10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Ansan-si

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Ansan si
15Oct, 2021

Ansan-si is much like every other South Korean city and town. It has a bustling business district, where many entrepreneurs find their way to the top and most of all, where some of the best mobile app design companies are located. We’re going to explore the top 10 best mobile app design companies in Ansan-si, for anyone who would like to employ a great team to work on their projects but not have to pay out the nose to get great quality of service.

Exemplary Marketing

Their team has a breadth of knowledge and thankfully, this is translated into their cross-platform design. This is crucial for business success because you need your app to work on desktops, tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches these days, in order to beat out the competition.

They have a lot of experience, working with many different clients across multiple channels. If you want your application to work across platforms, made by a team with a wealth of experience, then select Exemplary Marketing.


As part of a major multinational, Sota Holdings, Sotatek is creating a global software development service. Their vision of an SDaaS and also IT consulting, is creating some of the best mobile apps in Asia. They have 7 international offices, located in Vietnam, US, Japan, and South Korea. They make apps that have machine learning, which is so important for future-proofing your apps. If you want AI to be implemented into your app, this is a great company to work with.


They are a modern subscription-based app developer, whereby you can continue to work with them for as long as wish, with no extended contracts. They have created over 10,000 products, many of them unique mobile apps. We’re talking about design here, not just development. This means that UX design is high up on the list of things you should focus on and thankfully they have a track record to prove they can provide a great UX experience.

Mckinley & Rice Inc.

This company has a very unique approach to app design. They use a multitude of teams from around the world, calling it cross-border development. This allows them to make new teams for each new project, merging talents from around the world. They use a transparent aggregation system, which lets you know what part of your team is located where, and what they are doing in the overall mobile app design.


One of their most important ethos’ is, to make apps that will be fit for the future. This inherently means they are creating apps, which have an AI and machine learning design element incorporated into them. It goes without saying then, that if you want your app to learn how it is used by customers, what kinds of products individuals like best and how you could advertise to the more effectively, give this mobile app design company a go.

EON Reality

If you want some kind of virtual reality implemented into your app, EON is the company to call. They specialize more in commercial apps for this reason. They have made an app for aerospace brands, which allows them to model and view their products inside the app. If you want great detail and very specific modeling apps, which is useful if you are a construction and or design business, EON is a great choice.

MSG Global

Let’s be honest, many mobile app design companies have been around for little more than 5-10 years. Smartphones are a very new invention, but this company has been around making apps of one form or another, for over 20 years. They make great apps for the commercial sector, namely for accounting, finance, regulatory reports and customer experience to name a few. If you want to work with a team that has a proven record, go with them.


UX and UI are their bread and butter. They make apps for iOS and Android, and cross-platform. Their design ethos is to focus on how the app looks and if it works intuitively with user behavior. So the button sizes, themes, colors and navigation is very important to how they will create your app. They have a lot of experience, which is why they have built their own framework for each project.

BrickMate Group

They believe in co-development, allowing for you and your team to work together at every step. They will provide a product sketch, allow you to make changes and add things, and then get to work. They will work with you, informing you of their decisions and allowing for a much more fluid design process.


They are all about performance. Your app is going to start up and work, in less than 10 seconds. The zap rate will be 1 second. The multichannel record will be 3 and the will create a 4K resolution app to boot.