Benefits of Building a Mobile Application for Your Business

Mobile Application for Your Business
17Jul, 2020

Are you Wondering if Your Business Really Needs a Mobile App?

Consider these statistics. There are over 5 billion mobile device users worldwide, and millions of apps on mobile application stores combined. Also, 90% of the time people spend on their mobile phones is used on applications.

Imagine the Number of Prospects You Can Reach When Your Business has a Mobile App!

Contrary to popular belief, mobile apps are not only reserved for games and social media platforms.
Anyone, including businesses like yours, can utilize mobile apps to reach their customers and increase
sales. This is because having a mobile app your prospects and customers can download is like building your physical store on their mobile phones. In this short guide, you’ll learn how building a mobile app can help your business engage more with prospects, increase brand awareness, make more sales, and more.

Benefits of Building a Mobile App


There’s hardly anyone left in the world without a mobile device. You are probably even reading this on your mobile device. On average, people spend two hours every day using installed applications on their mobile phones. 

There’s a huge market you can tap into digitally without customers having to make physical contact with your business, or having to open a browser to access your website. To some business owners, mobile applications are a waste of resources, and loyal customers will remain irrespective. 

But, even loyal customers want value for their money, and when you refuse to upgrade with the times, your business will be left behind. The assertion that mobile applications are a waste of resources is one borne out of ignorance. With this Guide, we would dispel such thoughts and share the enormous benefits your business stands to gain with a mobile application.

Reasons to Build a Mobile Application for Your Business

With a mobile application, you can leverage endless opportunities to market and sell your products and services, as well as brand your business. Here are some of the benefits of building a mobile app for your business.

  • Boost Sales and Revenue

It is no longer news that online shopping has taken over traditional shopping options. However, things are changing again. Prospects today are not only shopping online, but are utilizing mobile applications more because it’s more convenient. In fact, in the first half of 2020, global app revenue reached a
whopping $50 billion! If you ask us, this is a lot of money your business can’t afford to miss out on.

Thus, beyond having a mobile-optimized website, the best way to get more sales is to build a mobile application. With your business app, you can engage more personally with prospects, provide needed information quickly, and offer faster checkout and payment process. Ultimately a mobile app gives your prospective a more convenient and easy shopping experience, thereby enabling you to secure more sales and boost your revenue.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Every serious-minded business owner knows that visibility is crucial to business growth. If no one knows about your business, no one would buy from you or even recommend your products and services. Businesses today explore many online options to gain visibility that can create brand awareness, but the mobile apps remain a mostly untapped option. Considering the amount of time people spend on their mobile devices, with a mobile app, you can increase your brand awareness by:

  • Sending Timely Notifications:

You can let prospects know of new product arrivals and offers through simple push notifications. With easy notifications like this, customers can place orders on impulse or simply be reminded to check out available products and services.

  • Providing Important Information About Product and Services:

With mobile applications, customers can immediately access important information on your products and services. When customers can access necessary information quickly, your brand comes to mind whenever they need your product and services.

  • Sharing Information on Available Promotions:

Everyone loves freebies. With a mobile application, you can inform your customers about available promotions such as discount codes or coupons. And, they will be inclined to share your business with family and friends, thereby promoting your brand.

  • Provide Direct Communication Options

Think of how frustrated you got the last time you wanted urgent information about a brand, and you were met with silence. Nobody has the patience for brands that they can’t reach! With mobile applications, your business can have direct communication options with customers round the clock. So, irrespective of what time of the day someone hears about your brand, they can easily access your mobile application and find out more about your business.

Furthermore, you can have call-to-action buttons on your mobile app for direct messaging options, mailing options, or even quick call options. This way, when your customer encounters a problem, they can lodge a complaint immediately.

Where it is possible, you can resolve their problems almost immediately or at least leave them a comforting message. Also, besides making complaints, customers can communicate directly with you through feedback, reviews, and suggestions through your mobile app. 

  • Improve Customer Experience

Customers are the soul of a business. Your business means nothing if no one is buying what you sell. In doing business, you get to deal with people, and if you want to stand any chance of selling to them, you must offer exceptional customer experience. Many business owners have failed in the delivery of exceptional customer service experience, primarily due to the humans attending to customers directly. With a mobile application, you can cut through the hassle of a face-to-face transaction where emotions get in the way. At any point that a customer accesses your mobile application, they are met with the same interface always optimized to give them the best experience. If you have a mobile application designed to give very minimal technological glitch, your customers would love every shopping experience, and become more loyal to your brand. 

  • Track and Analyze Customer Behavior

A mobile application can help you track and analyze the activities of customers more efficiently. With this information, you can predict what services your customers like best, how they would receive offers and promotions, and how they would react to the business changes you make.
Furthermore, all transaction information, such as total revenue generated, and additional information on user demographics can be collected and used when
Benefits of Building a Mobile App

Things to Consider Before Building a Mobile App

While building a mobile application is great for your business, you should not jump into building one blindly. Many business owners get all pumped up about building a mobile app that they neglect the most important things that would make their app an effective business tool. Here are some crucial things you must consider before you start building your business mobile application.

  • Concept

What do you want to achieve with your mobile app? Is it to enable prospects to place orders faster, get information about your service, read your blog posts more conveniently, or? Without a clear cut concept, you may end up building an app that does not contribute to your business growth. Therefore, you have to build a solid concept for your mobile application, by identifying what segment of your target market would use it, what problems it would solve for them, and how the app will do it.

  • User Preference

Before you build a mobile application, you must first know your users. Yes, you would argue the mobile application is for their benefit, but do they think so too? If you do not want your mobile application to get numerous bad reviews on App Store or Play Store and then uninstalled by prospects, you must consider your users’ technological needs and preferences. You can do this by creating an ideal user profile and understanding how best to use the app to meet their needs for your products or services.

  • Technical Feasibility

Some projects are white elephant projects. We understand you have a fantastic idea about the problems you want your mobile applications to solve. However, are there technologies that can support these dreams you have for your mobile applications? For instance, you may decide to want to end hunger in the US by creating a mobile application where people can download food. While it is a
thoughtful idea, there’s no technology to support it.

  • Cost Implication and Profit

How much would it cost you to build a mobile application? Can your business afford to create and maintain one conveniently? Remember you are in business to maximize profit, would building a mobile application brings in the money you put in and extra as profit? Answering this question will help you make better financial decisions for your business.

Benefits of Building a Mobile App

Key Takeaway:

Building a mobile application for your business offers several benefits, including increased brand awareness, improved customer interaction, and experience, all of which results in more sales. Unfortunately, most businesses have not started taking advantage of the opportunities mobile apps offer. Therefore, now is the right time for you to build a mobile application for your business and get ahead of your competitors.

However, unlike building a mobile-optimized website, building a mobile app is more complicated and takes more time to learn to do yourself. This is because it requires various technical skills, including coding, UI/UX design, and backend development skill.

So, you Would Likely Need to Hire an Expert to Build Your Business App Professionally And Quickly.

Take The Next Step with Exemplary Marketing

At Exemplary Marketing, we create stunning and interactive iOS and Android mobile applications for businesses. Our mobile app development team consists of experienced programmers who are highly skilled at building business apps with top functionality that deliver the best consumer experience and perform at an optimum level overall.

When you Hire Us, We Will Carry You Along Every Step of the Way to Build a Mobile Application that is Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs.

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