20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Melbourne

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Melbourne
17Aug, 2021

Developing a mobile app for your business is a huge step forward, and a worthwhile investment to make. Mobile apps are easy to use, convenient, and are booming in all industries, not to mention are used by 90% of those who have a smartphone device, which means there is no better time than now to create one for your business. Mobile apps allow you to build your Return on Investment (ROI) beyond your goods and services and in a way that is strong with demand.

Mobile apps can benefit your business in multiple ways, by providing a direct channel of communication for your loyal customers, significantly increase customer engagement, offer new and existing customers more opportunities, enable you to keep up with the demands of your customers, view more insights into their behaviours and get ahead of your competition. An app will also increase your brand awareness, strengthen your brand and accelerate your business growth.

Mobile apps are simple to use and convenient for business users and customers alike, and are crucial if you want to reach your customers in a way that works for them, and meets the demands of your customer base. There are many different types of apps that can be developed, depending on your business, goals, and industry, for example, a loyalty scheme, games and entertainment, customer service, and product/service management.

From initial planning to the design and build, creating your own mobile app is no easy task. There are many parties and specialists involved in the process if you want it to function well, be responsive and drive engagement, which is why it is vital that you hire the Best Mobile App Design company that you can trust, right from the outset. A mobile app is a large investment, and the right developer will work closely with you to make your business stand out.

Mobile app development companies will be able to work with you right from the start and use their specialist’s skills to bring your dream app to life. Below are the top 20 mobile app development companies in Melbourne, to help you find the mobile app development company for your new business venture and sky rocket your business.

Exemplary marketing

Exemplary Marketing offers a world-class mobile app development service in the heart of Melbourne. Known for their attractive and innovative designs, they work with you on your project from start to finish, to design and build a stunning, responsive, and engaging app compatible with Android and IOS.

Launchpad App Development

Launchpad App Developers have a unique approach to development, and work closely with revolutionary or disruptive startup brands, to help them unlock their full potential through digital products.

Wave Digital

Wave Digital, founded in 2000, is a well-established web and mobile app developer who works with startups, Government, and Businesses across all industries. With their flawless designs, they create mobile apps that are custom to the business, efficient, and built with reliable technology.


Appetiser builds and grows world-class mobile apps to suit the needs of your business and customers. They pride themselves on their expertise, professionalism and their award from the AFR Fast Starters in the Australian Financial Review 2020.


DreamWalk loves a good challenge and has developed more #1 chart-topper apps than anyone else. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge and create apps that drive engagement and entertainment users all around the world.


Applify is an award-winning company with a well-experienced team of developers and in-house specialists to help bring your mobile app to life. Applify provides you with a dedicated account manager who will report and track the progress of your app, take full responsibility for the process, work with you to enhance the app and build reliable, innovative mobile app solutions for businesses and startups.

Indianic Infotech Limited

With over 34 years of experience, Indianic Infotech Limited operates with a design-focused approach that has always delivered 100% project delivery success. They pride themselves on housing the best programmers, designers and project managers, while still delivering successful solutions at an affordable cost.

Elegant Media

Elegant Media was founded in 2011 and specialises in developing top-performing mobile apps for small businesses in a range of industries around the world. Not only will they work on the design and execution of a mobile app, but will also help your business with marketing and launching your creation too.


Appomate works with large businesses to understand and refine their ideas, to push them forward to create meaningful mobile app solutions. Having previously worked with known brands such as Adidas and Loreal scale their developments, they know how to create an impact and accelerate your business.


Fingent delivers next-generation mobile app developments that only uses cutting-edge technology, to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. All mobile apps are developed with your business in mind, enhancing efficiency and business agility.

Zuse Digital

Founded in 2014, Zuse Digital is a mobile and web app development company that works with small and midmarket businesses in Melbourne. They help bring an idea to life with beautiful design and responsive applications.

Techne R & D Holdings Ltd

Techne R & D Holding Ltd was founded in 2017 and has offices all around the world. Their team is made up of UX, UI designers and developers, who work with eCommerce companies, startups and professional services to produce an idea, design it and develop it.


Butterfly is a digital agency that works closely with the business to help develop tools and systems that will create an impact. They have won multiple industry awards for their innovative mobile apps that work across all devices and technology platforms. Butterfly has their own unique project mapping process as well as an experienced user engagement to drive the projects forward, as well as offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Techie Pixel

Techie Pixel was founded in 2019 and will help you take your new idea to market, or help you to create a solution from scratch. Techie Pixel is on hand to take your mobile app venture from design to development, launch and beyond. All of their mobile apps are created with your business in mind, as well as a responsive design, optimisation and guarantee value for money.

The Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy partners with small, midmarket or enterprise businesses to take the idea and turn it into a beautifully designed, scalable mobile app solution. Founded in 1998, they build excellent strategies and applications. The Digital Embassy works with businesses that are based in the financial services, manufacturing or Government industries.

Enterprise Monkey

Enterprise Monkey specialises in developing smart apps for business in Melbourne and Geelong. Whether it is an app to streamline services, manage employees, provide entertainment or support the production of goods and services, their mobile app developments are laser-focused on creating a solution for your business that will drive customer engagement, optimise business processes and facilitate business growth.


Applickable is a small company that was founded in 2013, that delivers high quality, professional and expert mobile app solutions for a range of industries in Melbourne. Their mobile apps are completely customisable to suit your business and customer requirements while injecting their expertise about the best infrastructure, user experience and performance required to make it a top of the market product.

Grey Teak Technologies

Grey Teak Technologies is an innovative and trusted software company that has extensive experience in delivering successful mobile app solutions across the globe that exceed expectations. Grey Teak Technologies always ensures that every solution is customised to meet the target market and demands of your customers while helping your business unlock its true potential by creating apps that not only increase engagement with your existing customers but also drive new customers and productivity.

Outware Mobile

Founded in 2009, Outware Mobile specialises in mobile app development that will meet the needs of your business and users, with exceptional value and ROI. With Outware Media, you can expect safe, secure and high-quality solutions to extend your client base while keeping your existing customers happy and loyal.


Delivering solutions for some of the world’s biggest platforms, Webview creates bespoke mobile apps that are built with your business and customers at the heart. With their highly technical and experienced team of developers, they regularly tackle projects of all sizes, from eCommerce developments to professional and functional entertainment applications, Webview is able to develop the best solutions to grow your business.

A mobile app developer is not just a third party, but a partner in what will be a long and complex journey, so it is important to find the right company to work with. A mobile app is no small investment, so ensure that there are always progress reports, clear communication and execution, as you work together to create a plan, design, build, market and launch the most impactful mobile app solution on the market.