50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Alaska  

50 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Alaska
13Apr, 2021

It is common to say that we live in a digital world, but today it is no longer completely accurate: we live in a mobile world! At the beginning of the previous decade, Apple developed the first iPhone, following which many companies developed a line of highly advanced smartphones. Smartphones have made it possible to lower prices and make these devices accessible to the general public. The introduction of smartphones into our lives has increased the demand for the development of applications adapted to mobile phones, while increasing the importance of high-quality and attractive application design.

Application design – why is this so important?

One of the important components of the app user experience is the visual component: users love to browse beautifully designed apps in a modern and innovative way. In fact, the design of the application is no less important than the content displayed in it and the various services it offers. For this reason it is very important to invest in app design, as this directly contributes to its success. Basic rules in application design If you are interested in designing applications and are thinking of getting involved in the field, it is important that you know the basic rules that help the quality and correct design of your application. Get to know the target audience. The first thing you need to define for yourself before designing the app is who the target audience is that you want to use the app.

Familiarity with the target audience, their needs, goals and preferences regarding the interface will help you make optimal decisions regarding the design of the application and the characterization of the user experience. Keep the interface simple: make it clear that the design itself does not have to be simple – it’s entirely a matter of your taste and that of your target audience. However, how to use the interface should be simple, convenient to use and fast. The goal is for users to be able to use the app easily even in the first uses without any instructional actions. It is very important to adapt the design of the application to the various operating systems, with an emphasis on Apple’s ios operating system and Google’s Android. Follow the rules of the operating system and be careful not to deviate too much from the accepted standard. Listen to the user interface guidelines: Google and Apple have very precise guidelines that cover various aspects of app development including app design. Try to adhere to these guidelines as adhering to them will help create a good user experience. It will also make it easier for your app to go through the approval process before going up to the Apple and Google app stores. If you are looking for some of the best mobile app design companies in Alaska, we are going to run you through them all now.

So let’s take a look at our list. We will focus on the top fifteen in a little more detail as well as giving you a linked list of over 50+ mobile app design companies in Alaska!

Exemplary Marketing

At number one we have Exemplary Marketing. This company is dedicated to creating and designing impeccable web apps for a number of clients. With impeccable design at its core, you can be sure they’ll create an app that not only is easy to navigate but looks aesthetically pleasing.  They focus on highly responsive design for an improved UX and tie in digital marketing with other areas of their expertise, such as web design and more.

NeXus Data Solutions

NeXus Data Solutions is a woman-owned software development company that provides the very best in custom computer programming services. Their focus is within business intelligence solutions. They are incredibly technology driven and have worked with: ASP.NET, JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, Sharepoint, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Alaska Web Dynamics

They call themselves a one stop web shop! Alaska Web Dynamics has been in business for over 20 years of assisting Alaskan organizations and businesses. They work on web design and also app design, whether that’s a brand new one or pre-existing. They want to add to your business presence.

Computing Alternatives

Computing Alternatives (CAI) is a leading Information Technology company that has worked across many huge industries which include Financial and Public Sectors. They have been in operation since 1998 and they offer all computing services including web development. This is however only a smaller branch of what they deliver as they are incredibly technology focused.


3Advance is an “agile development team specializing in mobile and web apps”. They work with both startups and established businesses, focusing on on-demand products and efficiency. They are a passionate team of individuals who aim to advance your business with UX at its core. They use Cloud expertise and deploy all apps as quickly as possible, if you’re working to deadlines. Their goal is to ‘advance’ together and give smaller businesses a chance to succeed, especially if they are more local businesses.

ITechArt Group

iTechArt is a top-tier, one-stop custom software development company. They are relatively large with over 1600+ experienced workers. They have been in operations since 2002, and work with lots of tech companies to help them build successful, scalable products including Big Data.

Alaska Impact Marketing

Alaska Impact Marketing aims to provide effective solutions designed to impact your business marketing, and no size is too large or too small. They work alongside new marketing avenues, optimizing on the old and the new, and using social media as a tool. They offer Mobile App design to help bring local businesses the newest trends in ways to market their business.


ELICERE was established in 2006 with a vision built on core principles, focusing on building relationships that last and strong communication. They want the customer to be happy at every step of the way and offer a quality product solution for marketing needs.  They create customized applications for all.

Notion Theory

NotionTheory is an ideas and innovations agency. They pride themselves greatly  on being creative and ready for a challenge, often working with startups for app design and even virtual reality. For businesses on the smaller scale, they probably will find Notion Theory a good place to start.

Clearly Innovative

We are a technology solutions provider headquartered in Washington DC but work in Alaska also. They produce web and mobile applications and modules, with a focus on UX. They are a large team of creative individuals and passionate for technology.  They focus on interesting design and development for all industries.

The Sneakers Agency

The Sneakers Agency framework helps brands clarify their digital strategy and they have been in business for over ten years. They seek to work with customers who want to build better companies and bigger business opportunities in a bespoke way.


They are known as the elite digital innovation studio based in NYC but operate in Alaska. They have launched products for startups and large enterprises, so they work across the spectrum. They have built 40+ products from mobile and web apps to chatbots and work with cutting edge technology to provide the very best for all clients.

Infojini Consulting

Founded in 2006, Infojini focuses on digital engagement and business value. They work on software and app development, as well as website and mobile design to create a responsive app for all. They also work with brands on technology consulting and helping them move forwards.

Wve Labs

Wve Labs is a mobile app development company focused on providing a modern day solution, for digital marketing. They are a team of fresh young individuals who are keen to make a difference and have worked on multiple projects from small to large. They work efficiently, with speed and affordability at their core. They are a global country that works with companies worldwide.

Code Brew Labs

Code Brew Labs is an innovative tech company that specializes in mobile applications. They have created over 300 applications for their clients across the globe. They work to create for companies and simplify the industry with technology. From serving technology in the food sector to manufacturing online stores to the automobile giants; Code Brew Labs works with many companies across all industry niches.

Digital Unicorn

21Twelve Interactive


Mujadidia Inc

Plonta Creative LLC


Unique Designs

Topher Maguire


Dom and Tom

YUJ Design



North West Data Solutions



Tundra Technologies


Duffy Infodesign

Scribe Away

Clever Coding

Encoders Alaska

Arctic Pixel LLC

A Visual Voice, LLC

TP Alaska Design

Beacon Media + Marketing

Applied Microsystems, Inc.

Porcaro Communications

Design Alaska

Hatcher Designs

Sundog Media



Borealis Web Design