What is the Best Calculator to Estimate the Mobile App Development Cost?

What is the Best Calculator to Estimate the Mobile App Development Cost
13Dec, 2020

Planning the creation of an app, whether you will be building something for your business or just building something from scratch, can be very exciting. So many smartphone users only use phones to access the internet and use them to do everything from shopping to paying their bills to photo editing. So creating an app will mean that you are part of that.

Developing an app does take time and money to arrange and to sort. That is why when you are in the planning stages, or even just the idea stages, it is a good idea to look at the costs. Then you can get an idea around budget and if it is really going to work. The good news is that before you even have to get started, you can use a calculator to estimate the mobile app development cost. With so many out there to choose from and use, what makes the best mobile app development cost calculator? Here are some factors to consider.


When you are planning and developing an app, the cost calculator that you use needs to be specific. It is no good working out development hours and costs relating to that if all of the things that it asks you are really general. You should look for a mobile app development cost calculator that is specific and asks you plenty of questions.

For example, lookout for a calculator that asks you about the user experience. Will app users need to create a profile? Not only that, but do you have the options to check how they will create a profile? Do you want them to be able to connect to their Facebook profile or just need them to enter an email address? Even adding in something like a ‘forgot password’ button will need to be developed and added in, so you need to be that specific when using a cost calculator. These are the things to look out for, which our app cost calculator does, rather than just asking if users will need to create a profile, it is specific. The more specific the calculator is, the better it will be for you and your planning.

Platforms and Devices

When you are planning your app, you will need to think about the kind of platform that you want to use and what devices it will be available on. The mobile app cost calculator needs to take into account this, and give you options to choose. If you want it to be on Android as well as iOS, for example, then you need to have the choices available. This helps you to be specific and to get an estimate around the development hours that will be required.

Development Hours

The best mobile app development cost calculator is going to list the development hours for each thing that you select. It is no good just having a price quoted after being asked a few questions; you need to be clear what is costing what and why. Our app development calculator takes into account the development hours of each element that you select, so you can see why it will cost a certain price. This also allows you to go back and change things, if you need to stick to a specific budget, for example, and then you can take out any element that requires a lot of development hours. Being transparent and clear is what it is all about.


When you are planning the app and looking at the costs of the app, you need to think about the overall user experience. Of course, it is going to be great for users to use your app often, but will they be able to do this without a notification option? Push notifications and pop-up notifications are things that will need to be developed into the app, which all takes time and all takes money to design and add. So think about the user experience, and make sure that the cost calculator that you use has options like this to make the user experience a good one.

Try our mobile app development cost calculator

If you want to use our mobile app development cost calculator, then you can do so here: https://exemplarymarketing.com/mobile-app-development-cost-calculator-ex/. It will give you a clear picture and understanding around the costs of developing an app, and is specific enough that it may even prompt some thoughts in your mind about the app, that you hadn’t thought of before.