10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kyoto

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kyoto
29Sep, 2021

Mobile apps have become ubiquitous with modern business. One of the most important parts of the development process is the mobile app design. After all, if an app is poorly designed, it can reflect badly on your company.

Poor design can range from an unattractive app, an app that has a design that doesn’t suit your brand, to an app that is frustrating or even impossible to use. So, it’s vital to find a mobile app design company that you can trust to deliver an attractive and user-friendly product.

After all, the easier and more enjoyable it is to use your app, the more likely it is that you’ll retain customers. This is true whether you’re designing an e-commerce app, a mobile gaming app, an organization app, or anything else.

So, here are some of the standout mobile design companies in Kyoto.

Exemplary Marketing

If you want an application that is designed to be used across different platforms, and that is perfectly tailored to your brand, then Exemplary Marketing may be the company for you. Their expert team includes specialists in cloud application development, UX/UI design, custom API integrations, data migration, and many other components which can add up to create the ideal mobile app. Their mobile app design process results in a robust and easy-to-use app that is as scalable and flexible as you need it to be.


ZYYX designs and develops apps that cater to iOS and Android platforms alike. They support the entire process, from initial planning to UI design and beyond, depending on your needs. The unique development framework that they use has been invented to provide an efficient and prompt service. So, not only can they provide a well-designed app, but they can do so as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


The team at Zizo includes skilled and creative engineers, who can deliver web and mobile development for all platforms, including iOS and Android. They focus on innovation and R&D so that they can always be at the cutting edge of technology. Zizo is an award-winning creative company that boasts a perfect blend of technology planning and excellent mobile app design.


The mobile app development services offered by Sotatek result in well-designed, practical apps which are tailor-made for your unique needs and brand. These apps are cross-platform, making them incredibly versatile, and are designed with the user in mind. The development process is efficient, focused, and results in a quality app.


Next-System is a fantastic mobile app design and development company that makes heavy use of AI and XR systems. Some of the more exciting recent developments include the ability to enable motion capture with a smartphone alone, which can be incredibly useful for several niche industries. The skill, expertise, and tools provided by Next-System can create an app that will stand apart from the rest.

BB Media

As one of the oldest production companies in Japan, BB Media is dedicated to making things for the consumer. These products include mobile apps which are perfectly tailored to your brand. BB Media puts a specific focus on video technology and interactivity, and this shines through with the end product.


Avelio has extensive experience with each step of the mobile application development process. These include the planning, design, and development of the app itself. Both iOS and Android platforms and catered for.

Avelio emphasizes user-friendly apps, which have robust and easily maintainable source code. This means that the mobile app design itself is intended to last, so you can keep the app going for as long as possible.

Four Digit

Four Digit is a mobile app design company that is unique in that it focuses on two main aspects of app design. First, the application must be comfortable for anyone to use so that the user will have an enjoyable experience. Secondly, the app should be naturally beautiful in design. With these two principles, Four Digit can produce a truly unique product.


Among other types of apps, Rikkeosoft is known for being able to create mobile games. Their apps are supported on several operating systems and can be either web-based, native, or hybrid. Regardless of your needs and brand, the resultant app will be custom-designed to suit you.


Monstarlab prides itself on excellent mobile app design, aiming to create apps that inspire users and grow businesses. They combine user-centered design with skilled, specialized engineering, which results in an app that’s easy to use and that perfectly reflects your brand. Their mission is to make their client’s business successful, and that is reflected in their work.