Ten Best Freelance Mobile App Developers For Hire In 2021

Freelance Mobile App Developers
19Sep, 2020

Mobile apps have dramatically changed the modern world. Different apps have been created on a day to day basis, and it seems as if the world has suddenly become dependent on them. Individuals and businesses are creating mobile apps to accomplish their particular goals. Are you looking to get an app developed for you? So, who are you considering then?

Generally, there are two ways to develop your app. You can either contact a developer company or you can hire a freelancer. Hiring a freelancer is usually preferred by most because it is a cheaper way of app development. In addition, freelancers are more reliable and get the job done quicker.  So, there’s every reason to hire freelancers than app development companies.

Are you looking to hire a freelance mobile app developer? Yes, it is difficult to find the professional developers who are trusted and have the required experience. However, it is no longer a problem. We have enlisted a few of the best and top freelancers who can develop the perfect mobile app you want. Here is a list of ten best freelance mobile app developers for hire in 2021:

Malik Kurdi

Malik Kurdi is a professional, renowned, and experienced freelance mobile app developer who has expertise in developing apps relevant to all industries. Based in Chicago, he has experience in app design and development, social media marketing, website development, and much more. He has such a vast skill-set, and everything he does, he does with perfection. The clients of Malik Kurdi are always happy with his services and tend to react to his work and appreciate his skills. So, if you want to hire the most skilful and experienced freelancer, Malik Kurdi must be your choice!

Scott B.

Scott B. is one of the popular freelancer developers known for expertise in iOS mobile app development. However, he has the skills needed to be one of the top mobile app developers. He communicates in detail to know your development goals and objectives.


Kaxhiftaj is another good freelancer to hire for app development. He has several great projects to his name already and is definitely worth a hire. He can impress you with his development skills. So, you are in good hands if you hire him.

Luccas Beck R.

Luccas Beck R. is from Brazil and is another freelancer you can hire to develop an app. He is a full-stack expert in developing mobile apps of all types. Also, he has great communication skills and can learn about your needs quickly. In the end, he makes you feel satisfied with his work.

Ekta Padaliya

Ekta Padaliya is a mobile app developer and web developer and a considerable freelancer for hire. She can create a custom iOS mobile app for you. She has the skills and expertise in developing an android app as well. She is an IT graduate!

Kyrylo S.

Kyrylo S. from Ukraine is famous for its mobile app development. He has handled a number of projects already and done well so far. His clients are too happy with his development work. You must test his app development skills by hiring him for the next app you want!

Nazneen Khan

Nazneen Khan can create some of the best mobile apps. She is highly experienced and knows how to develop the best app to make her clients happy. As her client, you will be more than happy as she can come up with excellent ideas and custom apps to assist you even more!

Bogdan U.

Another Ukrainian freelancer who has expertise in full-stack development and mobile app development. He is a successful freelancer and has the experience of creating stunning mobile apps. He can be a worthy option for hire if you want some amazing mobile apps developed for you!

Hamza Rauf

Hamza Rauf won’t disappoint you as well. He is a professional freelance developer with more than five years of experience. He is an expert at WordPress, PHP, Android, and iOS development. Also, he has web development skills to impress you. One of the top choices for app development as well!

Marko B.

Marko B. is based in Slovenia and can be a freelancer for hire in 2021. He is one of the top freelance app developers you can consider hiring. He is ranked among the best iOS app developers. The feedback of his clients determines how good he has been with his work and his clients.


So, that was the list of top best freelancer mobile app developers in 2021. Read the expertise of all these freelancers before you finally hire one. Keep your requirements in mind and communicate with these freelancers before you get started. Once you communicate your objectives thoroughly, you are welcome to hire a freelance app developer!