the go. The company managed to achieve more than 100 downloads per week, despite the fact that it wasn’t yet marketing.

Brossard App Design

Brossard App Design is a small agency of around 18 employees that packs a big punch. Founded in 2013, it has attracted some enormous clients, including Coca Cola and Gold’s Gym. It’s been successful because of its relentless focus on AR/VR and integrating these new technologies into the mobile app scene.

App & Flow Development

Finally, the last entry on our list is App & Flow Development. This small two-person outfit offers highly specialized mobile app development solutions for companies looking for something a little different. It aims to give startups a solid foundation by offering affordable prices and a money-back guarantee which some clients will find appealing.