20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Assam

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Assam
17May, 2021

India is fast becoming a center for app design, and nowhere is teeming with talent more than the state of Assam. Check out the 20 best mobile app design companies in the region below:

Exemplary Marketing

Top of the pile is Exemplary Marketing, a marketing agency dedicated to delivering outstanding solutions to customers all over the world. The company offers solutions for brands of various sizes. And its experts can provide advice on security, technical issues, and scalability. It’s core services include web design, Instagram growth, graphic design, Google Adwords, and email marketing.

Web Infotech

Web infotech is a Guwahati-based group of experienced Android developers with an extensive array of high-profile commercial clients. The brand prides itself on having the best development team in the region and has substantial experience developing customized apps. It also engages in significant app testing, enabling its clients to launch stable apps from day one.

Baruah And Sons Tech

Baruah and Sons Tech focuses on providing web design and development services to small and medium-sized businesses. Its expertise covers mobile app development, SEO services, and basic design assistance.

Bizario Consultancy Services

Bizario has a unique take on mobile app development, offering its customers a combination of affordable prices and personalization. The company is best known for its ability to deliver creative solutions to difficult problems. It’s also known throughout the industry for working hard to delight customers with solutions they would have chosen themselves, if they had the technical knowledge to do so.

Interestingly, the company’s expertise extends well beyond apps into full-scale software development, CCTV camera installation, repair and maintenance.

Base Infotech

Base Infotech is a company that develops a variety of mobile apps for devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android. It works across all modern platforms, including iOS and Android. And it also has expertise in hybrid application development.

The company’s process for new customers is simple. It begins with a plan that sets out what customers require. It then designs something that makes their clients appear unique, before heavily marketing apps to get people to download them. It believes in transparent communication, affordable pricing and putting its substantial experience to good use. It develops apps for schools, travel companies, retail stores, finance firms, sales teams and brands in the hospitality sector.

Probit Technologies

Probit Technologies is one of Assam’s most promising up-and-coming mobile app development companies. The brand focuses on both iOS and Android application development, as well as apps for Windows.

Specializing in software and web development across the board, it also offers search engine optimization services, as well as innovative social media optimization products. It mainly serves medium-to-large-size businesses, providing scalable, enterprise-level solutions.

The company believes that mobile apps design should be easy to deploy, secure, compact and free from errors.


Those looking for customized mobile app development should consider Encoders – a unique brand that specializes in cross-platform solutions. It offers a unique working process. First, it performs a requirement analysis of the client’s needs to discover the best framework for them. It then creates a detailed plan on how it will successfully deliver the project. After that, it implements the proper project management tools, allowing it to write the best code possible. Finally, before launch, it conducts a rigorous performance test.

Encoders assigns a project coordinator to client accounts from the outset. It’s team of expert developers are well-versed in the intricacies of the Google mobile ecosystem and can encounter issues before they arise. It promises mobile app security, the best UI design, high-quality app testing, and expertise in various mobile app domains.

Vivid Design

Vivid Design is no ordinary mobile app development company. The brand currently has several top-performing apps in the Play and App Store, providing tremendous value to its clients.

Vivid Design knows that mobile apps are a part of the wider ecosystem. So it’s services include both direct app development, as well as additional services like competitor analysis and app promotion.

The brand begins its development process with concept analysis – checking to see whether the project will work. It then moves on to wireframing, before completing the design and testing. Vivid Design’s experience allows it to determine what will work and what won’t in advance.

Ajikom Pvt

Ajikom Pvt got its start in 2019. But despite the relative youth of the company, it has become a top player in the mobile app development space, becoming one of the highest customer-rated enterprises in Assam. The firm views itself as a one-stop-shop for customers in Guwahati, providing them with a range of digital services, catering to their individual needs. It focuses on being courteous and professional – something that is enabling it to grow its customer base faster than many other firms in the area.

24 Tech Soft

24 Tech Soft got its start in 2012. Since then, it has become a major player in Assam’s computer software development industry. The well-known outfit offers a comprehensive service that goes well beyond just mobile app development, offering a host of other options. Thanks to its expertise, it’s managed to generate a substantial loyal customer following. In the future, the enterprise would like to take on larger clients and prove that it can operate at scale.


Ejubilation believes that app development services should offer a jubilant experience for customers. Founded in 2014, it is a top player in the bulk SMS space, allowing business clients to combine app development with marketing goals.

In the last few years, Ejubilation has built a firm foothold for itself in the local market. It’s well-known because of its prominent location in Fancy Bazar and specializes in computer LAN networking, domain name registration services, and SMS services alongside app development.

India Web Designs

Based in Six Mile, Guwahati, India Web Designs is another top mobile app design firm in the Assam region. The firm specializes in helping companies leverage the power of apps to grow. Thus, it focuses on both design and marketing.

India Web Designs is still relatively small. But it has big plans for the future, hoping to work with larger clients going forward. It got its start all the way back in 2012. And today, it has a tremendous amount of experience.

Quantex Consulting Services

Quantex Consulting Services is both a mobile app developer and IT solutions provider with massive expertise in industry. It offers consultancy on both app development and other enterprise-level software solutions, with a team of life-long IT experts forming its ranks.

Quest Innovation

Quest Innovation is one of the top mobile software development companies in Assam. It offers app development services for the eCommerce sector, prioritizing mobile friendliness.

It takes its clients through a traditional app development process. It begins by gathering information on their requirements, identifying customers’ needs, and evaluating projects for feasibility. It then moves onto the design stage, where the team considers all the practicalities of the project.

Webcom India

Webcom India works with both Android SDK and Apple iOS teams. Over the past two years, it has launched several high-performing apps on these platforms which have helped its clients tremendously. It’s mission is to provide businesses with digital tools that substantially increase productivity and penetrate the fast-growing mobile application market. Two of its current clients are large television companies operating in Northeast India.

Vasp Technologies

Vasp Technologies is a budget-oriented mobile app developer for both regular brands and eCommerce businesses. The company offers complete network and web solutions and has expertise across a vast range of industries. It works with both startups and established businesses, building apps that help its clients to sell more products and services.

Zaks Online Service

Zaks Online Services specializes in creating a range of applications across all the major platforms. Its Windows app development team, for instance, allows companies to transplant app designs from iOS and android over to the desktop.


Appsinvo believes that the only way to get app ideas off the ground is to put the best resources behind them. That’s why it has more than 100 experts on its team, supporting hundreds of clients across dozens of countries. It has an innovative culture, always looking to implement the very latest technologies.

Mooze Tech

Mooze Tech might have a funny-sounding name, but the brand has worked with some relatively large names, including VegFresh, REVA Industries and Food Oye. It specializes in UI and UX development, apps with cutting-edge capabilities and graphics. Backing up its services is a superb support team, plus dozens of creative graphic design experts.

Sparks Infosys

Sparks Infosys has substantial experience in mobile app development services. But what sets it apart is its business analysis services. It doesn’t just develop the technical side of apps: it also recommends the best type of design for its clients’ specific needs – something that relatively few companies in this list will do. Its people truly care about the work they’re doing and put massive effort into ironing out errors and delivering the best possible service.