20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Gujarat

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Gujarat
18May, 2021

The market of mobile apps is fast moving and ever evolving, and as such, a lot of top talent has emerged in Gujarat in recent years. Because of this, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the 20 best mobile app design companies in Gujarat for your convenience below

Exemplary Marketing

Providing an ‘exemplary’ level of mobile app design, as well as offering follow up technical issue support, Exemplary Marketing come in at number one on this list. Working with small and big businesses alike, and using the Waterfall method, Exemplary Marketing can create app solutions for both Android and iOS markets. With over 10 years experience in this burgeoning industry, we think this mobile app design company is well worth the time and money.


Known to be a premium mobile app design company, Prismetric will take care of everything from the initial idea to the implementation of marketing in the later stages of your app’s push to market. Having designed over 1000 apps worldwide, Prismetric uses the IoT principle to a great extent, allowing a business to push an app across multiple gadgets and devices. They also provide regular updates and customer support, no matter where you are in the world.

WebClues Infotech

With a strong client rating, and promising to be able to grow your business with an app of their development, WebClues Infotech works in a variety of industries around the world. Working based on development plans of different levels, this mobile app design company offers a slightly different model to other companies on this list. However, this has proved to be effective, as they’ve crafted mobile solutions for some very famous, worldwide brands.

IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

Working strongly alongside both startup companies and new enterprises, IndiaNIC offers engagement solutions via their app design and development work. Able to create mobile apps that work on a cross platform basis, this mobile app design company is already a popular player. Promising ‘rich experiences’ to any company that requires a mobile app for customers on the go, IndiaNIC also works extensively in PWA to ensure all apps are capable of performing for the current generation.

Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Known as one of the ‘leading’ mobile app design companies, Yudiz Solutions works on both iOS and Android platforms, promising dynamic service and solutions to your app tech problems. As a ‘React App’ company, meaning their turnaround time is faster than most, Yudiz Solutions has scored a lot of high profile customers over the years, and have provided app related services for multiple industries, including healthcare, education, and government.


With high client ratings on popular job boards, and working to create custom mobile solutions for any and all companies since 2015, Nimblechapps is a popular upcoming mobile app design company. From creating traditional mobile apps, showcasing a brand’s products and/or services, they’ve also created mobile gaming apps, proving their ability to work variably in this ever moving market. Created by a team of friends, Nimblechapps has completed over 150 projects since their inception.

Perfection Infoweb

Established in 2013, Perfection Infoweb has been honing their craft in mobile app design for the past 8 years. With nearly 600 projects under their belt, and a strong body of clients ranking in at over 250, this mobile app design company has a very strong client focus, and has worked extensively in both the IT and medical sectors.

Space-O Technologies

Offering both iOS and Android services in full, Space-O Technologies is one of the top mobile app design companies in India. With over 3500 projects under their belt, and working alongside some of the most leading startups and enterprises worldwide, Space-O specialise in mobile apps more than most other companies on this list. They’ve created some leading solutions in on-demand delivery technologies, with one such app reaching over 30 million total installs.

Finlark Technologies

Working mostly in ‘React Native’ app design and development, Finlark Technologies pride themselves on creating ‘design experiences that your consumers truly value’. Their work in UX/UI mobile design has produced some real results, with a four step process ensuring collaboration with the client at all stages. Working with some very popular design technologies, Finlark Tech is an accessible company for those with mobile app needs.

Impero IT Services Pvt. Ltd

With only a small team of people, and high customer satisfaction score, Impero IT Services are top rated mobile app design and developers. Calling their app process ‘inventive’, Impero work across multiple platforms, including a variety of new and upcoming technologies such as AR/VR. Their apps all enjoy high download rates, created by ‘the best app developers in India’. Thanks to their success rates, this idea is clear to see.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Ranked again by Clutch, scoring the number one spot in mobile app developers in India, Hyperlink InfoSystem might just be a famous name you’ve already heard of. Working for over 10 years in the industry, this mobile app design company has completed over 4000 mobile app related projects, and enjoys over 80 million app downloads across multiple platforms. Hyperlink InfoSystem is also an official partner of Google.


Starting out as a group of three people, and becoming an award winning, global spanning company ever since, Intelivita is a mobile app design and development company with a passion. Working with big names such as Microsoft, and completing over 100 mobile design projects, this company has a strong UX/UI core focus, and can create stunning mobile apps of all kinds.


Created by the ex VP of Goldman Sachs, SoluLab specialises in enterprises, and offers mobile app designs that are end-to-end complete when arriving in the client’s lap. Working alongside some of the most famous companies in the world, including Disney, SoluLab has an established reputation in the field, and may be one of the most well renowned mobile app design companies on this list.


As an award winning UX and UI design company, Codal has been working in the mobile app design industry since 2009 – this makes them older than any other company on this list. Describing their PHP development services as ‘world class’, Codal has worked with some established, famous brands in their capacity as a mobile app developer. They provide back end support on a variety of platforms, and are once again a ‘React Native’.

Crest Coder

Known to be a top app design company, Crest Coder pride themselves on their creative portfolio of mobile app projects. Described as a ‘firm that delivers’ by Clutch, an independent reviewing board, Crest Coder has a strong industry and client focus. As a dedicated and up to date mobile app design company, Crest Coder have really proved their mettle since their inception in 2017.


Able to provide software teams ‘on demand’, Simform is a big hitter in the mobile app design world. Describing themselves as ‘new age’, thanks to their understanding of the digital age as a mobile orientated world, Simform promises innovative and creative apps for any companies who commission a project through them. Working in the industry for 11 years now, Simform seems to move with the times, and offers a variety of app platform solutions.


In their position as a Gold Microsoft Partner, ManekTech has a full body of remote app designers and developers ready for businesses to hire for their mobile app projects. With over 10 years experience in the industry, and over 2000 completed projects under their belt, this mobile app design company has been award winning for a long time. With over 200 people on their team, ManekTech has proven to be able to work globally and around the clock.


Once again serving both startup and enterprise businesses, Techuz is both an award winning company and highly reviewed amongst small, up and coming brands. Realising their place in such a competitive market, Techuz also promises to provide both dexterity and creativity in their app design solutions. They reliably work on a variety of platforms with multiple technologies, and their market relevance clearly shows in both their app design and development process.

Excellent WebWorld

Having created award winning apps in the past, Excellent WebWorld has a history for providing workable solutions to your app design problems, and presenting them in the best manner possible. Offering a wide variety of app design and development services, this company details their development cycle extensively on their website. Using popular and professional stack technologies in the possess, Excellent WebWorld has a lot to offer a small business looking to strike the global market.

Brainvire Infotech Inc

Said to ‘bring your ideas to life’, Brainvire have a long history of good reviews and good customer service. This mobile app design company communicates every step of the way, and manages to move on a schedule that’s both well paced and takes every potential idea into account. Always following the latest trends in app development, Brainvire work in all mobile app markets, and have been awarded extensively over the years.