20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Canberra

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Canberra
24Aug, 2021

With technological advancements, more and more people are reliant upon their mobile phones for work as well as personal nowadays. With this change in technology uses many more organizations are now using mobile app design companies to develop mobile applications to support their website and business. Not only to showcase their products and services but also to enhance their businesses online presence and get them more easily seen.

With a good mobile app clients will be able to see the products instantly and it improves the overall customer experience. In Australia, the demand for support and mobile app development has continually been on the increase. With each household now being home to one or more smartphones or smart technology, businesses have had to enter the smartphone arena as well in order for their business to remain current and thrive, through the use of applications. Mobile apps have become a need now for all companies, bringing forward a surge and need for mobile app developers to create these applications.

When done right, a proficient app will eliminate any glitches, ensure the site is mobile and device friendly and will not slow the device down. Along with making your business more visible and enabling better communication with their customers. To help found the right companies to help with this, the top 20 mobile app design companies in Canberra have been listed.

Exemplary Marketing

With a full and comprehensive range of services available, Exemplary Marketing can support not only app development for additional services from web development to your other IT support needs. Offering worldwide marketing solutions Exemplary Marketing is able to offer a range of comprehensive solutions to support businesses of all sizes. Being a larger company, the technical experts guarantee security, efficiency, and reliability with all companies they work with.

Appetiser App

With a history of creating their own technology, Appestiser App business model when it comes to mobile App success is broken into three categories, technology, marketing and design. This straightforward approach has enabled Appestiser to work with startups to global companies in a vast range of industries from construction, fitness to dating and food.


Targetting businesses and startups, DreamWalk is an app development company based in Australia. Their ethos is to ensure that all apps that they develop are ethical and transparent app development process. Primarily focuses upon app development primarily they are able to offer assistant with app design, app setup, app development and no code applications.

Wave Digital

Wave Digital is based in Melbourne and is an iPhone and Android app-based company, that also offers services in web app development as well. With their in house local designers, they work with startup and business executives to provide quality apps that are made with reliable technology.

Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor has gained popularity over recent years due to the nature of expertise they offer within the mobile technology sector. Offering mobile support along with their security levels offered their focus is quite a niche. As a company, they are responsible for constructing safe and secure enterprise apps.


Priding themselves as 100% Australian-owned and based, XAM harnesses the best digital technology which is then applied to provide innovative solutions to boost your business to the next level. With knowledge and skill in many digital areas, XAM can not only App needs but also software development.


Melbourne’s mobile app developers Launchpad works with disruptive startups and revolutionary brands to create and build digital products that will delight and engage users. Their approach is to solve businesses challenges and work within a range of digital challenges to delight the users and boost businesses engagement.

Elegant Media

This award-winning App Development company strives to work with you from the beginning. Based in Australia, they have experience in launching hundreds of successful and popular Apps. With their multi-stage process, they work closely with you to ensure that the App is everything you wanted and more.

EB Pearls

With bases in Sydney, Melbourne, London, and Nepal, EB Pearls have over 140 professional experts at your disposal. Specialising in web development and design, Mobile apps compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android apps, and Social Media Marketing, they guarantee to offer beautiful websites and apps that comply with the industry’s standards.


Recognized as one of the current, fastest-growing technological organizations in Australia,  Gomeeki is responsible for creating creative ideas that will support your business in its future growth digitally. Their core focus is upon innovative thinking and integrating technology within their mobile applications and cloud solutions available.


Specializing in interactive design, development, user interface, and service design, ustwo aim to create products that inspire an emotional response and provides meaning to people lives. Along with their quality work, they also maintain full transparency when managing any projects for businesses.

App Gurus

Known for their work with startups, entrepreneurs, individuals, and companies, App Gurus takes ideas and transforms them into reality. Their ingenious planning, design and construction ensure that clients are left completely satisfied with the end product that is future-proof and can upscale as your business needs change and develop.

Kwix Global Solutions

Based in Queensland, Kwix Global has been operating since 2015 and focuses on mobile app design and development, web development, hardware prototypes, offering flexible contracts whilst maintaining competitive rates. With their mission to achieve the highest standards in these fields whilst executing superior quality work y their highly trained team.

Rocket Lab

With numerous Australian brand clients, Rocket Lab is responsible for helping and working with many small and medium enterprises and developing their digital presence and profiles. Boasting an experienced team of marketers and developers they are able to focus their expertise in app design and development, making your app be found with their search engine optimization knowledge and SEM.

Enterprise Monkey

From gaining a detailed understanding or your Apps vision Enterprise Monkey will help grow these ideas and go ahead and achieve your goal. By understanding the needs of your target audience Enterprise Monkey’s in house team of mobile app developers will be able to generate an innovative solution to ensure that your app project is not only completely designed but developed to the highest quality, passes all of the user tests and you benefit from expertise in marketing of the app for guarantee success.

Intelegain Technologies

Being a highly reputable business in the digital industry, Intelegain Technologies helps drive engagement within the digital field along with applying business values. With the concept of makinguse of machine learning, blockchains, and AI, they are creative in their ways in unlocking various sources to solve problems, create value and innovate.

App Boxer

With their agile app development process, App Boxer they focus upon identifying the best and most suitable code language to ensure that the app meets all of your needs and you can focus on growing you business without the worry of the technological side.  With a promise of daily communications and a twelve-month warranty included they are confident if the level of service they offer meeting your needs. They also will continue to work closely with you after the apps are developed to advise and guide you through the launch of your app and throughout the planned milestones of development.


Comprising of a small team of designers, developers, growth hackers, and testers, WorkingMouse helps build long last relations with companies and nurture their ideas into commericailly viable apps. Specializing in software testing, development, and more they will be able to help you build your brand into the app and another other technological parts of your business where assistance may be required.


With a clear understanding of the progression of the web and mobile apps, Atlasopen works with your business to help you gain greater accessibility to those throughout the world to support you with brand loyalty and awareness. The housed team holds decades of experience and offers more than the basics of setting your app up as their work is based around user-centered research, SEO, and analytical considerations.


This digital agency, Butterfly, has the core principle of taking something, an idea, and transforming it into what it can become within a digital space. They help with design, developing mobile applications and websites that are focused upon search Engine Optimization to help ensure your site and app gets found. With additional specialties in website development, shopping carts, content management, they can work with you to ensure that your app has the capabilities to support your business and adapt as your business needs change.

Rize Design

With more marketing opportunities than before Rize Design have progressed with market needs and built up a strong expertise in Android and iPhone application development. With their expert knowledge can support you with your application needs flor an existing or new start-up business. Using their passion for digital marketing they will be able to ensure the layout and authestics meet your every wish and they will be able to support and help from the initial planning stage right through to it being launched.