100 Ideas For Developing An App

100 Ideas For Developing An App 02
24Nov, 2020

Mobile phones’ role has become necessary in our lives, and a life without using different apps on mobile phones cannot be imagined now. Various apps are used in our daily lives like education, banking, entertainment, shopping, business, cooking, communication, etc. Now a day’s modern technology has given us lots of opportunities for app ideas for our devices. These applications can be operated on both mobiles and the web. Mobile users are conversant with apps and know about the need for different mobile apps in daily life. When you install any app and start using it repeatedly, you get familiar with its functions and working. Using any app does not require any professional training or learning about it. App development is the procedure of making software applications for different device paths. The purpose of representative applications is to use a network by working with remote computing assets. Basically, this process involves creating installable software packets like code, programs, and resources by executing back-end services. These services include data access through an API and testing of this software on desired devices. 

Mobiles turned a sign of attainment in everyone’s life, and without it is considered that business can’t grow in the developed technology era. Users share the links of applications with other people and discuss their favorite ones and give opinions. The use of the mobile application is comfortable rather than any website, and it provides more mobility and facilitates services. The app development business is today successful. It’s beneficial for developers, and they must know how to develop an app that can run on mobiles.  Apps have many benefits like turning the mobile data faster, increasing item sales, enhancing customer loyalty, offering improved user interface, increasing user interaction,   etc. let us discuss different ideas that can be implemented to develop an application for our mobiles. Here are 100 ideas below that can influence you and help you think of designing an application.


1.Language learning app

The language learning system app can be easily developed. This idea app for language learning is best for beginners who want to teach or learn any language. It will help users in fast and satisfying learning.  The app should consist of different levels of learning, from easy to difficult. Basic levels will involve the alphabets, and going towards a high level; it includes established talks and conversations. The app should consist of the voice feature for the learner’s pronunciation. 

2.Railway tracking app

Internationally, people are highly dependent on trains for their routine traveling; if trains are late or any other trouble comes up, it can be risky for citizens. So, there is a need for such an app that can help with tracking and alternative ways of traveling information. The railway tracking app will help users to find out the train location and time. In case of any emergency, you can choose your way of traveling.

3.Health check-up and food planner app

This app will help users check their health daily and suggest food according to their body needs. It would be able to suggest several healthy food recipes from different professional chefs. You can set your health situation on it, and it will work according to your situation. For example, if you have a stomach problem, it will advise you on food and ingredients that are good for stomach problems. The app should have the feature of partnership with grocery stores for online delivery of healthy food and items.

4.Scan and convert to pdf app

An app can be developed that can scan papers using a phone at home. It will be easy to scan your documents and convert them into pdf. Instead of going to the shop, you can easily do all your tasks at home or office. Scan and convert to pdf app help save important information on your device like documents, receipts, reports, results, etc. This app’s purpose is to rapidly scan files and keep them in high quality and PDF files.

5.Voice translation app

During worldwide traveling, one of the major problems is language, it is hard to learn every country’s language, but it is necessary for communication with citizens. Simple app ideas for voice translation is good; it helps users to avoid inconvenience and accessible communication. The user easily uses this app by speaking their desired words, and it will also translate into wanted language and even app covert another language into your language. This way helps travelers during their tours. 

6.Bike servicing app

An app can be developed, which will help to find repair services. If you generate a request, all Bike serving workshops nearby will get a notification. From the available options, you can select any technician to come for service. This app will use technology that is designed for the convenience of bike owners. The usage of this app is to get first-class maintenance services. Also, it will ease travel purposes and inventory management systems. By using this app, you can reduce the risk of time wastage.

7.Call recognition and recording app

Nowadays, call recognition apps are a must-have in our mobile phone because of this situation. You can avoid uncertain problems like harassment, prank calls, etc., by using these application ideas. These apps should be easily installable and record or recognize the unknown or harassing calls and save the record for evidence.

8.Grocery shops navigation map

This app will help to search all the stores location in a specific area. This navigation app will save all the shopping stores and malls nearby you on the maps. It will provide you with directions to guide and will help you to search the things you require. User will add the required item in the search bar and get notified from the stores that have that item. It will help find out the crowded area to avoid traveling troubles and save time to get the item from the right place. The store could also provide home delivery using user information. 

9.Crime alert app

Crime detector apps that need to be made now a days to detect criminals in your area. It will help to catch them and secure lives. It is challenging to remember criminals by seeing them on news, social media, newspapers, and other platforms, so these apps are supportive by recognizing them. Also, you cannot identify strangers, either they are criminals or not. These apps will be installs with the street cameras and detect the familiar faces to recognize the criminals.

10.Fitness App

Everyone should be conscious of their life because health is compulsory for life. Fitness apps will be used to connect you with health coaches and nutritionists for diet consultation. This way reduces the risk of health syndromes and leads towards a healthy lifestyle. These innovative apps should have different charts and menus for the users to help to accomplish their task. Charts are according to users’ condition and complete fitness such as Sugar, heart rate, stomach, weight, blood pressure, etc. Health professionals’ user’s design charts can communicate with them for other information regarding their health.

11.Bill dividing app

This idea app will help students going for lunch or dinner with their friends and dividing their bills on the spot. This app will help you instantly get the answer and you do not require to calculate or tell friends manually. The app will automatically send messages to the friend that you have to submit your divided cash. After sending the cash, he will hit the done button. On the other hand, the receiver will get notified. Also, other people can use this app for the calculation or their split bills. 

12.Contact tracing app

Today’s global panic situation is facing COVID-19; the idea of a contact tracing app helps users see the under-situation areas. Governments can use these apps to find infected people and track the possibility of their scattering. Universally these apps can be used to fight against COVID-19.

13.Real-time car-sharing app

A real-time car sharing app helps users to share expenses by registering their cars on this app. Different users who have the same destination find the same care when it becomes economical and gives easy traveling. In this way, people can pool in and divide the expenses. It will help people who can’t afford cars. By using this app, users would also be able to get cars on rent.

14.Food recommendation app

A food recommendation app helps food lovers to search out good restaurants and food points. People suggest their visited food points and rate them; it will help others select the dining place.

15.Parking space finder app

This app aims to search for free parking space for users on their desired place and show them. Different data can be used to develop these apps like GPS, webcams, location, and real-time parking information.

16.Graphical restaurant table reservation

It isn’t easy in restaurants to find out your desired seating arrangement at a specific time, so this app helps to reserve in advance. Most people don’t want to sacrifice their privacy and want a table in the corner. Business lunch or dinners requirement is a large table, so all these are planned.

17.Virtual study group app

This app is usually helpful for students that can share a mutual platform for their studies. During this COVID-19 situation, students continue their studies and preparation for exams along with their subject holders. They also share study material like notes, assignments, projects, etc.

18.Karaoke app

People want to entertain their lives, so this app may helpful to enjoy the moments of life. Everyone has not sung ability, but with this app’s help, people can sing by using different filters to follow their favorite singers. In the industry this app is also used by professional singers for practice.

19.Supermarket checkout app

People have no time to stand in a queue in this busy lifestyle and wait for their turns. This android app ideas connect with brands, and you find them on your device like a supermarket and purchase them by online payments.

20.Video-editing app

Social media has become viral, and people want to use it for their personal lives. It is also used for marketing purposes and the sharing of products. Entrepreneurs hire social professionals for their business products to look after on social media. They use these apps for editing their videos before posting on social media to gain people’s attraction.

21.UPI Payment app

The trend of Unified Payments Interface-based payments is vastly going. It is an on-time banking payment system for cash sending and receiving. On a single app, numerous bank accounts are connected. Using an account number, you can also transfer money by mobile number, CNIC number, Payment address, QR code, etc.

22.A gift suggestion for friend app

This app helps you find the surprise gift for your friends or family member by their choice. This app searches your friend’s content history on social media and suggests you gift ideas.

23.Social networking app for item sale, buy and rent

Social media with stretched proficiencies used to sell your products by using these apps. Like they connect you with your existing contacts and allow recommendations, selling, and buying products according to their ideas.

24.Logistics app

Its human nature people want the right products and services in a short time. It is hard to find out the exact facilities at the exact time. After delivering products, mostly delivery boy doesn’t want to return free so these apps help them load more products.

25.Virtual clothes shopping app

This app aims to show the exact look of clothes and each angle style, helping buyers make their quick buying decisions. People use this app to save their time instead of shopping malls and selecting or changing dresses.

26.What’s in your fridge app

This app takes the record of all the material held in your refrigerator like vegetables, fruits, poultry, milk, and you to making food according to the product’s availability. Also, it will guide you about your chosen recipe.

27.Toy-exchanging app

Children’s choices are changed when they drown, and they are exhausted to play with some toys, so toy-exchanging is an innovative mobile app idea. It’s beneficial for parents to buy and exchange toys for their child’s requirements. It is also economical instead of buying new toys and spend a lot of money, exchanging old toys for new ones.

28.Finding people to maximize your spending on rewards credit card app

With this app’s help, people find out the similar one who wants to make the best use of their payments by credit cards to gain rewards with connecting to those who observe for procurements.

29.Finished item from refrigerator alert app

This app provides you information about compulsory things must-have in your refrigerator all time. If milk or eggs are near to end, it gives you an alert sign and remembering you to order it online.

30.Re-cycle helper app

Recycle helper app search your recycling bin, find the deleted files, and place them according to the placement and alert them for their existence.

31.Best vacation spot finder app

You have to enter your requirements on this app, and it shows you to top best vacation point according to your budget and other needs.

32.Automatic coupon applier app

This app helps you find out available coupons; these are mostly offered from different shopping websites to give their customers discounts.

33.Consult a doctor app

You can book your appointment before going; it is helpful to ensure the doctor’s availability on time. It will provide more information like answering your questions without visiting the doctor and updates on your health.

34.Water-reminder app

Without water, life is not possible, so the water-reminder app reminds you when and how much water you have to drink for better health. 

35.Social networking app for single parents

Single parenting is challenging and difficult to handle and teach children, so this app’s idea is mostly for single parents. This app helps single parents connect with other people and share thoughts, advice, and tips regarding child nature and behavior.

36.Warranty-expiry alerts app

Electronics have a warranty, and this app helps you to know before the warranty expiry.

37.Note-it app

Sometimes we write something important on paper and take a picture for saving it but later, when we need its content and zoom the picture, it cannot be exact. The note-it app helps to clear the image for reading the content.

38.Find your band member app for musicians

This new application idea is basically for job seeker app used by musical groups to find out the members of their band. These members can be a singer, drummer, guitarist, vocalist, etc. Different bands are available on this app, and musicians have the choice to choose the band.

39.Business tips app

Business tips app is designed for helping the young generation who wants to start their businesses. Different people connect on this app and discuss several business ideas and strategies that lead toward success.

40.Internet speed checker app

With this app’s help, you can easily check internet speed by showing it on ranking bar it also tells the using volume of data in the notification bar. Internet connection is display when devices are connected.

41.Subscription alert app

Currently, every entertainment app’s requirement is a subscription such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. casa well as other utility apps also want. The purpose of the subscription is to save all your subscription data and notify you before the expiry and payment dates.

42.Tenant Finder app

This app aims to build a linkage among tenants and property owners. They are putting their property for rent on the app to find out the suitable tenants. On the other hand, tenants use this app for various purpose like paying rent, official register complaints, and maintenance.

43.Food donation app for restaurants

With the help of these useful app ideas, restaurants will find out and call the donation and charity organizations who want to donate food among the needed people.

44.Task-scheduling and motivation app

The purpose of this app is to schedule and motivate users about their set goals. It also includes everyday routine tasks, like reading, exercising, cooking, cleaning, etc. It reminds you of all your necessary activities.


45.Period-calculator/Birth-control app

This app is specially designed for women; it helps keep a record of their monthly cycle record. It gives an alert if periods are late or curiously long, then it provides some recommendations about it.

46.Home security app

Now a day’s it is the most important question on how to secure our homes and workplaces; for this purpose, it is also important how to start an app for security purposes, and different devices are used like cameras and alarms. Every organization using these security apps and keep the record of every time.

47.Pregnancy-helper app

This app helps women during their pregnancy period for information regarding their condition and take advice from professionals. It also links with health food stores, medical stores, baby, and maternity shopping stores.

48.Tutor searching app

This app is designed for both students and teachers by defined their requirements. Students can find out their subject-related teachers, and they search the more student in their specific area according to their specialization and fees requirements.

49.House-keeper finding app

This app helps you find the helpers for house chores, and they are registered on the app by verifying their national identity cards. This app is categorized on the basis of services like cooking, cleaning, washing, baby care, etc. This app is also helpful for uneducated, jobless people for finding their jobs.

50.Groceries cost/compare/order app

This app shows you all the grocery stores near you and automatically compares the prices of items; it helps you shop at the lowest price. Like if you want to purchase chicken, all the meat shops with prices are shown on the app; also, it offers their deals and discounts. It helps to save both time and price.

51.Apps that scan terms/conditions

When you want to download any software or app, it has a document based on some terms and conditions. Most users accept without reading it because without accepting, downloading is not allowed. But you have to read to avoid any unfair conditions that will create a problem for you. This app scans the terms and conditions document and gives an alert notification if you find any doubtful condition. 

52.Complaint registering app

Governments should facilitate their citizens, and these creative mobile apps are developed by the government for registering citizens’ complaints. Before this, people don’t know how to register their complaints and aware of the government regarding their issues. Public face many issues like pollution, traffic jam in areas, road maintenance, etc. With this app’s help, the government can know about the public issue and try to resolve to give better services quickly.

53.School notices app

The school notice app is designed for parents for communication; it will be in different ways like email or message alert. The purpose is to aware of the parents about their child activities in the school; these are academic and curriculum activities. It includes the notification about attendance, results, progress reports, test sessions, time table, exam dates, holidays, etc. Also, they share the documents and files about child education information.

54.On-demand fuel-delivery app

This app provides the fuel facility at your place without going to the fuel station. It will help in an emergency situation when you suddenly need fuel. The app has the functionality to select your current location and send it and send it automatically to the nearest fuel station, and they reach you with the help of a built-in map.

55.Disaster management app

Disasters are a part of life; they can’t stop, but we have to plan how to avoid it. These apps help people and aware of disasters from their areas; this way, they can prevent their lives. People easily know how to face the disaster and control it with passions; also, they inform the rescues team with location and all necessary information for people’s help.

56.Tourists helper app

This app helps the tourists about their attractive places that are not famous, but they want to visit. On the app, tourists put their interests in a selected country or city, and it will give all the information about all the famous and hidden places.

57.Flower and gift delivering app 

You have to put your friends and family member’s birthday and special event dates on this app. It will schedule them and choose the gifts and flowers from your side and order them to send them. You get a notification, and you have to pay it online.

58.Virtual Interior Designer app

Virtual interior designer app helps you to decorate your house. You take a picture of the area where you want to decorate and upload it to the app. The app automatically suggests you everything like the color combination, furniture, curtains, and decorating items; it also suggests to you the best stores related to these items.

59.Phone silencing app 

On this app, you have to add the locations where you want to silent your phone. This app automatically puts your phone in silent mode; when reaching those places, it will detect the location with a map’s help. This app is beneficial for business people or office staff who are going to meetings.

60.Finance and bill management app 

This app helps to manage the bills according to finance and give information about the current status. It also split the amount all the finance members share the bills and send notification about due dates.

61.Intelligent flirt app 

Making an app helps you to find the top match according to your activities. It automatically scans all your social media friends’ activities and opinions and suggests that you are similar to you.

62.Receipt management app 

This app aims to able the online stores to send you receipts via e-mail or on your phone. It saves all the receipts and reduces the risk to find and avoid manually keep them.

63.Refugees App 

This app help refugees to know about the existing community language, morals, and culture. So, it will be easy to communicate with citizens and become a part of them.

64.Cheap delivery and postal app 

Cheap delivery and postal app help you to search out the best postal and lowest cost service in your area. You have to put all the postal product features like location, type, size, weight, and results.

65.Tax app 

Tax app helps the citizens pay their taxes regarding their income; it keeps the record of their income source, calculates the tax based on it, and gives a notification. It also helps the government to take the record of citizen’s tax liabilities.

66.Social eat-together app 

These social application ideas help those who don’t want to eat their meal alone at their workplace, giving you information about the people near you and based on your needs, like location and time.

67.Hiring App

The hiring app is basically for online contractors to post their services, and users can see and choose according to their requirements. Both contractors and users upload their needs like budget, timing, and accessibility to find out the similarity and finalize the deal.  

68.Cloud Presentation App

This app is based on real-time collaboration between team members for the preparation of business plans and meetings. They will communicate with each other on a single platform and sharing ideas for making presentations.

69.Instant Messaging pp 

This app merges all the features of the most successful apps like imo, WhatsApp, skype, lime, viber, Facebook, etc. They provide the best service, including messaging, video and audio calls, document and data, emojis, etc.

70.Book review app 

This app helps you get a book review; in a single minute, you have to upload a picture of a specific book and upload it on the app. It will give you reviews from multiple platforms like Amazon, Draz.pk, etc. It helps you to decide either you should buy this book or not.

71.Seasonal food-finding app

This app is developed to find out the nearest healthy seasonal fruit shops. The purpose is to provide fresh and organic fruits to users,

72.Missing item finder app 

This app will help to find things that users place anywhere and don’t remember wherever put them. It will include anything like keys, wallets, glasses, documents, etc. You can take a picture, and it will remind you.

73.Writer’s solitude app 

These unique apps help writers who want to write content on their device with full concentration and avoid any other activity. This app has a feature to block other functions and connect the material related to writing.

74.Social goal sharing app 

The social goal-sharing app is designed to motivate the users to achieve their instant goals like exercising, quit smoking, dieting, jogging, etc. Different people with similar goals are connected to each other on a single platform and encouragement to each other.

75.Profile explorer app 

This app allows us to take more information about any person or specific thing via scanning it. When you scan a thing or any person’s face through the app, it gives you all the information about it from gathering the internet.

76.Shopping Assistant app

This app is mostly used by brands to keep in touch with their customers to inform about new products and launching dates. Also, it helps to find out their nearest location for their customer ease.

77.Money lending manager app 

The purpose of creating an app is to keep a record of people who take money from you like a loan; also, it saves the information about if you take a loan from anyone. The record will be saved with the name of people, amount, taking, and due dates; also, it allows for online payments.

78.Anti-smartphone addiction app 

This app help users to reduce the use of mobile phone and avoid the addiction to phones. It has many features that help you to provide tips, suggestions, notifications for anti-addiction.

79.Caller image identifier app

This application allows users to know about the person on the other side, call with the image data.

80.Virtual time capsule app 

This app keeps the record of memories in the form of pictures and videos, other digital forms. It will be shown to the specific persons for a specific time.

81.Selfie competition app 

Selfie competition and compare trending apps are for entertainment that friends use to compete and find enhanced features with quality for their enjoyment.

82.Suicide control app 

The purpose of developing an app is to control the suicide rate in our society todays harmful reality of this world is everyone going towards psycho disease. This app helps those people who want to talk with those people who convinced them against suicide.

83.Repairing and maintenance help application 

This app allows you to find out needed services at your doorstep. It includes all maintenance types like repairing things, plumbing, electricity, mechanical, medical, etc.

84.Story writing and sharing app 

This app is designed for those who have the ability to assume stories and want to tell others. They can download this app and write a story on it that can be showed to other users, and they can give suggestions to improve.

85.Instant party planning app 

This app allows you to immediate planning and arrangements for the party. You can add the list of persons on this app for the invitation, and it will automatically send them on your behalf.  

86.Fashion designer app 

This app works like a fashion designer and suggests your clothes and designs according to your interest, event, age, and budget. You can also upload the pictures on the app for other users’ suggestions and recommend tailors in your specific area.

87.Restaurant management app

A restaurant management app facilitate owners to manage the overall restaurant services. These are included each and everything lime supply orders, managing inventory, staff, item prices, etc.

88.Finding a small paid work app

This app helps you to find out small paid work in your specific area. It is used by those people who need payment on urgent basis and willing to do small works. For example, to repair an electronic device or computer.

89.Hair coloring assistance app

This app help users to know about their final look after certain hair cut and color. Users can see without cutting and color their hair.

90.Finding Team Members App

This app allows project managers to find team members for their projects. With the help of this app, people can find an online job according to their profession. Developers, designers, Software engineers, content writers, and other specialists can join this platform and participate in the development of different projects as well as they will earn money.

91.Consumer Guidance App

The aim of this app is to help out users to online purchasing of their favorite products and brands. It also includes suggestions about well substitutes.

92.Public Transport App

This app is useful for citizens those are using public transport daily in a specific area. It will include all the information about transport like schedules, routes, timings, ticket availability, environment, etc. Also, it suggests the user’s most suitable transport for them on the exact route.

93.Real-Time Restaurant finder App

When the user is searching for a restaurant at a specific time, this app helps them to find out the opend restaurants at that time.

94.Sync Camera App

This app allows you to access the camera of another person with their permission. You can able to see the real-time picture on your mobile screen that will capture another person’s mobile camera.

95.Song Finder App

A song finder app help users to find the tittle of their specific song based on song tone and lyrics. They put the tone or some words of the song on the app, suggesting them relevant titles.

96.Beauty specialist hiring app

This app helps to hire beauty specialists, and you do not need to go outside; they provide services at your doorstep. They also have the option of online payment. 

97.Items Exchange App

Suppose people want to exchange their things like furniture, mobile phones, laptop, clothes, baby gears, kitchen accessories, etc. This app helps to find the people who are concerned about the exchanging of the items.

98.Smart Alarm App

This app adds some other features with alarm like if someone wants to do meaningful work tomorrow, then add some text with the alarm it will show on the alarm alert. You can add your morning preference.

99.Kindness Sharing App

This app helps to share thoughts of different people about kindness with poor people. It will include your friends and family members; unknown persons will also connect to everyone on this app. People share their feelings and views about kindness, donation, helping others, caring, and politeness.

100.Original Item Detector App

You can use this app to buy products to check them, either they are from the original brand. Nowadays, mostly people buy products from fraud pages, and products are not original, so this app helps to avoid online fraud. You can check the item by uploading its color, name, design, tags, picture, etc.