10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Beijing

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Beijing
04Sep, 2021

To reach the top in today’s business world, it is essential to be equipped with all the tools that make a company stand out in the digital sphere. This doesn’t just mean having a website, or even just having a great, up-to-date site.

These days, you need to be optimized for people who use the web on their phone – and increasingly, that means having a mobile app that is worthy of the name. Each of the top mobile app design firms in Beijing has the ability to create something that will work for a Beijing-based business, but who are the companies showing the greatest versatility and creativity in this crowded market?

Below, we’ll look at the ten best mobile app design companies in Beijing and see what they can offer your business. The names at the top of this list will make things much easier and allow you to grow your business proactively.

Exemplary Marketing

Highly rated by those who have worked with them, Exemplary Marketing is an app developer that uses the full range of their experience in delivering the best in mobile app design.

Anyone looking for a cloud-based app should look no further than this company, which focuses on keeping the customer in the loop and communicating their progress, delivering everything that the client asks for in a reasonable time frame.

In the unlikely event of any snags in the process, Exemplary Marketing are quick to explain what the solution is and get to work on delivering the best result time and again.


With offices in China and the U.S., Objectiva Software Solutions specializes in delivering business-focused software solutions for mobile and wireless devices. Taking a top-down approach, they maintain a determined focus on quality assurance, testing and support in order to ensure that their customers can benefit from a service that is as tight as it can be, ensuring that any issues are speedily identified and eliminated. Their mission statement is to drive innovation in technology, and to give clients access to world-class software.


The USP of APICloud is quite simple – they offer a hybrid app engine that allows the development of apps across multiple platforms, ensuring that service remains at an incredibly high level no matter what OS a client is using.

The client API favored by APICloud is effective in simplifying the development cycle of an app, so that projects which would ordinarily take up to a month can usually be seen through in a week or quicker. The company’s ambition is to be the leading cloud app service in China, and then the world. Whether or not they achieve that, they’re delivering a solid service now.

Shinetech Software

A custom software developer with a focus on lean and agile methodology, Shinetech come highly-touted by their customer base, who are encouraged by their guaranteed delivery and hugely competitive pricing.

They’re excellent to deal with, clarifying everything where and when needed, and if they have a failing it may be in the area of design and project management. Improvements in that area would see them attain a higher position, but they’re certainly a competitive budget option.

Clever Brainz

For the most part a one-woman band, Clever Brainz avoids the sometimes chaotic experience that can come from dealing with a developer that spreads the work across a range of sometimes competing teams.

If you have any doubts that this provider is up to the job of delivering it all herself, then you need only ask any of her former clients. A record of excellent achievement on apps that are easy to use and fully reliable across multiple platforms indicates that clients have nothing to worry about here.


With offices in India and China, axiusSoftware have excellent access to two of the biggest growth markets on the planet right now, and they have an impressive list of current and former clients that includes big names in retail, eCommerce, and in the form of Tsinghua University, a major education partner. axiusSoftware is very much on the lookout for businesses that want to increase their profile in China itself, which represents an excellent opportunity for any company that is looking to grow in the next few years.


NewBornTown has been in operation since 2007, and in 2013 decided to build their own AI engine. After years of perfecting it, they have put it to work creating apps for a number of high-profile clients across a scarcely-believable range of industries including security, fitness and photography.

The SoloAware AI engine has led to the establishment of NewBornTown’s Solo Buy brand, which has seen it take on the world of eCommerce, with results that have unsurprisingly been of a high quality.


Based in the Beijing tech hub of Zhongguancun, KnowTime have been operating since the turn of the century, and since then have been steadily accumulating knowledge which has allowed them to turn their hands to a range of digital skills.

This has included the development of apps on a multilingual framework. If you are looking for an app that will have wide functionality across Beijing, and indeed across China and beyond, then KnowTime have something that will work for you.

eico design

With a particular focus on brand-centric app development, eico design has garnered a reputation for helping the biggest and the brightest. They have built up a list of clients that includes top names both domestically and overseas, thanks to a holistic approach which addresses interactivity, esthetics, UX and branding – making them a popular port of call for companies who want a touch of that international credibility.

Tsinghe Network Technology Co, Ltd

Tsinghe’s approach to mobile app design is hardly revolutionary, but it gets results because it acknowledges one key truth of business app design: It’s nice to have an app that looks great, but it’s better to have an app that delivers on the business side. Fortunately, Tsinghe has a track record of delivering on both sides of that equation, offering stylish-looking apps that have plenty of functionality, too.