20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Etobicoke

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Etobicoke
11Aug, 2021

Whether you’re looking to improve your business, get a business off the ground, or just take part in a small project, a mobile app is a marvelous idea. Heck, if you’re even just looking to try something new and fresh, creating a mobile app is something that will provide plenty of benefits going forward.

It’s almost necessary in this day and age if you wish to be taken seriously by the majority of interested parties. If a business or a similar project does not have something like an application supplementing it, then onlookers may opt for a competitor’s product/service. We’re in an age now where we are spoiled by the technology around us. We just expect smooth and speedy apps to be available. With that said, you’ll have to ensure that you please your target audience by providing something like this.

It’s understandable that you may not be too knowledgeable about mobile apps or how they’re created. You can rest assured, however, as there are many companies and other services out there that will help you in creating one. If you’re from the city of Etobicoke or you’re near the surrounding area, then you’ll be happy to know that there are lots of options around you. Here are twenty of the best for you right now:

Exemplary Marketing

We’ll start with the most significant of the collection at number one. Exemplary Marketing is going to be your best shot at creating the mobile app that you crave. At Exemplary Marketing, you’re able to get world-class app development as well as an array of marketing solutions along the way. They’ve been around long enough to know how to get you what you want and how best to navigate certain circumstances. If you wish to get in touch, you could send a message via the form on their contact page or email at info@exemplarymarketing.com. Their number is 312-858-6578.

Lunarstorm Technologies

Lunarstorm technologies is a Canadian IT company that provides web design, software development, app design, and plenty of other IT work. They’re a small company but one that is able to get the job done smoothly when called upon. You can head over to their site and check out their contact details, or check out more on the likes of LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Mantrax Solutions

At Mantrax Solutions, you’ll get IT services that will help you out and put you in the right direction. Custom software development and business analytics are part of their services, but they’ll be able to work with you as you look for the perfect mobile app. You can email at info@mantrax.io or call +1 905-267-8593.


Weisetech is a dynamic cross-functional team with plenty of experience in many areas of IT. They work in web development, mobile development, and UI/UX design. If you need a pretty mobile app that satisfies the consumer, then this group isn’t a bad option. On their contact page, you’ll find absolutely every avenue available in terms of getting in touch. From careers to specific inquiries, they’ll be able to get back in a speedy time with the right answers.


IQlance is a group that hopes to strengthen startups digitally and set them well on their way. If you need a mobile app to supplement your project, then this is another great option. To get in touch with IQlance, you simply need to fill out the form provided when you request a quote. They’ll get back in touch with you and take things further from there.


The staff at Veecode are trained and experienced in all things IT. They’ll help with web and mobile design as well as online internet marketing. Strategic business solutions are also part of their services. You can find their form on the contact page provided on the site or you can ring them on +1-855-659-2930.

CS Web Solutions

With over ten years of experience, you can trust CS Web Solutions. They certainly have been able to provide for clients all around the area and will continue to do so for plenty of time to come. App development, web design, managed services, and digital marketing are just a few examples of what they can do for you. To get in touch, simply fill out the form on their contact page and they’ll do the rest.

Elegant Designs

At Elegant Designs, you’re going to get exactly what the name suggests. They’re a company that is focused solely on the perfect design. Mobile apps, IOS work, Android work, and web design are the main points of interest. They’re focused on creating the best-looking and most perfectly functioning apps around. To get their attention, you can, again, head to their contact page and fill out the form. Their info is also listed on the same page if you wish to get in touch via other methods.

Parachute Design

As a group of Toronto web designers since 2003, you can bet that they’ll know a thing or two about creating the right kinds of mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites. With multiple awards and plenty of positive testimonials, they certainly have the backing of the people. To get in touch, email at hello@parachutedesign.ca or phone (416) 901-8633. You can also fill out their contact form!

Devign Tech

Another on the list of high-quality app creators is Devign Tech. They’ll know exactly how to create a brilliant mobile app that suits your business or project down to the ground. They work in an array of IT services and will continue to do so for a while yet. You’ll be able to get in touch via email or through the contact form located on their contact page!


As someone looking for the perfect team to provide a mobile app, you could do a lot worse than the folks here. They work in a multitude of areas surrounding IT such as web design, and they’ll be able to help you out with the kinds of things you need. You can message them at info@lambdadevs.com, fill out their contact form, or hit them up on their social media platforms.

Compny Inc.

Compny Inc. is a fantastic company that will be able to fix any problem you have regarding your IT needs. With experience in web design, WordPress development, app design, SEO, and e-commerce, you can rest assured that they know what they are doing. Phone +1 (647) 281-2926 or email hello@compny.co and they’ll get right back to you whenever they can.


NextBrain works collaboratively to craft reliable digital transformation solutions to expand the businesses of anyone who wishes to work together with them. They provide web development, intelligence automation, mobile app work, and plenty more. You can email at saran@nextbrain.ca or speak via Skype. Their office address is located on the contact page of the site as well as the form that you can fill out!


If you want to establish your businesses online with a proper app and website, then Wiretree will be able to provide the goods. You can call on 416-907-0561 or get your message across to them via the simple form provided on the contact page.


ECOMMERCE Web Design is an agency that has been the driving force behind plenty of big businesses achieving their dreams of building the right sites and apps. Their focus is web development, web design, eCommerce, and app development – so you know you’ll be working with a group that knows what they’re doing. Their number(s) and email address are readily available to view on their contact page.

Citrus Studio

Citrus Studio works with an array of different services that will help any business thrive online. From web design to SEO services, they’ve been there and done it. Mobile app design is just another off the list of amazing pieces of work. Fill out the fields on the contact form provided and get started with them today.

Implode Media

Graphic design, e-commerce, mobile apps, and web design are all part of Implode Media’s work. They’ll happily help you out with anything relating to these four areas. Based in Toronto, you can call 416-786-9814 or email hello@implodemedia.com.

Formula Inc.

Formula is a company that quite literally focuses on mobile apps. They have provided all kinds of apps over the years, including food delivery, home rent, fashion, and travel. If you need a little advice or want to work with a good group, then this is a good bet.

Mantreza Technologies

With Mantreza Technologies, you’re getting a company that deals with web development, mobile app, and digital marketing services. Based in Toronto, you can expect a solid service and a happy outcome. To get in touch, simply fill out their form on the contact page once and again let them get back to you once they’re ready.