10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Copenhagen

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Copenhagen
05Mar, 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark has become one of the world’s biggest tech hubs in recent years, and with more than 100 startups and nearly 400 VC firms, it’s no wonder that there are more mobile app design companies than ever before looking to create the next big hit mobile app. But how do you know which firms to go with? To help you decide, we’ve come up with our own list of the 10 best mobile app design companies in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Exemplary Marketing

One of Denmark’s leading experts on mobile development, Exemplary Marketing offers a full suite of capabilities, including app design and development, UI/UX expertise, and quality assurance. If you’re looking for a creative agency that can do it all—and then some—you won’t find a better solution than Exemplary Marketing.

The company also provides services like social media marketing, app development, SEO, and Graphic Designing services. All told, Exemplary Marketing is an ideal choice for enterprises at every stage of their app project cycle—from ideation to beta testing to launch and beyond. If you’re looking for effective design and modern development, consider Exemplary Marketing as your first choice.

No Mad Today

A boutique app design agency, founded by two friends and a shared passion for tech. This one-year-old company works across different platforms and prides itself on delivering high-quality work—and great service. In their own words: We want to make you happy, that’s all we do. No mad today!

But seriously though – let us show you how amazing mobile apps can be if you give it your best shot and help our designers create something truly special. Go ahead and download our free eBook on Mobile App Ideation (no email required) or come visit us at Booth 3 tomorrow at Apps World Denmark.

Tryba Studios

Tryba is a mobile application design company based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. They’ve worked with many major brands, such as Lego and Nintendo. Clients say they are dedicated and responsive. Although they have received several awards, they continue to be actively working on creating more well-known products in order to help others do what they enjoy – creating new products!

MKO Studio

MKO is a full-service, award-winning mobile app design agency with locations in London and New York. Clients include GlaxoSmithKline, The University of Westminster, and The Royal Society of Arts. They are also one of Europe’s largest app developers by revenue. Whether you need an app for enterprise or consumer use, MKO provides thorough consultation and strives to deliver on your expectations. In addition to designing new apps, they maintain an impressive list of clients who require constant updates and improvements on their existing platforms.

Fast Track Connections

Located at Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard 33, 1412 København K. This is a design agency that specializes in digital and web design. The site features a portfolio of their work, with several projects displayed for viewers to browse through. Visitors can also see descriptions of services offered by Fast Track Connections along with contact information. All services are offered through English or Danish languages via email, phone or Skype.

Tandem Studio

Tandem Studio is an award-winning, full-service design agency based in Copenhagen. The company provides a broad range of creative services for an international clientele—including mobile app design and development, responsive website design, and graphic design.

Innovative Apps

Innovative Apps is a UX and UI design firm based out of Copenhagen. Innovative Apps focuses on delivering high-quality work, and they’ve been named one of Denmark’s Top 10 mobile app development firms. Innovative Apps has also delivered innovative apps for some of Denmark’s most prestigious companies. Their clients include Grundfos, H & M, Meny Food Co., 3F Insurance Company and MAN Truck & Bus Service A/S among others.

Bright Solutions Tech Studio

Founded in 2012, Bright Solutions is a one-stop shop for businesses looking to develop, maintain and improve mobile applications. Its strategy is simple: take great ideas from clients and build them into amazing apps.

FullStack Labs

FullStack Labs is an IT services firm that offers app development, project management, and more. The company focuses on both iOS and Android apps but also takes on desktop software development projects. In 2014, FullStack Labs opened a new office in San Francisco. FullStack has developed applications for clients such as Nike and Coca-Cola.

ThinkTap Software Development ApS

When you need cutting-edge, mobile app development for your company, ThinkTap Software Development is a smart choice. The company’s designers create custom native iOS and Android apps using best-in-class development tools. As an added benefit, their developers have experience working with various programming languages like Objective C and Java for use on Apple platforms and Xamarin for use on Android devices.