10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Haifa

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Haifa
22Oct, 2021

When choosing the best mobile app design company in Haifa, you want to be working with a company that understands your direction and has experience in building and designing effective mobile apps that can offer you a proven ROI. An effective mobile app design accumulates the latest technologies and graphic design techniques available to create a fluid and responsive user experience that simplifies using apps.

Mobile apps are designed to make completing tasks and engaging with different services easier. Your mobile app design company needs to understand this concept thoroughly and visually realize your vision to implement this into your app.

These are the 10 best mobile app design companies in Haifa.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is your go-to mobile app design company in Haifa. With a skilled and expert team in all areas of software development, UX/UI design. Exemplary Marketing can provide custom software development utilizing the latest proven technology and process to build a scalable mobile app design that benefits your company. The client’s needs are the top priority when it comes to preparing a detailed, comprehensive software implementation and deployment plan, considering your organization’s requirements for delivering advanced technologies to end-users.

Code n’ Roll

Code n’ Roll is an internet application and software service boutique company active in developing internet-based apps and SaaS software for startups and established enterprises from various industries and geographical locations worldwide.

BN Digital

BN Digital is a mobile application design company that specializes in producing high-end mobile paps that excel in the fintech, healthcare, and real estate industries. The range of software solutions includes UX/UI design, graphic design, customer software, and end-to-end solutions.


Branded is the home of startups, and the philosophy is to assist every entrepreneur who walks through their doors. Branded has a comprehensive set of services that is ideal for any new business starting on its own. The perception of Branded is that it is a connected uni system that can assist you in the creation and crafting of your digital products, as well as assisting you in getting closer to your goal.


With a human-centered approach, Appomart designs and develops mobile applications and web services. Developers have over five years of experience in full-stack development, which enables them to provide a first-class service and premium support for your mobile app design and development needs.


RealCommerce is a technology integrator that specializes in the innovative integration of large-scale enterprise application integration (EAI), e-commerce, micropayments, content management, and financial banking and brokerage systems, among other things. They recognize that the real difficulty is not developing another information system or website but developing infrastructures and solutions that push clients into new territory to conquer while gaining market share and establishing leadership.


200Apps design and build beautiful mobile applications. They live and breathe our projects — from a mobile application for a small startup to enterprise-level platforms. 200Apps offer an array of services that are unique to each project and each client’s needs. The team will walk you through the research and planning of your project to the completion and launch of the finished product – and beyond.


INOSTUDIO is a high-end software development business that specializes in enterprise systems and one-of-a-kind information technology solutions. The primary purpose of INOSTUDIO is to assist our clients in improving their businesses or putting their innovative ideas into action. They can alleviate the discomfort associated with the complex software development process and the selection of a dependable vendor for IT products. INOSTUDIO is focused on business objectives and uses the abilities, innovations, and extensive expertise that the company and its workers have accumulated over the years.


Fatfish is an online and open-source software development company that is both innovative and industry-leading. In addition, fatFish is a boutique service provider that specializes in providing end solutions for customers and businesses in various sectors such as Internet services, internal systems, mobile applications, and other areas of interest.

They have worked with a diverse range of clients from various specialist fields worldwide, including but not limited to government websites, international industry-leading telecoms companies, renowned luxury automobile brands, top universities, and agricultural biochemical research organizations.

475 Cumulus

475 Cumulus creates and develops digital goods from concept to completion, from start to finish. Their technical and product engineering experience extends to all product development services, including design, development, and testing. They can assist you in developing your following significant effect by using creative thinking and the technical foundation required for its development.