20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Laval

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Laval
09Aug, 2021

Looking for a company in Laval that specialises in mobile app design? Developing an app could be just what your business needs to take it to the next level. With the right mobile app development company, you can be sure that your app will be high quality and easy to use. Below is a list of some of the top mobile app design companies in and around Laval to choose from.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing are specialists in app development and app design UI/UX. They’re also able to handle various other aspects of digital marketing including web development, SEO and social media marketing. This company serves clients all around the world.

Their large team of technical experts are able to answer any questions you may have – they pride themselves not just as a digital solutions company, but as a troubleshooter hub for every possible problem.


Zwebra provide a variety of digital marketing services ranging from web design to PPC. When it comes to mobile app development, they’re able to produce apps for both Android and iOS. They’ve previously produced apps for companies from various industries ranging from health & fitness to taxi services. Zwebra pride themselves in offering a personalized service, as well as offering 24/7 support to all their clients.

Cybens Technologies

This company is based within Laval itself. They provide a range of services including mobile app development, web development and custom software development. Offering a lifetime warranty to all clients, Cybens Technologies aim to provide long-term partnerships in which software and applications are constantly monitored and maintained. They strive hard to create quality results and care a lot about making customers happy. You can get a free quote on their website.


Plank has a lot of experience in the digital industry – the company was founded all the way back in 1998. Since then, they’ve designed many websites and applications for clients. They’ve worked with universities and magazines and even built virtual exhibits for museums. The company is based in Montreal and has served clients across Canada. They have a large team of developers, allowing them to carry out projects thoroughly and efficiently.

Zealous System

Serving clients all around the world, Zealous System is a large and well established mobile app development company with offices in Canada, India and New Zealand. They cater largely to mid-sized companies, producing apps that are able to incorporate iOT technology and social media integration. The company has experience in a range of industries – their vast team allows them access to all kinds of niche talent.


Headquartered in Montreal, this company has offices across Canada and the US. They have previously worked with clients such as Autodesk, Shutterstock and Disney Junior and have experience producing a range of digital products including websites, mobile apps and custom software. Spitia takes a customer-centric approach, offering insight along the way so that clients are not left in the dark. They also rely heavily on data to build and improve their apps.

Brossard App Design

Based in Montreal, Brossard App Design is a company whose main focus is apps. They have expertise in fields such as AI, AR and VR, allowing them to create applications that are elaborate and exciting. The company’s hybrid app service also allows them to create apps that fully integrate with websites.

Their teams work closely with clients to fulfill their wishes and solve any problems – they have a pretty strong online reputation and have been recommended by various panels over the years.


Underlabs were founded in 2010. Their primary service is mobile app design, although they also provide services such as software development and blockchain development. The company produces both web apps and native apps, which can be designed for iOS or Android. Beyond the development stage, Underlabs are able to offer continuous maintenance. They pride themselves in producing apps of varying complexity for any budget.

Nomade Solutions Mobiles

Nomade Solutions Mobiles are based in Quebec City but serves customers all across Quebec. Mobile app creations are their forte – they’ve worked on many apps since their launch in 2010 and have gained bounteous experience in the industry.

On top of building your app, Nomade can help promote your app and maintain it. They have a support line set up that allows you to easily keep tabs on development progress and are also able to offer ongoing technical support.

Sidekick Interactive

This company has been going for over 10 years and specializes in mobile app design and software design. They list their services as ‘define’, ‘design’, ‘develop’ and ‘evolve’, covering every step of the app development process. Sidekick Interactive have served customers all around the world from their base in Montreal. They have worked with companies in a variety of industries, giving them a breadth of experience.


Montreal-based mobile app design company Startmobile offers a very clean and streamlined service. Some of the perks they offer include free app publishing, daily status reports and the option to make weekly or biweekly payments.

The company has a great portfolio of past projects, which includes apps built for various industries. On average, they’re able to develop an app in 3 months, offering detailed progress information along the way to keep their clients satisfied.


Logient is a long-running company that has been producing software since 2000. Their services nowadays include CMS software, website development and mobile app development. The company produces apps for both B2C and B2B companies and is able to incorporate technology such as iOT into their apps.

These apps can be produced for Android, iOS or Windows. They have some pretty impressive projects under their belt and sport a seasoned team of developers who are able to handle any problem thrown their way.


This Montreal-based company offers services including web design and mobile app design. Their app products range from B2B applications to fun customer-facing apps and can be developed for iOS or Android. Webisoft pride themselves for their good communication, experience, and efficiency. They’re a great company to choose if you’re looking to develop an app and website simultaneously that can be integrated.

Guarana Technologies

Guarana Technologies were founded in 2011. Since then they’ve grown quite considerably from a small Toronto startup to a large company with bases in Montreal and even one in Brazil. They have a team of 20 employees dedicated to mobile app development. Their past projects include everything from education apps to personal fitness apps, some of which have incorporated iOT technology.


Nventive are headquartered in Montreal, with other offices based in Toronto and New York. The company’s services include app design and software design for a variety of clients. They have a team of 100 + employees and have a lot of experience as a company, having been founded in 2008. Nventive pledge to build mobile applications that empower employees and engage customers. Their apps include iOS and Android applications.

DOIT Software

DOIT software is a mobile app design company with experience catering to industries such as ecommerce, education and medical. With offices around the world, DOIT software is able to work with an international range of clients while offering quick response times. The company can produce apps for iOS or Android. They market themselves as a company of thinkers, not just doers.

6thSolution Technologies

6thSolution Technologies have produced apps for a variety of clients including dating services and ecommerce sites. On top of app development, they are able to offer services such as web development and custom software development. They also offer a consultancy service, helping to answer any tech queries that clients may have in order to find the most effective solution. The Montreal company offers a very streamlined service and pride themselves in their quality and speed.


Osedea primarily works with enterprises and mid-market companies with a focus on industries such as energy, manufacturing and telecoms. Their services include custom software, mobile app design and AI. The company is based in Montreal and sports a team of over 40 employees. They aim to offer cutting-edge solutions to all manner of digital problems (their speciality within AI helps in this regard).


PeopleLikeUs focus largely on consumer apps aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. On top of offering app development, they’re also able to offer digital services such as email marketing and ecommerce development. The company was founded in 2005 and has built up a team of over 40 employees. The company is driven by a ‘what if’ mentality, exploring new possibilities where they can in order to produce applications that are innovative.

Calm Experts

Calm Experts are a mobile app development company based in Montreal with a focus on providing peace of mind to clients. Their services include custom software development and app development. They serve clients all across the world in industries ranging from business services to gaming. They have a large team of cross-platform development experts and take a creative approach to app development.