10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Anyang-si

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Anyang si
20Oct, 2021

Mobile app design is an essential part of any business. You need to have a fantastic website, and you also need an equally impressive mobile app to be successful. This blog post will list the ten best mobile app design companies in Anyang-si, Korea.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the best mobile app design company in Anyang-si with experience and affordable pricing. They provide custom android application development, web development, game development services, and SEO and marketing for your business. So when you choose Exemplary Marketing for your mobile app development needs, you won’t be disappointed.

Sotatec JSC

Sotatec JSC is a software design and development company in Anyang-si that provides mobile app design and Android application development services for the tech industry.

This company offers mobile app design and development services for the iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC. Sotatec JSC can assist you with all aspects of your project from start to finish, including software engineering, product management, graphic design & marketing support. They use cutting-edge technology in their projects and standard methods like Agile, which the software industry currently uses.


Collatree is a mobile app company located in Anyang, specializing in mobile app design and development. The firm works with startups to enterprise-level companies worldwide and has a network of over 700 developers available for projects. Their team can create mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows in addition to cross-platform app development.

McKinley and Rice Inc.

Mckinley and rice Inc. is a company that provides mobile app design for businesses in Anyang si. They have been creating industry-leading products since 1984—over 30 years ago. Their team has crafted software applications, games, websites, interfaces, and more to help clients worldwide provide their customers with great experiences.


CodePillow is a South Korean mobile app design company that has served clients like Naver Corp., NHN Entertainment, and Woowa Brothers Media since 2013. The agency offers UX/UI strategy and planning, wireframing and prototyping, native apps (iOS & Android), cross-platform apps development using PhoneGap / Cordova framework, and other SDKs tools such as Xamarin.

Brickmate Group

Brickmate group is a leading mobile app design company in Anyang-si, South Korea. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who create business solutions for Android and iPhone platforms using their extensive UX/UI Design expertise. The team works with passion for building an outstanding product for you that is easy to use, elegant, and functional.

Digital Invo

The company offers a full range of mobile app design services from concept to launch. It has been in business since 2009 and has its headquarters out of Anyang-si, South Korea. The company website states that they have worked with more than 300 companies, including major brands such as Nestle, Heineken, Coca-Cola, and the Korean Government. In addition, the company website provides a portfolio of their work available to view on mobile devices and the desktop.

TV Storm

TV storm is one of the leading suppliers for custom-made android and ios application development services that aid business owners to grow their brand awareness at a fast pace with a significant marketing edge over their competitors.

TV storm delivers high-quality, reliable, and scalable mobile apps that are compatible across all platforms. As a result, the company has become one of the most popular custom application development organizations in Anyang – si by creating unique solutions for specific client problems, thus improving their business growth with enhanced user experiences.

We Planet

We planet is a professional mobile app design company in Anyang-si. The company started as a web design company but has now become a full-service digital agency. They have noted that many businesses are beginning to take note of the mobile platform and turn it into an integral part of their marketing strategy.

We planet has a team of developers and designers that work on mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices to provide the best user experience possible. This ensures that businesses will stay relevant and ensure they come out as leaders in their industry by using innovative technology such as mobile applications, which can help them connect better with their customers.

D Major

D major is a global mobile app design company that specializes in iPhone and Android apps. They have been creating mobile apps for over 15 years, which means they have the right expertise and experience to ensure that your mobile app is a success.

D major understands the importance of good design and user experience because they have worked with startups from day one. Their team members are incredibly talented individuals who love what they do, so the quality of work reflects this passion for creating high-quality apps.

PMG Group

PMG Group is a digital agency in Anyang-si, South Korea. PMG group specializes in mobile app development services with apps available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Their goal is to provide innovative technology solutions that are custom-made to the client’s business model. With over 100 employees, PMG group has become one of the most prominent mobile app development companies in Anyang-si.


There are many mobile app design companies in Anyang-si, but these ten seem to be the best. They have a good reputation for their work and come highly recommended.