10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Ireland

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Ireland
30Nov, 2021

When it comes to apps, design is important. You want your app to be visually engaging and easy to use so that users will enjoy using it. There are many different things to consider when designing an app, from the layout of the icons on the screen to what type of animations should be used in menus.

You also want your app to represent your company’s brand identity well while still being relevant to its intended use. This can be a difficult balance if you don’t know what you’re doing! To help you find the best mobile app design company for you, we’ve listed 10 of Ireland’s top companies below…

What Makes a Great Mobile App Design

We wanted to know what makes a great mobile app design. So we asked the design team at ColaTel to explain what makes an app great.

Apps can vary from a very small app to a massive app. Which one will be the best for your app? One of the main differences between large and small apps is the size of your target audience. For example, one in five adults have a smartphone, so you don’t need to limit your audience to a very specific number of people. But a large app will make the most sense if you target a niche market and have a much bigger target market than a small app.

A good app design company will also be familiar with the big names in the smartphone market.

Exemplary Marketing

This is not only a great app design company but also a marketing agency. They are experts in app marketing, which means they know what works and what doesn’t.

Their software includes Snapcraft, a drag-and-drop interface for building and sharing mobile apps. They also have their own custom app framework, so you can see exactly how your app will look, feel and perform on mobile devices. Their designers will then work with you to make sure it is the best possible application for your company.

Dev Technosys LLC

Dev Technosys has won awards for its award-winning mobile app design company, and its products include the Staying Connected mobile app. The Staying Connected app allows users to upload photos, videos and text.

Irish Tech News described the app as “the best in class” and said that it’s “perfect for businesses looking to boost their customer base or engage with employees on a regular basis”. The company’s clients have included Absolut Vodka and Carrickfergus Town Council and Apple, Google, Ulster Bank, KBC, TechStars, Starbucks, Vodafone, and Ireland West Airport Knock.

Magneto IT Solutions

Founded in 1996, Magneto IT Solutions is the largest of Ireland’s independent app design companies. It specializes in a wide range of app design needs, including redesigning Android and iOS apps and creating a new UI design from scratch. Customers can also request custom print advertising or other printed collateral.


Fastly creates app designs and develops mobile apps using its in-house digital agency. Fastly creates web apps for iOS and Android platforms. It also offers the creation of new native iOS and Android applications and has released apps for clients including SAP, eBay and Microsoft.


Deventure is a Dublin-based app development company that focuses on large-scale app development projects, often focusing on customer-centric design. They are experienced in delivering international and complex software projects, delivering high-quality results for a wide range of clients, from multinational corporations to specialist software designers.

Deventure work across a variety of categories, including retail, restaurants, banking and finance, insurance and government. They are also experienced in designing apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Chrome, Firefox OS, and React Native.


Appify is a web- and iOS-focused design agency located in Galway, with a team of 11 in total. Their portfolio includes everything from websites to app icons and multimedia such as Google-certified YouTube tutorials and animated videos for visually impaired users.

Customers include Facebook, Virgin Mobile, IBM, Twitter, Airtricity and the University of Galway.

CodeCoda Ltd

CodeCoda Ltd is a Dublin-based development company. Its portfolio includes some of the most popular apps in Ireland, including Uber, Songbird and Razorfish.

The app design company offers interactive design and mockup development services, all of which focus on the responsive and mobile experience. In addition to that, CodeCoda’s agile development services include Android and iOS app design for feature sets up to 40 apps.


Tapadoo is an award-winning creative agency based in Dublin and Cork, serving clients in Ireland and the UK.

Based on your brief, they’ll help you to design your app as best they can. All of their graphic designers have years of experience in the area, so you know your app will be designed to perfection. They also offer pro-bono app design services if you’re a smaller business without the budget to hire a design team in-house.

Vindicta Digital

Vindicta Digital are an award-winning app design and development company based in Dublin. Their range of services includes branding, user experience design, motion graphic design, UX design and more. Vindicta Digital is Ireland’s most awarded app design company and have been regularly shortlisted for a host of the industry’s most prestigious awards.


Roll’n’Code is a design and development agency with over 17 years of experience in UX and UI design for mobile and web applications. It’s one of the most highly regarded mobile app design agencies in Ireland and has worked on a range of leading Irish tech businesses. Roll’n’Code has been the official mobile app design agency of both Google Play and Apple App Store for over 7 years.

The experts at Raftlabs will provide you with all the details on your app so you can create a cohesive, strategic design. They’ll work with you to find out what functionality you want in your app and use their extensive experience to develop an understanding that works. It’s just one of the many services Raftlabs offers.


We hope this list helps you to choose the right design company for your business. It’s a tricky process that’s always better if you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are now so many online resources out there with excellent resources on this topic. Hopefully, we’ve taken the pressure off and shown you a few of the best options for the job. If you’re still looking for a great app design company for your business, we highly recommend that you give our client reviews a read too.