20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Halifax

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Halifax
08Aug, 2021

There is no doubting the role mobile apps play in marketing, promoting, and making a company’s services more accessible and convenient for its target customers. But for a business to reap the numerous benefits of having a mobile app, it needs to work with a proven, trusted and reliable mobile app design company with solutions suited to its goals.

So, are you on the hunt for the best mobile app design company in Halifax? Here is a list of twenty mobile app design companies you should consider.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing delivers outstanding app designs and development services to various business types and sizes globally. Their designs are attractive, visually stimulating, themed perfectly to your business purpose, and compatible with all mobile operating systems.

The company employs state-of-the-art technology solutions to deliver tailor-made apps that meet the needs of your clients effectively. The company has a wealth of experience in the industry and has featured as one of the best app design companies on several lists.


MentoMate offers a complete package of mobile app design and development services. Each design and development project focuses on elevating your business and transforming it through their various tech solutions.

The company remains dedicated to providing mobile applications that not only look and perform well but, most importantly, solve the problem you are challenging with. MentoMate has a tall list of top-level clients, including Foss and Royal Bank.

MetaDesign Solutions

MetaDesign Solutions is a global IT and mobile design company offering consulting and software services. The company focuses on various software development and IT solutions and covers services like cloud consulting, UX/UI design, mobile app development, etc. MetaDesign Solutions always ensures that its products exceed customer expectations with a closely knitted team of talented workers.


Founded in 2002, Icetulip aims at giving its customers the best quality service and exposure through various applications and software solutions uniquely designed to meet the needs of different clients or businesses. Their services go beyond app development to cover digital strategy, advertising, social media, and others.

With over 20 successful projects completed in the company’s portfolio, Icetulip has carved a niche for itself as one of the go-to-guys when it comes to mobile app design solutions in Halifax and well beyond.

VERB Interactive Inc.

VERB is a conversion-focused digital marketing agency with offices in Victoria, BC, and Halifax. The company is a conversion-focused agency offering digital solutions that bring real value to businesses, especially travel business owners.

They aim at creating beautiful and immersive digital platforms that drive measurable results for businesses. With a tall list of notable clients in its portfolio, VERB Inc focuses on marketing strategies and creative content creation solutions for its clients.

Twist & Bits

Twist & Bits is a digital agency specializing in genuinely great branding and design and digital and web solutions. The company aims at making its clients’ brands, ad campaigns, web and digital solutions as easy as possible. From traditional advertising to digital strategies and app development, Twists & Bits has what it takes to exceed all your business goals through in-depth strategies, exceptionally creative, and brilliant code.

Qulix Systems

Qulix Systems offer a wide range of IT services or solutions for business. These include mobile application development, cloud application development, UI/UX designs, DevOps services, R&D services, and others. These make them one of the most reliable tech companies, with a team of talented workers ready to take on and solve any complex engineering task.


Mindsea specializes in delivering beautiful, informative, and entertaining mobile applications ranked by millions of global users and even featured by Apple. The company’s approach is collaborative and multidisciplinary, with a team of experts in business analysis, design, strategizing, project management, programming, and quality assurance.

The company’s service line includes digital strategy, UI/UX design, mobile application development, mobile experience, and many more.

WeUsThem Inc.

WeUsThem Inc is one of the many internationally recognized brands in the mobile app development industry. The company offers integrated campaigns and brands for customized and interface development as well as user experience.

Their services include mobile application development, custom software development, and digital strategy, among other benefits. WeUsThem Inc has quite an impressive client roster which includes brands like The Kempinski Group and institutions or organizations such as the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, the Government of Saudi Arabia, the Government of Canada, Government of Jamaica, Cambridge University, and so on.

Otro Games Inc.

Otro Games Inc. is a software studio specializing in working with various platforms to create genuinely great mobile applications. The company boasts significant experience with state-of-the-art cutting edge tech solutions by developing different products that are both under-friendly and eye-catching. Otro Games Inc.’s mission is to design, develop, and create mobile applications aimed at simplifying the lives of their users.

Rapidops Inc.

Rapidops Inc. is currently one of the fastest-growing digital immersion agencies in the world. The company has managed to secure strategic digital partnerships with top brands ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to billion-dollar startup companies across the globe. Rapidops Inc. aims at supporting its clients to grow and improve their business processes with the help of application development solutions, digital marketing, and technology consulting services.


Just like the company name suggests, Trampoline specializes in giving businesses the digital life they need with the help of research, strategizing, designs, consultancy, etc. The company’s specialty list includes services like mobile application development, branding, advertising, SMM, with some of the smartest and skilled minds in the industry.

Freedom Ability Marketing Consulting

Freedom Ability Marketing Consulting is one of the budding and growing digital service providers in Halifax. Among other services, the company puts a lot of priority on mobile app development and social media content management services. Freedom Ability Marketing Consulting also has a team of talented, skilled, and expert workers with the needed know-how to create the perfect mobile application solutions for businesses of all kinds.

AIMLEAP Full-Stack Techies

AIMLEAP Full-Stack Techies is a fully certified global tech consultancy solutions and service provider. The company specializes in IT services, data and digital solutions, automation, digital marketing and analytics solutions, and many more.

Their range of clientele base covers small and medium-scale businesses to enterprise companies, supporting them to thrive in the digital world and achieve the kind of competitive advantage they need to succeed.

The company also focuses on mobile application design and development, web development, and IT managed services. Their impressive portfolio list also includes Amazon, Oracle, Honeywell, Ford, Dell, IBM, Facebook, CISCO, CA Technologies, and a few.


Cossette is a team of individual talents that make innovation their daily priority for their clients. The company’s service lines include mobile app development and design, multiple marketing strategies, and social media marketing. With years of experience in the industry and a skilled team, Cossette promises to make magic happen for its clients in the digital world.

Current Studios

The following entry onto our list is Current Studios. This company brings together game development, traditional video production, and mobile application development teams with talented programmers and the latest tech support to produce incredible digital experiences for their clients.

Since the company’s creation in 2000, Current Studios has solved business problems through innovation and creativity. The company’s service lines include AR/VR development, mobile app design and development, and video production.


With a wealth of experience that stretches well over 20 years, immediaC has built countless online strategies and worked with many brands or businesses to help them achieve their goals. Today, the company has built over 3500 websites, mobile applications and marketing strategies for search engine optimization. The company has years of mobile app experience with solutions usable on all mobile operating systems.

Nickel Media

Next is Nickel Media, a company that builds award-winning apps and web experiences for its clients. The company takes advantage of their innovative web rendering platform to specialize in interactive video.

Their service focus covers mobile app development, web development, and broadcast video – remaining passionate about delivering top-quality products even under very demanding timelines. Nickel Media also makes use of the latest tech solutions thoroughly engaging interactive experiences.

Lotta Digital

The Lotta Digital company is now one of the reliable sources of digital strategies that will send customers heading straight to your doorstep for business. The company is committed to providing affordable digital marketing strategies that throw light on your business and increase your visibility in the digital world, including creating the perfect mobile application solutions. Lotta Digital’s primary focus is on mobile app development, web design, and web development solutions – all SEO and print design-focused.

Collaborate IT Solutions

And last but not least is Collaborate IT Solutions, a fully integrated IT consulting, training, and solutions company. The company provides product development services, app development solutions, integration, and customization services in enterprise applications, mobile solutions, and eCommerce services.

Their services range from app and software design services to web applications, product-based enterprise, IT strategy consulting, and business consulting services.