20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Central Coast

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Central Coast
26Aug, 2021

Located between the bustling cities of Sydney and Newcastle in New South Wales, the Central Coast is one of the many incredible areas of Australia famous for its natural beauty. However, the beauty of this place does not prevent it from also being an important IT hub on the coast.

So, if you have just launched your small-to-medium business or you have had a great idea for a mobile app, you will not struggle to find professional and experienced companies in the area that can help you out.

Naturally, when crafting the branding and user experience for your app, it is crucial to keep in mind your company’s values and mission. Below, you can find the 20 best mobile app companies located on the Central Coast – but make sure to find a company that aligns with your brand’s principles. Here’s all you need to know!

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the best company on the Central Coast for mobile app design and development. The company, which is a Chicago-based social media marketing enterprise, specialises in offering outstanding Application Designs & Development services.

At Exemplary Marketing, the experienced team understands that each business is unique and, as such, it requires a one-of-a-kind solution for a mobile application. That is why the company offers comprehensive and customisable solutions for every business.

Alongside stunning designs, you will also be able to count on state-of-the-art features that will make your app responsive, secure, reliable, and efficient. Whatever your budget and market reach are, Exemplary Marketing has the right iOS and Android-compatible solution for your needs. Discover the most suitable package for your needs today.


ClipMagic is a web development and design company that is gaining popularity on the Central Coast. The company, which was founded by Prue Rowland, is all about using technology to create seamless apps and improve communication between people and brands. Whether you need help with designing your brand or you have it all already figured out, ClipMagic can help you translate into functional applications that communicate all about your brand and its values.

Perfect IT Solutions

Perfect IT Solutions is one of the best IT Providers in New South Wales, and it operates with the goal of becoming the best one in Australia. The company, which is constantly growing and gaining positive reviews, boasts one of the best teams of IT professionals, designers, and developers in the country. No matter what your budget is, Perfect IT solutions has what you need to bring to life a beautiful, functional, and reliable application.


OneOakMedia is a website development and design company operating on the Central Coast, NSW. The company, which offers tailored application solutions and business assistance, also provides services globally and remotely.

This means that you can continue to scale up your company while maintaining your development partner. Once your application is up and running, you can then count on customer service, SEO services, and always up-to-date security features.

Foxie WebDesign

Foxie Web Design is a full-service application design company located between Sydney and Newcastle and serves businesses in both cities and beyond. If you also need help with hosting, marketing, design, and logo creation, this company can help you bring to life your dream brand. Foxie Web Design offers small and medium businesses in the area alternative aesthetics and apps that are always highly responsive and modern.

IreZ Enterprise

IreZ Enterprise is one of the historic IT and web design companies on the Central Coast. The agency, which has been operating in the area since the late 1990s, has seen the evolution of web design and technologies, and it has been able to surf the wave of innovation.

When hiring this company to create your company’s mobile or web app, you can count on responsive designs, progressive technologies, more SEO-friendly solutions, and accessible editing features. If you are looking for a highly experienced team who can help your company grow, the talents at IreZ Enterprise will be your best allies.


Unlike many other companies on the Central Coast, DriCreative specializes in creating mobile app designs. Their compassionately coded mobile apps are designed to conquer the hearts and minds of your target audience and provide them with an unparalleled experience. Some of the services included in DripCreative packages include:

  • UI/UX designs
  • APIs
  • Android / iOS
  • Cross-platform and native technology


IncreaSEO is a full-service marketing agency that can also help you design your mobile app. Their team is famous for developing code that is clean, efficient, and streamlined so that your app will remain current, relevant, and responsive for longer.

If you are unsure about how to make the most of your investment, IncreaSEO can also help you define your digital strategy and see the highest ROI. Book a consultation today.


YourWebSpace is a new, growing company on the Central Coast. However, the team behind this agency has been working for over 20 years in IT and database design, and for over 10 in web technologies. With such impressive experience in the field, you will know that you are in good hands when hiring them.

The team at YourWebSpace might be small, but it is talented, experienced, and ready to meet every need you might have. When hiring this company, you will be able to benefit from a full range of services, including web designer and development, SEO, and marketing – but don’t forget that their forte is custom mobile apps!

Kaleidoscope Systems

Kaleidoscope Systems is a professional agency that focuses on the development and design of custom Android and iOS apps for a wide range of businesses across the Central Coast. When hiring this company, you can expect support from start to end.

Kicking Pixels

A quick glance at the kicking pixel website will tell you that this is an agency like no other. When it comes down to finding a premium design for your new mobile app, this company is the best way to go.

New Leaf Creative

New Leaf Creative is a unique design and development agency that focuses on aesthetics – and the impressions that your brand will leave on your target audience. If you are looking for an idea to create a beautiful but functional app that can help you cut through the competition, this company could be your best partner.


AusWeb Design is physically located on the Central Coast, but services clients on a national level – and beyond. AusWeb Design is an experienced marketing and development agency that focuses on providing clients with a comprehensive online presence. Whether you only need an app or you are looking to expand your presence across several channels, AusWeb Design can help you realise your vision.

Sea Salt Web

Sea Salt Web is located on the outskirts of Sydney, but services businesses across the Central Coast. Sea Salt Web sets itself apart from any other company in the area for its creative power. Not only are the team’s creations beautiful, but they are also modern, reliable, and, above all, attractive. If you are looking for an app that goes directly to the heart of potential customers, this company could be your best partner.

Wolf Design

Wolf Design is a full-service agency that mainly focuses on branding and design. If you already know what your app will do and what features it will have, Wolf Design can help you get into the mind of your audience and create the right user experience for your audience.

Some of the services they offer also include:

  • Graphic design
  • UI and UX
  • Content creation and SEO
  • Social Media Integrations


Rayzor focuses on creating apps and websites that are responsive, high performing, easy to edit, and multipurpose. If you are just starting out in your field and you need expert and continuous support, Rayzor can represent the right partner to help you achieve your goals.

ThinkIT Media

The ThinkIT Media team might not be the largest of all, but it is one of the most experienced in the field. When trusting them with your app project, you can expect them to have a creative approach to their task. Some aspects that set ThinkIT Media apart from the other companies include:

  • A team that will work closely with you to bring your idea to life
  • Aesthetics that reflect your brand
  • A thorough analysis of the market prior to commencing


Makii is a young website design agency that focuses on small businesses with a big future. In fact, what makes the websites and apps created by Makii different from the others is that they are fully and easily scalable, so that entrepreneurs can move between markets, increase their reach, and improve their company.


WebComm is a development and design agency that focuses on two principles: the design of web apps and offering the greatest ROI to their clients. With them, you can find support and a great range of services that range from marketing to social media integrations and app design.


RocketLab is one of the most specialised agencies in New South Wales. While it is based in Sydney, the company services all businesses across the Central Coast and beyond. When partnering with RocketLab, you will be able to count on the help of OS and Android mobile app development experts that will look after all aspects of your project, from UX and UI to the system architecture, training, and augmentation. If you have had a revolutionary idea for a startup don’t miss out on their startup package!