20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Haryana

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Haryana
20May, 2021

The use of the internet has come a long way over the years, and India has not been left out. Being one of the most populated countries globally, India has some of the best technical brains in mobile app development. Every successful mobile app idea becomes a reality when it passes the ideological stage. Best Mobile app design Companies in Haryana have created some of the most innovative and world-class applications to enhance the customer experience. Here are the 20 best mobile app design companies in Haryana.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of a kind that delivers Android and IOS compatible apps. They are highly responsive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate to their clients. Depending on what you need, Exemplary Marketing can deliver services such as creating mobile applications for your business or help you develop one. Their applications are themed to fit your purpose, visually stimulating, and attractive to give you the expected outcomes.


Appsinvo is another top mobile app design company in Haryana that prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. It is specialized in crafting custom mobile apps for Appsinvo partners. Appsinvo has over 150 satisfied clients, 100 teams, and more than 300 apps developed in 12 countries. They serve domains such as retail, healthcare, banking, education, e-commerce, insurance, travel, and dating, among others.  Some of the technologies developed include:

  • IoT App Development
  • Ios App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Blockchain App Development
  • Reactive App Development
  • Wearable App Development

Promatics Technologies

Promatics Technologies is one of the best mobile app design companies in Haryana, with a 5-star rating. It has an ISO 9001:2008 certification and more than five offices globally. This company has been providing its clients with hybrid and native mobile applications for several years. Time and again, Promatics Technologies has been included in global lists of acclaimed and recognized mobile app developers.

Escale Solutions

Escale Solutions is one of the mobile app designer companies in Haryana that continues to deliver outstanding products in real estate, gaming, healthcare, and entertainment. They cater to businesses’ needs by providing customized tablet and mobile applications. Since the year 2017, Escale Solutions has delivered more than 200 projects to 150 plus customers.

Affle Enterprise

Affle Enterprise is one of the go-to for giant companies and thriving business startups due to its ability to solve complex challenges through mobile app development solutions. In addition, Affle Enterprise aims at enhancing marketing returns on investment and reducing digital fraud through its platform-based app development.

Yugasa Software Labs

In 2017, Yugasa was awarded company of the year by the CEO Magazine. In addition, it was acknowledged as the best global AI-based, web, and mobile app development company for providing high-quality services in India. Yugasa Software Labs offers world-class services to clients of all sizes, with its team members ensuring they can help global businesses find solutions to their challenges.

Daffodil Software

Daffodil Software is an all-around company that equips companies with smart solutions. They have expertise in cloud, mobile, and web solutions to help bring the necessary change to businesses. Daffodil Software has sailed in territories such as savvy marketing, startups, product companies, and sterling enterprises by developing exceptional applications that are always successful. With Daffodil, you can rest assured that your projects will be carried out within agreed budgets and timelines.

OTS Solutions

OTS Solutions, although their headquarters is based in Dallas TX, it’s still one of the best mobile app design companies in Haryana, India. For sixteen plus years now, OTS Solutions has been providing world-class IT services in mobile development and design to clients globally. It prides itself in successfully delivering more than 1500 projects to over 300 clients in fortune 500 companies and startups.

Damco Solutions

Damco is a mobile design company that is driven by a client-first culture. They exhibit customer-centric behavior, attitude, and processes to meet their vision of achieving success through their clients’ successes. With over 24 years of experience, Damco solutions offer a competitive IT marketplace and add value to their clients’ businesses to enhance the customer experience. Damco covers more than 32 countries and offers full business consulting and technology services as per their portfolio.


MobileAppDevelopers, like the name suggests, was founded in 2017 to deliver and develop performance-oriented mobile apps to many industries. Currently, their team comprises over ten IOS and Android app developers, SEO specialists, and innovative mobile app designers. These team members have the technical expertise to give your customers and business, in general, a better experience.

CV Infotech

CV Infotech is a mobile application and web development company based in India and Australia. However, it is recognized worldwide for providing innovative and sustainable solutions for its clients. Some of its beliefs, such as respect for diversity, strong work ethics, and long-term commitment to clients, make it one of Haryana’s best mobile app designer companies.

Quy Technology

Quy Technology is one of the award-winning mobile app design companies in Haryana. It is best known for having extensive experience in mobile app development and consulting. Quy Technology develops many immersive and mobile solutions that are used by clients all over the world. Apart from mobile app development, they also provide an augmented and virtual reality and enterprise mobility solutions to well-known companies and business startups. Quy Technology works with companies in industries such as healthcare, retail, entertainment, e-commerce, and education.


Fullestop is one of Haryana’s premier mobile app design and development companies. For over 20 years now, Fullestop has provided solutions to clients globally. It boasts of its extensive mobile and web developments, ensuring it maintains the best practices with streamlined processes. Fullestop is currently being considered for CMMI Level 3; they follow strict procedures to ensure quality and timely delivery


ValueCoders is an IT outsourcing company in Haryana that focuses on offshore software and mobile app development. With over 16 years of experience and more than 450 dedicated team developers, ValueCoders aims at delivering unique app solutions to startups, digital agencies, and software development companies. Outsourcing services from ValueCoders give you peace of mind as they stay on schedule by exercising flexibility, taking full control of the project, and ensuring their team members provide exceptional product quality. Some of the reasons they qualify to be the top mobile app design companies in Haryana include:

  • Understanding business needs
  • Short marketing time
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • No box approach


Technicians is renowned for providing excellent mobile app development services to its clients to boost their revenues throughout its years in existence. Their web and mobile applications are creative and customer-centric to increase engagement that ultimately boosts success.

MetaDesign Solutions

Metadesign Solutions is one of the leading mobile app design companies in Haryana. It also provides IT services such as Chatbot, Web development, IoT, and Game development. Metadesign Solutions operates as an offshore company and has an ISO 9001:2015 certification. It has a talented team of more than 400 professionals that offer services to countries worldwide.

Appcods Innovation

Appcods innovation is among the leading mobile app design companies in Haryana and its IT industry. It currently aims at empowering fortune 500 companies and disruptive startups in making their ideas a real success. Appcods has a team of over 100 experts who pride themselves in providing innovative mobile app solutions. They have successfully developed and designed more than ten mobile apps globally in the past years.

Acodez IT Solutions

Acodez IT Solutions is among the top-rated mobile and web development agencies in Haryana by many review sites and magazines. It is an award-winning international company with six offices across India. Acodez prides itself on having the right blend of mobile app designers, certified Google digital marketers, and web developers who make them unique. With their profound knowledge of mobile frameworks and technologies, it is the one-stop solution to help them give creative solutions for clients in over eighty countries.


Grappus is a friendly group of thinkers, techies, and designers that work with top brands to explore how and why they develop products. Grappus believes in perfection through its performance and mobile app design to help brands startup or start over. Grappus creates winning strategies, legit code, and designs that matter.


Hopinfirst is a leading mobile app development company with offices in Haryana and the USA. Its technophiles incorporate prolific skills in mobile app development and specialization to create a functionally streamlined and structured outcome with a smooth finish. Additionally, this company provides high-quality mobile app development and designs in major platforms such as Android, Windows, and iPhone. Whether you are a well-renowned or new brand name, they can make you shine by providing numerous solutions for your mobile app.

Bottom line

Technology keeps evolving, and countries like India keep up with the pace to ensure they survive by adapting to the changing times. Haryana is one of the locations that has kept up with technological innovations through the design and development of mobile applications. If you want to advance your business, you can do so by empowering yourself digitally. Hire the best mobile app design companies in Haryana, such as Exemplary Marketing, to get innovative and long-lasting solutions.