20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kerala

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kerala
22May, 2021

Kerala is home to some of India’s best mobile app design companies. Check out our top 20 below.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the best mobile app design company in Kerala, according to our criteria. The company develops and designs mobile applications, offering a suite of services running from app UI and UX to much broader solutions implementation. What sets the company apart from many others is its keen attention to detail. Exemplary Marketing creates apps that reflect the needs of companies – nobody else. Every app it creates is bespoke, tailored to the business model required by its clients.


The founders of Zartek set up the company to help both individuals and organisations scale their businesses rapidly and efficiently. As a mobile app design firm, therefore, it prioritises delivering great products that users will love. Whenever they develop an app, they always keep the target audience in mind and think about how to provide the best user experience. They also research all their apps in depth, ensuring that the solution they create is suitable for the client in question. The brand’s inspiration comes from some of the technology sector’s greats, including Steve Jobs.

Iroid Technologies

Iroid Technologies is a full-stack technology solutions provider offering a massive range of developer services and support. Its mobile app development caters to Android and iOS, as well as a bunch of other platforms, including React Native, Flutter and Xamarin. So far, the developer has clients in 22 countries with more than 185 projects delivered and 120 clients worldwide. Customers simply choose from a menu of services to get the exact solutions that they want.

Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech is one of the most well-known mobile app developers in Kerala. The brand offers customers a host of benefits that they might struggle to get from other providers. For instance, it promises assured services, meaning that it always guarantees customer satisfaction. It also provides 24/7 support for the businesses it works with and keeps them updated with the latest technology in their field.


Bitwissend is a mobile app development agency that’s passionate about what it does. It believes in creating easy-to-use apps with unlimited features and a great UI. It also prioritises safety features on all its apps, and strives for what it calls “pixel-perfect” design.

Clients can contact the agency at any time to get support. So if you run into trouble with your app, there is always somebody on the other end of the line you can talk to about your problems.

Mobility, the company says, is a reality of today’s business environment. So every brand should have a mobile app at its disposal.


Appzoc is a mobile development company with an impressive track record. The brand is a highly dedicated team of mobile development experts who do whatever it takes to achieve their clients’ “full mobile potential.” The agency’s web development wing got its start in 2010, with full scale development operations getting started a year later. Over its lifetime, it’s developed more than 200 applications across 25 verticials.


ArunVS.In is a website design and application development service run by Keralan local, Arun. His experience runs across multiple platforms including PHP MySQL, social media marketing, Shopify, and native apps, making him one of the leading luminaries in the local area. His company offers mobile application development and UI design across iOS, Android and hybrid mobile applications. Arun’s service keeps costs to a minimum, making it one of the most competitive out there.


Pixbit has been slowly building its business over the past few years and is now one of the most respected mobile app developers in Kerala. The company serves more than 100 clients across 15 countries, delivering high-quality software solutions to brands in multiple verticals.

It’s success comes down to its results-driven process. It believes in creating apps that give firms what they want – more subscribers and sales. Using this strategy, it has built up quite a following and is now expanding into other areas, such as SEO and SMM services.


Appsinvo is successful because of its processes. It begins with the client’s idea for an app and the things that they want it to be able to do. Appsinvo then filters their thoughts through its business analysis, looking at whether they will actually work in the real world. Clients then receive an assigned project manager to be their personal contact during the entire product development phase. The firm then gets on with development and testing of the app before final delivery. Clients can then choose whether to review aspects of the app or launch it.

This formula has allowed Appsinvo to achieve impressive success. It currently has more than 100 experts on its team with well over 150 satisfied clients in 12 countries.

App Packz

Based in Kochi, Kerala, App Packz is one of the newest and most exciting app development companies in the state. It currently fields a team of dedicated and experienced developers who, it says, can provide the best guidance. Between them, they have substantial experience of both iOS and Android and can develop across platforms.

App Packz says that its vision is to provide customers with creative and authentic solutions that have the “utmost precision and novelty.”

Apstersoft Technologies

Its name might be a little trick to pronounce, but this company has an impressive track record for helping its clients develop compelling apps for their customers. What makes this developer special is its unique industry-focused solutions. It creates apps for the food, entertainment, travel, technology, ecommerce, real estate, fashion and healthcare industries. So far, it’s delivered more than 500 projects to 120 or more overseas clients around the world.

Web India Solutions (WIS)

Based in Cochin, WIS offers its clients a slightly different approach to app development. The company believes that great design brings great results, and so it focuses heavily on the aesthetics of the apps that it creates. Tactical designs, it says, yield maximum conversions.


Quadnotion’s strength comes from its ability to develop mobile apps across platforms, offering services that cater to the two big players, plus hybrid apps for other applications. It focuses heavily on its clients’ app strategies, ensuring that they are taking the correct approach using the tools available to them.


Riosis, like some of the other agencies on this list, focuses on helping clients in specific verticals. It knows that each industry’s audience is different, and so it tailors its app development to this reality. Currently, it has a massive portfolio of satisfied clients which you can see on the brand’s website. These provide a deep insight into the kind of work that it is capable of doing.

Comcube International

Comcube International focuses on mobile commerce app development, customised mobile apps, and hybrid/native apps. However, interestingly, it also develops some B2B apps as well, including field distribution management apps, school and vehicle tracking apps, and apps for e-learning delivery.

Currently, Comcube is the fastest-growing mobile app development company in Kochi, Kerala, something it credits to its systematic approach.

Alman Tech International

Alman tech is the brainchild of Faisal Musthafa Ebrahim. His vision is for his firm’s technology to reach every corner of the world and become an accredited software solutions provider. The company’s mission is to offer its clients a world-class service all the time that enables them to reach their goals.


Based in Calicut, Kerala, Netstager deserves a place on this list because of its cutting-edge iPhone and iPad development services. It currently services brands in a range of industries covering e-commerce, healthcare, education, media and hospitality. It’s other services include e-commerce development, Google Adwords, social media marketing and SEO.


Based in Thrissur, Kerala, Ociuz offers something a little different from some of the other developers on this list. It strictly adheres to the mobile development process, making sure that it takes care of all of its clients’ requests. Most importantly, it ensures that all its apps are futuristic and detail-oriented, making them more engaging for users. Charges, it says, are reasonable and affordable, making it a great developer for startups and low-margin enterprises.


Hidile markets itself as the number one software development company in Kerala. The firm got started in India, but also has other branches around the world, including the UAE and Qatar. What makes the firm successful is its belief in always pursuing client satisfaction. It focuses on creating lightweight, skillful solutions that its clients find easy to manage,

Web Destiny

Rounding off our list is Web Destiny, based in Cochin, Kerala. This small agency says that the only limit on the app development process is its customers’ imaginations. It aims to help clients rank their apps at the top of Google Play and the Apple App Store by creating useful apps that really benefit people. While the agency only has a handful of staff, its strength is its unique ability to bring together design with efficient technology solutions at the backend.