20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Brisbane

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Brisbane
16Aug, 2021

Often, the difference between an excellent mobile app and a great one is the user interface. UI and UX design is the discipline of creating user-friendly mobile apps that are responsive, easy to use, and look good.

You can have the best mobile app developer globally, but if you neglect your mobile app design, you won’t be successful as you should be.

A responsive and fluid mobile app design considers how the user will interact with the app to create a graphic design that aids in its simplicity. After all, a mobile application is supposed to allow the user to cut down on completing tasks, so they need to be straightforward and uncomplicated.

Your mobile app design should be repeated on all the pages and spaces in your app to instill familiarity. Your colors should be clear and complimentary while sticking to tried and tested design rules. Red for no, green for yes, and so on.

Choosing the best mobile app design company in Brisbane

Working with a mobile app designer and developer requires a relationship that encourages open lines of communication so both parties are kept informed of each stage of the design and process. You should be able to effectively communicate your needs and requirements to your chosen app developer. In turn, they should use their expertise to create a beneficial vision for both the company and the users.

A great mobile app design company will ensure you benefit from their input while understanding the process and what is and isn’t possible. There are some simple rules when it comes to mobile app design, and they are;

  • Respect the platform – your app design should be designed to work naturally on your chosen platform and take into account nuances that make it easier for users.
  • Less is more – no one likes overcomplication.
  • Clear CTA – it should be easy to understand what you need to do in the app and navigate it.
  • Readability should be clear and concise, and the user should have no problem reading text or understanding graphics.
  • Flow – the app should flow from page to page and allow for users to move around quickly.

When choosing a mobile app designer, it is worth asking for their interest in your sector and their experience creating similar apps. They should be vocal about previous apps and show you work for other clients for you to get a feel of the level and quality of work you are likely to get for your money.

Another factor when choosing a mobile app designer is if you are wanting to hire a company that can offer you the benefit of a range of different skills thanks to experienced developers, designers, and engineers or if you are wanting to work with a freelancer who can dedicate their time to designing your app.

Remember, this will be a working relationship, so avoid letting money be the deciding factor in choosing a good mobile app designer; you need to feel comfortable in the relationship to approach issues or changes to your original plan to reach your final goal.

The 20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Brisbane.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offers a fully comprehensive app development service that aims to deliver on our expectations and the demands of the consumers market. Boasting responsive UI/UX designs using only the best technologies and expert developers and engineers, Exemplary Marketing offers a range of web solutions to support your business.

Apello Software

Appello is a full-service software business in Australia that provides competitive mobile and online software development to enterprise and startup clients. They develop award-winning apps, web applications, and software products.


WorkingMouse’s Brisbane-based team employs cutting-edge technologies to execute projects faster and better than traditional development. They have experience developing online and mobile applications in a variety of languages and frameworks. With competence in user experience design, development, testing, support, and project management, WorkingMouse can operate from the beginning to the end of the software lifecycle.

Folio Manager

Folio Manager provides various digital solutions, and they understand that not all of them will be the best fit for your company, as each one is unique, with its own vision and set of goals. As a result, they provide optimum digital solutions for every organization.

Exo Digital

Exo Digital is a digital agency located in Melbourne specializing in UI & UX Design, Product Growth & Innovation, and Web & App Development. They offer one-of-a-kind solutions that transform the way traditional organizations and teams operate and are proficient in building effective strategies and memorable brand experiences by connecting consumers to brands.

MRU Consulting

MRU Consulting is a Brisbane-based company that provides bespoke application and app development services throughout Australia. Primary services include creating business application websites, mobile apps (including offline apps), and data integrations.


Evolut knows that business is fast-paced, and they are on hand to evolve with your company by offering solutions including; app design and development, web design and development, and digital transformations.

App Gurus

A diverse range of design, technical analysts, programming, and marketing specialists personalize specific app requirements to a long-term solution with endless growth potential. From concept to execution, they will collaborate with customers to understand their needs and the behaviors of their target audience to provide a world-class user experience.

Kwix Global Solutions

Kwix Global Solutions is a top provider of web and mobile app development solutions situated in Queensland, Australia. Their delivery capacity and service portfolio encompass multiple technologies. Expertise in acting as a trustworthy adviser to your ideas will assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind product that your users will appreciate, thus making them one of the 20 best mobile app design companies in Brisbane.

Konnect Digital

More than just app developers, Konnect Digital creates fantastic apps. Whether you are a new startup or a well-established corporation, Konnect Digital has an experienced, clever, and devoted staff ready to discuss your app idea.


BonneSai is a software development firm that works closely with entrepreneurs, startups, and forward-thinking businesses to create and promote beautiful and creative digital solutions. BonneSai results from a group of forward-thinking individuals united by a passion for creating innovative digital products for businesses of all sizes.

Tenacious Techies

Tenacious Techies offers comprehensive digital solutions to businesses all around the world. Since 2011, they’ve worked on several large-scale projects that have been integrated with mobile apps and third-party APIs. Tenacious Techies believe that technology can aid in increasing efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Accrual Group

A devoted team of professionals providing Custom Software Development, Web Development, Web and Mobile Design, Graphic Designing, CRM Development, and Digital Marketing services to SMBs, Startups, and Enterprises.

They provide a comprehensive spectrum of full-cycle software development services, producing creative solutions with a track record of success in Product Development, Technology Consulting, and IT Outsourcing.

Appinop Technologies

Appinop Technologies provide cutting-edge mobile app development and other software services across all industries. Serving clients worldwide, they have a prominent presence as a top mobile app development business worldwide and collaborate with startup professionals to provide solutions and raise funding, as well as to create the most current and interactive interfaces.

Envisage Apps

Whether you are an established company or a startup, employing Envisage Apps accelerates the success of your app due to extensive expertise in lean processes, growth, innovation, and tech business strategy. Envisage Apps is particularly passionate about new startups and business app ideas.

The App Team

The App Team provides a wide range of technological solutions, with mobile app development at the forefront. They are an Australian mobile app development organization of devoted and experienced designers, developers, and project managers who will offer you a complete end-to-end service.

Kerofrog Pty Ltd

Kerofrog offers a variety of services to both consumers and corporations. Their primary services include app software development, UI, design, and web services focused on assisting companies with a genuine desire to make a difference. However, in addition to these services, Kerofrog uses its passion for programming, UI, and design to create useful apps for customers.

Hydric Media

Hydric is a digital product agency focusing on technology that delights, fascinates, and touches millions of people. Native mobile and web application development augmented reality and machine learning are competencies of their expert team of engineers and designers.

Brave Zulu

An ambitious digital-focused firm with excellent partnerships in areas such as media buying, public relations, and market research, Bravo Zulu begins many engagements by delving deeply into the issues and bottlenecks that clients have been unable to fix on their own.


Strategic design consultants who specialize in digital experience and product development were put on this planet to help you wring every last drop of value out of your digital roadmap by creating better platforms, processes, and experiences that people enjoy using. One of Australia’s most established mobile app design companies and a worthy inclusion in Brisbane’s 20 best mobile app design companies.