50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Alabama

50 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Alabama
13Apr, 2021

It is estimated that the average adult will spend around three and half hours per day on their mobile device. The smartphone’s rise has led to a boom in technology startups, a boom not unlike the dot com days. With more and more people accessing information via their smartphones, companies are looking to rise to the challenge of offering consumers a fuss-free way to connect with them via mobile apps.

Mobile apps allow users to access information via a location on their phones and can be used for various actions. The most popular being mobile banking apps, shopping apps, games and streaming services. The app will let the user bypass having to open a browser to find the website they are looking for and will let them do everything they can do via a traditional browser and more.

With over 2 million apps in the Apple Store and 1.6 million on Google Play, it is within reason that consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to deciding which apps they want to use. In an ever-competitive market, companies wishing to develop a mobile app will need to make sure they are getting it right the first time. First impressions count, and the user will no longer be satisfied with a mediocre app user experience and do not want to wait for updates to fix glitches or major errors.

What You Should Look for In a Good Mobile App Design Company.

Companies or individuals hoping to develop an app need to make sure they choose a company that fully understands the market they are in and can meet expectations placed on newly released apps to help you hit the ground running.

A glance at app ratings on various apps will show users are supercritical, and their disappointment will be reflected in those reviews. How can you make sure you choose the right mobile app design company in Alabama to work with you to bring your app to the market? Knowing what qualities your app should have is a starting point.

Characteristics of a Good Mobile App

  1. You need a unique and appealing design that will catch the users attention and encourage them to download and use your app. Focus on top quality animations and design to bring a sophisticated look to the app
  2. Your app needs to have a good user interface. It needs to be clear and easy to navigate as well as intuitive. First impressions are created within seconds. If you fail here, chances are your app will not be a success.
  3. The app needs to be created with the platform in mind. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and different operating systems have different qualities. The pap will need to accommodate these differences depending on the platform the user has.
  4. As your app hits the market, chances are you will see new ways to improve on the design you have and boost the user experience. Constantly working on updates and evolving the app to make it more user-friendly and expand its capabilities is something you need to continually implement to avoid users switching to a competitor who offers what you don’t.
  5. Feedback is good. Sure, some people will never be happy, but looking at what people are saying about your app and working on improving the app based on feedback will only help you out in the long run. Never think of feedback as a failure, except a way to improve what you do.

When choosing the best mobile app company in Alabama, you want to make sure that not only does the company have the right know-how and experience, but they also understand your objective. They can work with you to develop a solid app that delivers everything consumers demand from a mobile app. A good mobile app company will help you identify your target demographic to tailor your app to their usage and behaviour and help you expand on your app to offer.

If you are looking for the best mobile app design companies in Alabama, you need to look at the best fit company for your needs, who can work with you to develop the best app possible for your brand.

50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Alabama

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a leading mobile app design company offering attractive web design, responsive mobile app development, graphic design and much more.

2. Appentus Technologies

Providing cutting edge technologies to bring you the latest in web and mobile app design.

3. Developmentnow

Providing web solutions since 2006 for companies of all sizes.

4. Wireless1marketing Group LLC

Specialising in cost-effect web strategies for companies of all sizes.

5. MotionMobs

Implementing new and creative ideas to keep your web applications moving forward.

6. CAN Softtech

Proficient in making your web solutions more accessible on mobile devices.

7. Envision Interactive

Experience across a wide range of industries and experts in web design and mobile applications.

8. Huebris

From mobile apps, websites and intranet/extranet solutions, Huebris can meet your needs.

9. Kinetic Communications

Adept at building applications that are unique to your company.

10. Zeekee Interactive

Zeekee Interactive are specialists in helping you find your space online and build your presence.

11. tep.io

Use tep.io for their worldwide experience in offering software consultation and engineering.

12. Hyperlink Info System

Hyperlink Info System has been meeting demand from mobile apps since 2011.

13. Verge Pipe Media

Offering tailored solutions and practical advice based on your needs as a company.

14. PopNet Media

Trust PopNet Media to bring their years of experience and expertise to your mobile app development.

15. PointClear Solutions

Bring real value and expertise to your project to help craft your optimal mobile app.

16. Kindred Technology Group, LLC

Improve your brand and marketing online with Kindred Technology Group, LLC

17. One Black Dog

Providing leading mobile app technology since 2004.

18. Platypi

A full-service design and mobile application company in Alabama.

19. Sybite Technologies

Excellent service at great prices.

20. KeyQ Inc

KeyQ Inc is your full service managed IT company.

21. Sigao Studios

Helping customers get the most from their technology investment.

22. Teksouth Corporation

With headquarters based in Birmingham, Alabama, Teksouth Corporation is a technology services firm offering a range of technology services.

23. Emtech Inc

Dedicated to helping world-class organisations drive transformation and growth.

24. Advanced Systems Unlimited

Benefit from a tailored experience that delves into what you need from your mobile application to deliver results.

25. Centreville Tech LLC

Technology solutions and software engineer outsourcer with over 6 years of experience.

26. Eggplant Systems and Design, LLC

Experts in bespoke software systems and maintenance.

27. Dorger Software Architects

Dorger Software Architects specialise in offering the right technology solution for your business.

28. Dogwood Productions Inc

A full-service media and sound design firm

29. Evo Group Technologies

A small business in Birmingham, Alabama, offers a wide range of technology services.

30. Alabama Website Solutions

Take advantage of their services in many areas of web and graphic design.

31. Axis Consultant Group and Associates, LLC

A focus on web applications and data management.

32. LAYOUTindex

Bring creative and tech-savvy media solutions to the market.

33. Widenet Consulting, LLC

With over 15 years of experience in their field, Widenet Consulting offer a range of services to help you get your web design up and running,

34. New Merkal Consulting Group

Founded in 2003 to provide a range of personalised tech solutions.

35. Next Level Studio

Offering custom software, web design, SEO and much more.

36. Blockchain Developments

Delve into the what and the how-to bring your creations to life with Blockchain Developments.

37. Alloy Digital

A powerhouse in the digital world since 1996


Dedicated to offering an open and transparent service for your web needs.

39. 21TwelveInteractive

Specialising in android app development, mobile app development, digital marketing and more.

40. Dorger Software Architects

A consultancy service specialising in offering you the right technology solutions for your business.

41. Stanfy

Offering services that include mobile app development, web development, wearable app development and more.

42. Top Flight Apps

Trust Top Flight Apps for all your mobile application needs.

43. Wemersive

Producing web applications with UX/UI design, VR app development and a range of other services.

44. Steady Rain

A company founded in 1999offering custom software development amongst other web services

45. Help Net

A small company that can offer customised services based on your application development needs.

46. Axelerant

Available for work on mobile applications, blockchain technology, web design, to name a few.

47. Bizteon Software

Services for Bizteon Software include mobile app developments in Alabama, cloud solutions, along blockchain development.

48. Atomic Robot

A strong industry contender since 2011, Atomic Robot offers a range of services to help meet your needs.

49. Advanced Systems Unlimited

Taking your vision and helping to craft it to produce a mobile application for your needs.

50. Fluper

Offering web design, mobile app development across different applications with attractive UI options

51. Webology SEO

A creative design and online marketing firm in Birmingham, Alabama.

52. RockettownMedia

A Huntsville based website design and mobile technology firm.

53. 8ninths

Draw on 8ninths expertise with mobile applications, including e-commerce applications.

54. Chop Dawg

Chop Dawg can offer you expertise in creating a wide range of mobile and web apps.

55. Tapptitude

Building interactive mobile focussed products in 2013.

56. Revelry Labs

Delivering high-quality application and design services since 2012.