20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Karnataka

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Karnataka
20May, 2021

These days more businesses need to find themselves at the cutting edge when it comes to creating products. Mobile apps are the crucial way to build a bridge between business and customer. As 66.6% of the global population are mobile users, this is reason enough to start a customised mobile app design to boost your company.

Mobile apps are not just a trend, but they can help any company grow their business exponentially. Some of the key benefits include building a database of customers, improving relationships, as well as humanizing a brand. With all of these benefits, it is worth getting a customised mobile app for your business, but finding a company that designs an app is not always so easy to find. If you are looking for the best mobile app design companies in Karnataka, read on…

Exemplary Marketing

One of the most popular companies in Karnataka, Exemplary Marketing produces a variety of results. The company produces innovative apps for mobile and web to meet a variety of needs. Offering everything from app development to Twitter growth, Exemplary Marketing is a company that prides itself on a variety of approaches to ensure that customers build a strong bond with a business.

OM Software PVT LTD

A web development firm that specialises in e-business optimization solutions around the globe. Priding themselves on offering a complete range of services involving creative graphic design, strategic consulting, and developing the prototypes, the approach they deliver guarantees that businesses in every form can deliver a reactive and smart approach to building an app.

B2C Info Solutions

Focusing on end-to-end product engineering, they bring a strong sense of passion to web design. With more than 700 projects completed all over the world, the experience of over 50 members of staff guarantees a proactive and professional approach to developing apps. Their customer service is second to none as well.

Wow Labz

A company that is perfect for any startup, enterprises, or R&D labs, the approach is geared towards the business to keep it in line with their budget. Their approach is “build an app to solve the problem,” and this appears to be working wonders for them as many of their clients have gone on to win awards across the industry.

Aspire Software Consultancy

One of the leading custom software companies boasting a variety of experienced engineers. Having been in the IT industry for over a decade, and providing services all around the world, they have proven their worth with a mobile app design which has helped businesses in many industries address their application issues, while also providing them with all-important insight into their UI and UX.

Fortunesoft IT Innovations

Founded in 2009, they focus on software products across a variety of platforms with different disciplines. Establishing a solid presence in a number of industries, and focusing on Tin Tech application development, SaaS app development, as well as general mobile app development, they use the Agile approach to design to ensure that any business maximizes its return on investment.

Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Boasting a wide variety of notable clients including Samsung, and Forbes, they work at developing ROI for growing companies, by using the latest and fastest technology. The technical components of app design are not easy especially with in-house businesses, but their approach to developing products and with a second to none customer service gives any business peace of mind that they have invested in a strong company that can help you grow your business.

Coltfox Private Limited

An award-winning 360-degree marketing agency, they focus on making products easier, effective and enjoyable. Providing a variety of insight into a business, they have worked with companies to create memorable brands through mobile app design. Their approach is to build a business from the inside out, ensuring that companies make a significant impact, while also moving beyond traditional marketing models. Creativity and transformation are the two fundamental tenets of this agency.

ThinkTub Interactives (OPC) Private Limited

Offering the future in such a young company is a tall order, but having only started in 2019, they are making significant waves. The approach covers a variety of web services, including automation, prediction, data processing, and custom software development. Focusing on helping businesses who want to make a big splash, this is a small company, but with massive ambitions.

CodeCraft Technologies Pvt Ltd

An award-winning company that focuses its efforts on industries including healthcare, e-commerce, and IoT. The picture of selves as a partner in a business’s journey. It is so easy to consider a company providing technical help, but nothing further. They have partnered with many businesses of various statuses, from startups to billion-dollar enterprises, creating popular apps for all of them.


Using design-driven development principles and agile development methodologies, they have been in operation since 2012, and have helped many top businesses develop innovative applications. They pride themselves on working with businesses from the inception of the idea, working to realise that small sketch into a fully-fledged application. In addition, using a variety of modern technologies makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Applicationriseimperator Evolving New Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Providing end-to-end mobile app services, they have worked with a variety of small businesses and startups to realise their vision. They focus on developing agile iOS and Android apps, focusing on user-centric approaches. With a small team, they are personable and are dedicated to top-quality customer service, which is evidenced in their modest yet memorable approach.

Nexential Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2019, they are an emerging company but are dedicated to end-to-end solutions from all varieties of business. They focus on detail, ensuring that they keep an open mind and an open environment. They pride themselves on keeping clients updated at every step of the way guaranteeing that they meet your needs, while sticking to their philosophy, or providing high-quality service, complete client satisfaction, at the best price in the industry.


For over 6 years Appmomos has been creating Windows, iOS, Android and hybrid apps for businesses, and, as the name suggests, they focus on developing small and tasty servings when it comes to applications, or made with enthusiasm and passion. A small team, they give that all-important focus and attention and hearts that go into creating a business app.


Dedicated to driving businesses forward with innovative solutions, they have created several modules that clients and customers have used to improve software development. Founded in 2011, they are a company that has provided invaluable service to big-name businesses.

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Providing bespoke software solutions, they have worked with businesses for over ten years, and have integrated businesses with a number of custom mobile app development services. Having worked with a variety of companies in various industries including finance, healthcare, and sports, they have the ability to work with businesses of all sizes.


When it started in 2009, its mission was to improve life through design, innovation, and the user experience strategy. Dealing with innovation in the information technology industry is not an easy task, but their approach to UX has resulted in high-quality outcomes. Focusing on the solid approach to software development, they are dedicated to creating human experiences for clients and customers.


With a variety of experience and knowledge in state-of-the-art techniques such as Python and React and a roster of over 500 clients around the world, they have been supplying services to many small and midsize companies. And since 2017, they have been the registered service suppliers for Google LLC. The approach is to drive innovation to improve Industries and lives. Not a tall order, but their mantra of “Research. Build. Collaborate.” highlights their dedication as a company.

ITC Infotech

Dedicated to business-friendly solutions to ensure that clients are successful now and are ready for the future, this company has, since its inception in 2000, providing a variety of solutions to enterprises across industries as diverse as healthcare, travel, and the financial sector. With a variety of great technical expertise, they provide a number of services all under one roof to ensure that your mobile app is UX and UI proficient. Using a variety of traditional and contemporary business models, they ensure that businesses are sufficiently supported throughout their mobile app design journey.

Websigma Private Limited

Small, but certainly a company to be reckoned with. They pride themselves on helping companies at any stage of their developments cycle. Experienced in a variety of methodologies, including mobile app and web development, they have worked with over 350 clients since its inception in 2014. Their approach is all about working as a product team. This guarantees a business is going to get its needs met. The focus is on delivering successful products and meeting clients’ business goals.

These are among the best mobile app design companies in Karnataka. If you want to boost your business or brand by incorporating an app that drives customer retention, works with your brand, and guarantees your business reaches higher than ever before, be sure to contact one of them.