50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Atlanta

50 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Atlanta
04Apr, 2021

If you want to ensure that you have the very best mobile apps, then you have to choose the teams that have the reputation for delivering the right results alongside quality service. Here are some of the very best mobile app design companies in Atlanta.

Exemplary Marketing

A great app design company that uses the Waterfall development method to create iOS and Android apps of all kinds that are designed to offer high visual quality, excellent navigation, and responsiveness above all else, with over ten years experience in the app design space.

Ad Victoriam Solutions

An IT solutions business that also offers app development services; they can help businesses integrate many features into a single Cloud app to make internal processes much easier.


A team of over 450 employees across multiple locations that specialize in providing mobile and web app solutions to industries such as consumer products and services, IT, and retail.

Dedicated Developers

A team that has worked with over 300 startups across the globe, delivered over a thousand Swift and Agile-based mobile apps to clients from a range of industries.


A leading mobile app, games, and software development company that works to develop and integrate all manner of mobile solutions for a broad range of clients.


Short for Y Meda Labs, a digital strategy and technology agency that has been working to offer high-quality mobile app development since 2009 thanks to a team of over 200+ expert employees.


A mobile app development company that prioritizes “Tech for Good,” championing innovation over the simple recreation of generic apps, and works to build life-changing and saving digital solutions.


A small team of dedicated mobile app development, web development, and UX/UI experts that help entrepreneur and startup clients reach the next level through professional app design.


An app-design team best known for helping 150+ startups help launch their business with strong apps that help turn their ideas into great products on mobile platforms.


Founded in Atlanta in 2008, this team of 37 mobile and web software development experts offers cost-effective app-building services to satisfy any client needs.

WebClues InfoTech

An IT-solution provider that specializes in mobile app development amongst other services with the primary aim of helping businesses attract customers.

Stable Kernel

This full-service custom software and mobile app developer empowers clients and disrupts markets through excellent app design with a focus on UX and UI, as well as specialization in IoT-based apps.

App Zoro Technologies.

Founded in 2014, offers app development from a tech of experts who offer a special interest in IoT solutions amongst other technologies.

Solution Built

A digital design and development company founded in 2004, that specializes in mobile app development, SEO, and web design, with extensive experience working in the medical telecommunications industry.

The NineHerts

A mobile app, web dev, and web design team that has a team of over 50 dedicated employees, including project managers, developers, and QA experts to ensure a comprehensive mobile solution delivery service.


A mobile app and custom software development team that offers complex problem-solving as well as technical mastery in creating all manner of industry-leading solutions to their clients.

Swanson He

A team of custom mobile and web software designers that offer strong product guidance and strategy implementation as well as continuous support for all of their clients with UX at the core of their design philosophy.

Codesmith Development

A team of 10 specialists who work in web development and mobile app development, that develop both Android and iOS apps with a focus on clear communication and quality service.

Alpha Information Systems

A global team with offices in Atlanta, offering pioneering bespoke development solutions. This includes mobile phone app development, software development, and web app development services.

Azul Arc

A design and development team that customizes mobile, business, and site apps with a focus on SalesForce extensions and integrations.

Wama Technology

A team that focuses on the mantra “Everything is POssible” through all manner of IT solutions, including the development and delivery of mobile apps with a focus on cost-efficient innovation.


A mobile product development boutique that uses a product building engine to quickly and easily deliver ready-made apps that require little knowledge to operate and customize with great team support and flexible rates.

Maven Cluister

An award-winning software development company that specializes in, amongst other things, mobile app development. With over 15 years of experience, they deliver high quality solutions for all manner of clients.

Band of Coders

A team that offers app development for a range of customers, with experience in HTML5, CSS, Java, Ruby, .NET, and PHP development.


Founded in 1998, this is one of the longest-running mobile app development teams in Atlanta, excelling thanks to a focus on recruiting top technology talent.


A team that has created over 350 products since 2009, including web apps, blockchain apps, and AI products for growing businesses.

Lighthouse London

A team that originates in London but has locations in Atlanta, Georgia, with a focus on UX and UI design, bringing new ideas to market ready-built for the audience.

Big Nerd Ranch

Offering web and mobile app development since 2001, this team has length experience in end-to-end design and building for both iOS and Android apps, including working with Apple in the past.


A team that focuses primarily on creating custom mobile applications for a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies with a unique experience of knowing the client journey through the world of app development.

KPIS Pvt Ltd.

A mobile app and game development company that helps small and medium-sized businesses achieve the kind of online presence they need to reach their intended audience group.

Brain Bytes Creative, LLC

A team of developers, designers, programmers, and more that offer mobile app design and strategy to provide ongoing support and customization well beyond the launch of the app.

Indus net Technologies

A team that has been delivering high-quality mobile app solutions since 1997 through the confluence of technology, analytics in marketing, resulting in top-tier development standards.

Digital Scientists

A team that works to transform how we think about product design and development, working with all manner and size of clients to launch brand new digital products built around innovation.


A team of dynamic technology developers who specialize in, amongst mobile and web development, using AI in a range of new and exciting products for their clients.

Idle Fusion

A small team of 2 developers who work on creating custom apps for iOS, as well as custom software development using Ruby on Rails to mostly small business clients.


An innovative mobile app development agency that is comprised of industry experts helping startups and visionaries bring new great products to mobile platforms with over 150 past clients.


A team of web app engineers that primarily focus on leveraging blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to create innovative new solutions.


A design-focused company that approaches complex challenges with a focus on creating killer mobile apps, with plenty of experience working with both startups and Fortune 500s.


A team of technical solution innovators that create a range of mobile app solutions with aim of helping customers reach their business goals by focusing on the needs of the client, first and foremost, throughout all steps of development.

Zco Corporation

One of the best software development companies that focuses on mobile app development solutions, including games, enterprise software, 3D animated apps, augmented reality, and virtual reality apps.

Network Handlers Inc

A web and mobile dev company that builds and manages custom, scalable solutions designed to meet a range of business needs.

The Websuasion Group

Based in Fayetteville, just outside of Atlanta, this team works in web design, web development, and custom mobile app development for small business, mid-market, and enterprise clients.

Steady Rabbit Technology

An award-winning developer of a wide range of mobile apps, including product engineering and DevOps services, that is originally based in India but has expanded operations to Altana, Georgia

Tyrannosaurus Tech

A web and mobile app development company that prioritizes innovative design with a team of top-tier designers and developers that design elegant solutions to a range of complex problems.

Magneto IT Solutions

An award-winning app and software development company that focuses primarily on creating eCommerce platforms, this team can help create beautiful web stores on any device, using agile methodology to develop top-tier user interfaces and excellent experiences for the end-user.

Black Airplane

A full-service development and design team of under 10 employees that work on both creating brand new solutions and revamping existing apps to attract your chosen target market.

Nettechnocrats IT Servives

A developer of mobile for a range of clients, from start-ups to global enterprises, with experience in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, e-commerce, e-learning, B2B portals, and more.

Unified Infotech

A pioneer in providing quality development of bespoke software solutions across the globe, as well as responsive web design and web app development.


A leading Sofware as a Product company that priorities in performing digital transformations through web and mobile app development through enterprise grade-products.


Over 100 experienced developers and designers make up this team that helps build mobile and web applications for a mobile client base.