4 Time-Saving Apps for Small Business Owners

4 Time Saving Apps for Small Business Owners
01Apr, 2022

Running a small business takes a lot of work. From scheduling to task management, you may feel like you need a full staff to take care of all of the details. If you can’t afford all of the help you need, there are other options. Explore Exemplary Marketing’s available services and solutions. Statistics show that 99% of businesses in the U.S. are small businesses, so there are tons of apps that can help you manage your workload without losing your patience. Here are four of the best right now.


  1. Loom

With remote work on the rise, almost everyone has heard of video chat apps like Zoom. However, there’s a new app shaking up how people are using video for business. Loom lets you film video whenever is most convenient for you, instead of having to schedule everyone for multiple meetings. 


You can record yourself and your screen simultaneously or choose one or the other. Then, you can send your recording to coworkers or clients whenever you want. Some common uses are sending feedback and quickly talking through something, so you don’t have to compose an email. You can also record website or product walkthroughs or make announcements. Recording a quick video can save you tons of writing and proofreading time.


  1. Slack

Slack helps you communicate with employees and keep everyone on the same page. You can create channels related to specific projects or teams, so all messaging and related documents are in one place. You can even add outside partners to specific channels if you are collaborating on a plan. Slack is particularly great for remote brainstorming. Everyone can add ideas whenever they feel inspired and can add commentary to others’ opinions.


  1. Square

If your business is mobile, Square can help you take payments easily and keep track of any physical stock that you have. Portable card readers make checkout quick, and you can also collect customer data to amp up your email list. In addition, you can integrate Square with your website so that your in-person and online sales all link up to the same account. This can save you tons of number-crunching.


  1. QuickBooks

You’ve probably heard of QuickBooks, and it’s the standard for a reason. Keeping your finances in order is one of the most important parts of running a business, and QuickBooks has all of the features you need to do it. You can link the app with your bank accounts for seamless integration, and you can also connect it to other valuable apps to save yourself time. Payroll, invoicing, tracking expenses, and managing your bills will all be in one convenient place.

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Tracking your spending in an organized fashion is extremely important. Using finance software with built-in transaction data API can help you see 24 months of data in one place, and you can sort by category for specific insights. Also, with your bank accounts linked, you can see data in real-time without confusing lag.


Using the apps above will save you tons of time by automating organization and communication. Don’t be intimidated by the potential learning curve, as these apps are typically very user-friendly. The small amount of time that you invest in learning will pay off big time in the long run. Also, if it gets to a point where you feel overwhelmed, you can always look online for virtual assistants and other helpers that can aid you with everyday tasks.