20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Meghalaya

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Meghalaya
25May, 2021

If you’re looking for the best mobile app design companies in Meghalaya, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our top twenty below.

Exemplary Marketing

Coming in at number one in our list is Meghalaya-based Exemplary Marketing, one of the most impressive app design companies in the region. This outfit is famous for its attention to detail, bespoke app development services, and ability to cater to practically any niche. The brand has more than 10 years experience in mobile app design and development. And it’s completed a whopping 3200 projects in that time frame, achieving more than 40 million apps download across both Apple and Play Stores. It currently has more than 250 dedicated in-house developers, making it one of the most prolific app design companies in the state.


Microtelesoft is one of the leading software development companies in Meghalaya and offers a massive range of services to its clients. It’s name and logo look like mashed-up versions of Microsoft’s – and for good reason. Microtelesoft grew up in the era when Windows was virtually the only operating system around.The company says that customer satisfaction is its main purpose and that it focuses primarily on building compelling mobile apps for ecommerce stores. Notably, it charges low prices, making it a budget-friendly brand.


Likewise, Encoders also markets itself as an affordable brand, claiming to be at least 50 percent cheaper than the competition. It’s able to do this because of how efficiently its coders work. Its team has many years of combined experience working on a variety of apps. And it now has platforms that enable it to generate business-specific solutions in a fraction of the time.

Encoders promises to become a “development partner,” offering continued support to clients after apps go live. Free bug resolution post delivery are all part of standard service, giving clients peace of mind.

CudoWeb Technology

CudoWeb Technology is a successful Meghalaya-based mobile app design agency with more than 2,300 clients and over ten years of service. It credits its success to its data-driven approach and knowledge gleaned from its previous experience in digital marketing. The results, it says, can be game-changing for its clients.

Besides mobile app development, the company offers a host of additional services including website design, landing page design, ecommerce website setup, custom software solutions, logo design and even flyer design.


Techz got its start in 2017 and was set up to provide technical solutions for educational institutions and other organizations. However, it’s since grown into much more than that, filling multiple niches across sectors.The company’s vision is to create “real solutions” for its customers. So when it designs a mobile app, it does it in a way that helps to maximize their chances of success.

In Town Solutions

In Town Solutions comprises a group of enterprising entrepreneurs based in Shillong, Meghalaya. Their goal is nothing less than to bring about an IT revolution in their part of the world. And they believe that they have the experience and knowledge to do it.

So far, they’ve built apps for retailers, security companies, shopping malls and even schools. They aim to make clients’ businesses more efficient and say that “little is beyond their reach.”

North East Web Designer

North East Web Designer is a team of freelance web developers and SEO services providers who also happen to do mobile app development. They see themselves as a group of thinkers and doers with a track record of innovative results. They help brands reach and engage their target audiences in the Meghalaya area.


Webghar is one of Meghalaya’s leading web app development companies with a substantial presence in many other parts of India. The agency is an offshore outsourcing firm for brands all over the world, helping them to develop responsive apps that enable them to better connect with their customers. The firm employs best practices from around the globe to provide best-in-class solutions to its high-profile clients.

Gen X Infotech

Gen X Infotech got its start all the way back in 2011. Since then, it’s been developing its expertise, creating stunning ecommerce solutions for companies large and small. Its designers use the latest technologies to create secure, and responsive web apps that meet the needs of its clients. It offers a team of well-trained and experienced staff able to manage practically any project efficiently.


Shillongtitude was founded in 2014 as a web design, system administration and server maintenance outfit. However, since then, it has expanded its range of services considerably to encompass a host of other activities, including mobile app development.

The firm’s values are quality, consistency and transparency. And it’s vision is to break technological clichés and deliver its clients unconventional, yet affordable solutions. The brand says that it can help firms fine-tune their current apps and create brand new ones from the ground up.

MadhuG Technologies

MadhuG began with a mission to help brands get to the number one position on Google. However, since then, it has expanded its mission. And now it creates mobile apps too.

MadhuG says that its vision is to help businesses grow at the lowest possible cost using proactive digital solutions. Its mission is to build quality relationships with clients by meeting their goals. It keeps this in mind whenever it builds or develops websites. Ultimately, MadhuG sees itself as a partner to the brands it works with.

QuickXpert iT Sols

QuickXpert iT Sols believes that app development has become an integral part of every project since most consumers now use apps. It operates across a range of technologies and platforms, including Android, iOS, hybrid and many others. It has expertise in HTML, CSS, Java Technologies, and jQuery.


Ujudebug considers itself to be one of the top mobile application development companies in Meghalaya. The brand builds apps across well-known mobile platforms, providing comprehensive solutions to its clients. It has served more than 100 customers so far in its history, using some of the best available tolls, SDKs and frameworks.

What’s interesting about the brand is that the apps that it has built so far only represent a fraction of what the company is capable of. Ujudebug says that it has the tools and know-how to convert its clients vision into reality – all at an affordable price.

Techmion Solutions

Techmion Solutions is an app development company operated by Vedant Kumar, a longstanding expert in the IT field. The brand’s mission is to provide local enterprises with world-class technology solutions that stand the test of time. With offices based in the beautiful Shillong hills, it serves dozens of clients every week.

Ankush Sharma

Ankush Sharma is a small web app design company, based in Shillong, Meghalaya. It offers a wide range of services including search engine optimisation, digital marketing services, domain privacy services, accounting services, and application software development. Currently the brand is still growing, but it hopes to have a substantial online presence in the future.

Omninos Solutions

Omninos Solutions is an app development company that focuses exclusively on developing apps for Android – currently the most-used platform in the world. According to the brand, it’s Android development team follows strict programming principles to achieve a user-friendly experience. It’s keen to point out that Android isn’t just used by Google, but a range of other brands too, including Motorola. It believes that the platform will continue booming in an exponential manner over the next five years and more of the world’s population gets access to mobile devices.

Marak Technologies

Marak Technologies’ programmers walk hand-in-hand with mobile devices, be they laptops, smartphones or tablets. In its app development work, it follows a strict protocol, beginning with research and conceptualization before moving onto design, coding testing and launch. The company also advises on Android app strategy, offering advice and insights to its clients on how they can leverage apps to the full.


Codigion believes in the idea of putting “your business in the palm of millions”. It offers mobile app development across all major platforms, including Android, IOS and Windows.

For mobile applications to be successful, it says, developers must choose to work with agencies that provide both external services and internal support to train up their own staff. Having an in-house team able to edit and make updates to applications can help tremendously.


If you have a dream, Groveus is your team – or so the brand claims. Located in Shillong, this outfit got its start back in 2012 when it began contributing to the IT sector. In 2013, the modern company we know and love today began selling web and mobile app development to customers. It then transitioned to a full service technology brand, keeping its core app development expertise.

Manu Info Solutions

Lastly, Manu Info Solutions is an app development brand that does not shy away from the biggest jobs. Thanks to its relentless work ethic and rigorous approach, it has created a name for itself among enterprises looking for robust, long-term scalable solutions to their customer communication issues. The brand says that it remains at the cutting edge of development, offering a one-stop-shop service for brands looking to better manage and market their goods and services.