25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Montana

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Montana
24Apr, 2021

The first mobile app thought to have been available was Snake in 1997. Since then, the use of mobile apps has increased exponentially. Right now, there are apps available on the market for many different industries, designed for a wide variety of reasons. Mobile app users can choose from over 2 million apps in the Apple store or over 1.6 million apps on Google Play.

A mobile app allows the user to bypass logging into and then searching for companies and brands via a traditional browser. In many cases, the app can perform more functions and allow for a more enhanced user experience than its mobile webpage.

Creating an app for the current market can be tricky. You need to consider a wide range of functionality features to enhance the user experience and allow for a seamless and responsive app that does everything the user wants and expects it to. Mobile app users demand perfection instantly and no longer accept mediocre apps full of bugs and glitches frequently.

To be competitive, your app needs to get it right as soon as it is released to the general public to secure as many downloads as possible and meet demands.

The most common apps to download right now are banking, shopping, gaming, and streaming services.

What Is a Mobile App Design Company?

If you are in the market for a mobile app design company in Montana, you want to choose a company that best needs your philosophy and can work with you to create the best app for your brand based on your unique qualities and characteristics.

The best mobile app design companies in Montana will understand the market and be familiar with the characteristics of a good mobile and what is involved in meeting the demands of a well-made, functional app but aesthetically pleasing, offering a high-quality user experience.

The difference between a mobile app designer and a developer is that a mobile app designer will make your app look good while working well.

Identifying Characteristics of a Good Mobile App Design

  1. Your app needs to have a unique design backed up with your branding and easily identifiable with your company. High-quality graphics and animations will help your app to stand out from the crowd in the app store.
  2. The user experience is your main priority when designing a good mobile app. If consumers find your app hard to use or slow to respond to, they will uninstall it immediately. Keep it clear and fuss-free, and easy to navigate. Think intuitively over complicated.
  3. Avoid clashing colors, hard to read font, anything that is too fussy and detracts from the functionality should be avoided. Use your branding and colors in a more subtle, less obvious way to better impact loud and brash designs.
  4. Apps designed specifically for the platform they will be used on will create a better user experience as the app will consider the different qualities of the operating system and behave accordingly. A good mobile app design will avoid copying features and icons from other platforms and design a more native UI.
  5. Constant evaluation and improvements are recommended once the app hits the market. This allows you to consider consumer feedback and behavior within the app to add new features and continually improve. The ability to respond to changes in the market and behavioral trends is vital for a good app, and this is something you should be working on.

One main thing to keep in mind when choosing the best mobile app design company in Montana is to choose a company that can see your vision and works alongside you to develop the right app for you, not the type of app they think you should design. Ensure your values align to allow for a more productive working relationship to bring your app to life.

25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Montana

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing designs native apps for both iOS and Android using the waterfall method to create fluid, responsive apps that are functional and look good too. Exemplary Marketing is a leader in its field and experts in mobile app design and development.

SkyPoint Studios

SkyPoint Studios offers a fully comprehensive service encompassing graphic design, mobile app design and development, SEO, and much more. Based in Montana, serving Montana with many years of experience helping businesses make their mark online.

Triple Tree Software

A web design company based in Bozeman, Triple Tree Software can help you get your business visible with a range of web solutions ideal for businesses of any size.

Socially Speaking Web Design

An energetic and creative social design company that is experts in web design, UI/UX, social media management, and more. Let Socially Speaking Web Design do the heavy lifting while you do what you do best.


A digital agency that is proficient in aspects of UI/UX and provides modern solutions with modern aesthetics to your online needs.

Authentic Imaging LLC

Authentic Imaging, LLC are experts at assisting small businesses and larger setups with many years of experience.


A full-service software solutions company, HX can help you create the perfect mobile app design for your company and build on your online presence.

Tempest Technologies

Tempest Technologies have been helping their clients do what they do on business since 1999. Based in Helena, Tempest Technologies can offer you a wide range of web-based solutions for your needs.

AXIOM Solutions, INC

With a combined experience of over 160 years, AXIOM Solutions, INC can offer you solutions that can transform your business and allow you to increase productivity and efficiency by meeting your software needs.

Point Six Solutions

A small team based in Missoula, Point Six Solutions, is focused on solving your software design needs and other areas of digital marketing.


webFocal Incorporatedwho is experienced in all that they do. Providing software solutions for businesses, including mobile app design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Zee Creative

With over two decades of web design, Zee Creative is a leading design company in Montana with a background across different sectors to bring you the best in creating design solutions.

Barton Consulting

Founded in 2007, Barton Consulting has expertise in UI/UX design, web design, web development, and more.


Brandhoot will work alongside you to bring your app to life and offer a range of additional services alongside mobile app design, including mobile app development, platform development, web design, and much more.


INLOOPX was founded in 2012, and their team of experienced professionals has deep knowledge and expertise in areas including but not limited to mobile app design, UI/UX design, VR app development, and more.

eTeam INC

eTeam INC has been building software since 2009 and has a list of companies who have seen the benefit of their expertise over the years. Choose eTeam INC for all your UI/UE design needs along with DevOps and cloud services, mobile app development, and web design.

Wve Labs

Wve Labs are well-versed in mobile app development and UI/UX design, along with web design and web development.


Founded in 2016, WEB&APP is a leading web and mobile app development company with expertise backed by their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Adventure Web Interactive

Adventure Web Interactive has the drive and creativity to help you bring your web needs to life in a professional yet personalized way that can help your company succeed in all areas of your web needs.

Fresh Consulting

Allow Fresh Consulting to masterfully navigate the complex needs of multiple platforms and channels to allow your company to grow online. Services including branding, custom software development, UI/UX design, and other services.


A software and technology software services provider who has experience helping businesses across a wide range of industries allows them to adapt their skills to help you meet your online needs, including mobile app design.

WebTree LLC

WebTree LLC is a small web design and UI/UX firm based in Missoula that are experienced in helping local and national companies meet their web and app design needs.

RDI Studio

RDI Studio is a Montana based business providing novelty design and creative services solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Affari Project

Affari Co is a leader in the creative and marketing world based in Missoula. They focus on bringing the very latest in technologies to their clients for all their service requirements.


Trust the experience the QWebDesign brings to the table with their tailored web design services and social media skills that can help you organize your content marketing and discover your brand voice.


With UX/UI product managers and engineering specialists on board, Ventive knows the importance of getting the job done right, first time and this is something small businesses can depend on.

Zenware INC

Whatever your software needs, this innovative company has you covered. From mobile applications for both iOS and Android along with iPad applications and web development and hosting, the service is customizable to your needs.